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The Paladin’s Secret - A Play By Forum game of The Burning Wheel


“Ah I wish I could” Archibald replies “but I really do not have any business near the docks, and a lot of work to do in the time we have. I’m sorry.”


Warran asks, “Could you point us in the direction of where to look for one… or perhaps have anyone you could recommend to us?”


(( Just so you know, there is a game mechanic to debate, arguments etc - you can try to convince him and engage in a duel of wit’s against him which is like combat but with words! ))

"I wouldn’t know any of them! he says, “but just head for the docks and they will tout their services to you!”

Discuss: The Paladin's Secret- PbFG (The Burning Wheel)

((Can we engage in a duel of wits as a team, or is it strictly one vs one?))


(( You’ll nominate a speaker and help their rolls by the usual helping rules, but you will have to roleplay your participation! ))

Discuss: The Paladin's Secret- PbFG (The Burning Wheel)

Simon loves smelling the sea, and looks at the traders. As a former ships carpenter he must have dealt with suppliers. Any names he recognises?


When you say dealt with suppliers, what do you mean? Were you perhaps on a understaffed ship so they hoiked Simon above decks to negotiate?


I meant he oversaw repairs, repairs require finding items (I’m thinking spars and mast pieces and larger purchases, not the normal quartermasters Ilk)


I should imagine so - was there any one supplier in particular you want to find?


Chandler’s, a company known for it’s large storage areas. (Much like a modern container port company.)


Let’s have a circles roll then, Ob 4

Fail and you left on bad terms last time you were there, with you both thinking that the other had cheated you!

(( Also Chandler’s, who aren’t Chandlers! That’s asking for confusion! ))


Aulexis’ jaw makes an alarming cracking noise at Archibald’s refusal. She’s certainly ready to verbally spar!



Let’s have your statement of purpose!

(( A statement of purpose is a succinct line which describes your position in the duel, e.g. ‘We saved you on the road, you owe us and paying for a guide is how you will pay us back’ ))


Hmm. Circles of one, perhaps Fork in Shipwright for another one. Looks like I’ll have to get someone else to help I I want 4 success (Am I correct so far?)


‘We saved you from a beating you probably deserved, and we’re staying silent about your cheating. You should be happy to help us find a guide.’


Unfortunately you can’t FoRK onto a circles roll, and you will need to get a die from a player who shares the skill shipwright, which unfortunately is no other player - Unless you want to spend some Fate, it’s an impossible test, but look at it this way - you will be the first player to level up! Because Circles 1 only needs either a difficult or challenging roll to do so and this most definately counts, then you will instantly level up to Circles B2!


Archibald’s Statement of Intent:

‘If I help you, I will miss out on the deal of a lifetime! I will repay your kindness, but come on! Not right now!’


What happens if you win?

I suggest, if Archibald wins, he will not help!


(Some coin to buy a guide - we don’t need him necessarily…)


(( Remember, when he was being mugged, he isn’t travelling with coin or anything of value, save his ability to sign contracts and pull owed favours ))