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The Paladin’s Secret - A Play By Forum game of The Burning Wheel


I guess the only option is having him come along and use his credit to get them a guide?


((On changing the terms during a debate: Once the terms are set, that’s what you are arguing for - what you would have to do is end the current debate, whether by withdrawing or winning/losing, then go again, but you can’t override the first results with a second - so if we agree his win as meaning he will not help, then no matter what, he will not help! Not unless you want to pull a weapon! So make sure the terms set are the maximum you want to push for, you can always pull it back after a victory if he doesn’t make you angry!))

I’ll agree to that - if he wins and takes no damage, he won’t help.
If you win and take no damage, he will come along and use his credit to buy you a guide.

If the winner takes damage or there is a draw, then there will be a compromise somewhere in between


I’m saying, this debate is not a big deal, so the Body of Argument will be your Will scores alone.

His is 5.


((Sorry to bounce back to this, but does it have to be shipwright specifically to match Simon’s skill, or would Boatwright be acceptable?))


Simon is disorientated by the huge city, but there must be a branch of Chandlers somewhere…

Circles roll d6: 3


Oh, there is, the main depot is here. So is Chandler himself, and that son of a … he screwed your ship royally last time, he basically stole from you, and not only did you end up on iron rations for the full trip, but there was no pay either!


Aulexis is 5 will as well.

Would ‘Authoritative’ come up here as an aiding trait? Drop Dead Gorgeous might not apply (since he’s not into women?)


It could be boatwright, but I’m going to say no - You can only use circles to find someone who has shared a lifepath with you - So I’ve said, this Chandler fellow was once a ships carpenter himself, and has got into the dockside business. Given that his business is storage of cargo, that sounds to me very much like he was a shipwright, and has not had much to do with smaller boats, so I’m saying that he doesn’t have the boatwright skill, so you can’t help in this instance.


Authoritave, yes! Drop dead gorgeous… because you’re an elf, yes as well, if appropriate.

Archibald has business-wise!


Could I be anymore annoyed?

Simons eye twitches, looking along the streets in this part of town for a competitor to sign an agreement with. Anyone else may do.


(( I’ve still got you in the tavern in the Wall sector of town, lets hold fire on this until you get to the docks ))


Exchange 1: Archibald argues with Aulexis

(He’s surely a masochist!)

Please choose three from the following list of actions, any number of repeats, and PM them to @Scribbs in the order you wish to play them. I shall do likewise for Archibalds

Then we will work through the three volleys one by one, and I’ll explain what to roll, and what the results are

The actions are:

Verbal Attack Actions:

  • Point (Course Pursuasion, Interrogation, Oratory, Persuasion, Poisonous Platitudes, Rhetoric, Stentorious Debate, Suasion) Hammer away using your statement of purpose and related points
  • Dismiss (Course Persuasion, Command , Intimidation, Oratory, Religious Diatribe, Rhetoric, Stentorious Debate, Ugly Truth) Loudly declare that your opponent knows nothing about the topic at hand!

Verbal Defence Options

  • Avoid the Topic ( Will ) The player must veer off the topic, even to the point of sounding desperate or riddiculous
  • Obfuscate (Falsehood, Oratory, Poisonous Platitudes, Rhetoric, Religious Diatribe, Soothing Platitudes, Stentorious Debate, Suasion, Ugly Truth) Obfuscate is a verbal block. Present some bizzare unrelated point, or a non sequitur in an attempt to confuse or distract.
  • Rebuttal (Extortion, Interrogation, Oratory, Persuasion, Poisonous Platitudes, Rhetoric, Stentorious Debate, Suasion) Refute your opponent’s attack, while making a fresh point

Special Verbal Actions

  • Feint (Extortion, Falsehood, Interrogation, Persuasion, Poisonous Platitudes, Religious Diatribe, Rhetoric, Soothing Platitudes, Seduction) Lead the opponent into a trap, let him think he is discussing one point until the hidden barb is revealed
  • Incite (Course Persuasion, Command , Extortion, Falsehood, Intimidation, Seduction, Ugly Truth) With an acid tongue or biting wit, attempt to distract or disarray the opponent.

Discuss: The Paladin's Secret- PbFG (The Burning Wheel)

I’ve made my declaration, if you would be more comfortable making it openly on the thread, feel free to do so, and I can help you work through it as best I can.

My declaration was something like: (Obviously with changed actions)

Exchange 1

Volley 1: Feint
Volley 2: Point
Volley 3: Obfuscate


((Both declarations are made…))


Archibald’s first volley was to make a point!


Aulexis’ first volley is to incite!


Of course it was!
Checking the table,

we see that Point vs Incite is a standard roll as is Incite vs Point.

So, after we have roleplayed our moves, I shall roll against Archibalds Persuasion (B3) Each success he rolls is deducted directly from Aulexis’ body of argument

Meanwhile, Aulexis will roll Command against Archibald’s Will (5) and if you succeed, then Archibald misses his next volley, however, if you fail, then Archibald gets the margin of your failure as added die to his next roll!


“Look, I appreciate the help you gave me, and your… discretion, but haven’t I helped you out whenever I possibly could, telling you anything you want to know. I owe you more, I agree, but you can’t just demand payment without warning!”


“Typical man thinking only of himself. We’re in need now, not at your convenience.”


3d6: 4 + 5 + 1 = 10