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The Paladin’s Secret - A Play By Forum game of The Burning Wheel


As Aulexis goes to bed, Jarek approaches Archibald who looks as though he is headed join the close-knit group of merchants to make camp. Archibald recognizes Jarek, but is reluctant to be seen talking with him. Jarek greets him. Though Jarek was distracted, he remembers something Archibald said about Diana being involved with theater in Ur Zitz.

“I remember you saying something about plays when we were joining the caravan. Are there a lot of theaters in Ur Zitz?"


Aulexis notes the surprise on Jarek’s face. “Sorry, elvin modesty. I am no stranger to knife-work, but I’m nothing in comparison to some peers who pursue it wholly. The spear is the king of weapons, so my father said anyways, and my primary instruction was in its use. The dagger is for emergencies or dark business.”

She smiles at Jarek’s nervous self deprecation. “We’ll start working on it tomorrow. It’s a good skill to have, even if you never need it.”


Archibald shakes his head “There are only two large theatres, a dozen or so smaller and a few venues where performers gather, with varying support from the Council of Elders.”

This is very few for an Orcish city, but compared to the Old World, this is an incredible number, where theatre tends to be the preserve of a small number of travelling troopes, and they are each notorious in their own ways. Compared to Veil, where they are places of learning for both Orcs and Elves, and places of entertainment, political intrigue, meeting places, places to spread the news and more


Aulexis and how I’m currently imagining Jarek (with a way-too large jacket).
(super fast sketch, warming up for doing some work!)

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Awesome, and also worth a fate point for Aulexis!

Yep, you earn fate for OOC stuff that amuses us, entertains us, makes us laugh or is just plain amazing!


“Are there any places with good music?” Jarek asks, trying not to sound to eager. He senses that Archibald is getting ready to blow him off.


Archibald thinks “Not really into Orcish music, or elven music. Orcish is too fiddly for my tastes and Elven just gives me the heebie jeebies, you never know what’s going on under it. Give me a good alehouse singsong any day, but I’m yet to find a place in the colony or in the city that can provide such simple pleasures!”


The final stretch of your journey through the Exile territory is easy enough, their land is well ordered and peaceful, the roads are well maintained and patrols are frequent, the other travellers range from polite to friendly and before you know it, evening is drawing in and the great city of Ur-zitz looms.

What strikes you the most is how vertical it is, at least the part of the city you can see, known as the wall. There is little to no sign of the original orcish wall, or even a particularly linear path that the city follows that might show where it once was.

Pics are for illustration, not to be taken too literally, but I’ll leave it up to you to decide if giant lizards are ridden in the City

All the buildings are very much in the elven style, but generally of cheap construction. Some houses are little more than tents. However, if there is poverty here, it is well hidden by the bright clothes, the bustle of the little market places and the sheer spectacle of so many people living so close together.

The caravan convenes at an exile inn called ‘The Foothold’ and you are told to meet back here. Some stay to drink, eat and deal here in the part of the city known as ‘The Wall’, most say their farewells to their fellow travellers and make their way North into the city proper. Archibald remains for a drink, before he is due to make his way to an Orcish medicine dealers house.

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During the walk Kaelin will have a quick word with Warran. “Last night Simon and I were talking with a dwarf who spoke about an adventuring guild based in the city. It sounded like a place where a lot of knowledge is held, including talk of libraries, and I wondered whether it would be of interest to you? Perhaps we can try and find the Guild offices once we’ve met with the salt merchants?”


“… and a workshop. But salt first.”


“That does seem interesting… Perhaps a visit should be in order after we acquire the salt… Possibly, just to inquire as those groups tend to be very secretive. If only we had an ‘in’, a lead to speak with who is a member fully. We do not want to seem too eager as well.”

He stops for a moment, feeling a bit disjointed, “This has to be one of the worst hangovers I have ever had…”


Jarek looks longingly at the plates of hot food being served at The Foothold, but he remembers that they have a task and are unlikely to stop here or at least not stop here for long.
Maybe when we meet the caravan for the return trip.

“How will we find someone to sell us salt?” Jarek says quietly to Aulexis.


Kaelin tries not to smile too obviously at Warran’s discomfort. “The dwarf reckoned that joining was relatively easy, especially if you had some useful talents to offer…”


Aulexis nods at Jarek, and addresses the entire group in response.

“Looks like we’re close to our goal. Any idea where the market is? Perhaps close to the wall?”


(moving forward, if that’s okay?)
After getting directions, Aulexis leads the way to the trading market. She’s focused on completing the goal that the paladin has tasked them with, and isn’t thinking too much about the difficulties of negotiation. When she was captain of the Ifrit she never really negotiated for anything. There was an unspoken ‘or I’ll kill you’ attached to all her requests that was innately understood by the crew, and thus her word was law.

“The paladin’s name alone will probably be enough to secure the required salt. Just relax, everyone, I’m sure this won’t be hard.” She says with a smile.


There are many markets in Ur-zitz, but predominantly of the following types:

In the Wall, there are markets to sell day to day items for use in households.

In the city proper, there are specialist markets that tend to trade exclusively in one type of good that have been made to be sold in shops - for example meat markets, furniture markets etc

However, the correct place to buy salt is the enormous floating market.

The city, if you only look at the land was once a crescent shape, around a circular natural bay. However, that bay now is entirely filled with ships that have voyaged out from the Old World or Veil, meeting here in the middle. The waterways to allow the boats through exist alongside great floating roadways to allow wagons to unload the boats, and there are berths along these roadways for the ships to dock at.

The entire bay is always in motion, roads are reconfigured to account for incoming vessels, and waterways are opened or closed to schedule, and the whole place is a hive of activity. It is the root of the wealth of the city and each ship is a market all to itself. Most will have sold all their wares by the time they reach their berth, which can take days, and have already organised and paid for the restocking for their return journey as deals are done as boats pass each other on the painfully slow journey through the waterways.

The main problem you will have is knowing which vessel has salt to sell, and at what price (If you care about the price at all!) but you can always hire a guide. Guides are used by nearly everyone who uses the market. They are inexpensive - not that this matters as none of you have any money :wink: - and can save you days of searching and a small fortune thanks to their knowledge of the incoming vessels and the best prices for what you want.

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The city is fairly overwhelming to Kaelin. He doesn’t really know where to start in finding a salt merchant, but local knowledge is the way forward. But to gain that, it seems likely that they need to either gather some coin, or perhaps trade a favour or two.

Whilst he’s fairly certain that between his fellow travellers they could raise a few coins by selling their skills, the returns may potentially be poor and time consuming.

His eyes settle on Archibald at the bar. Perhaps it is time to settle up the small service they did for him on the road…


Warran feels eager to continue their orders to retrieve the salt and would like to do so quickly so they might have more time to look about the city. He notices Kaelin looking towards Archibald and thinks they both might have the same idea.

“Aulexis, I believe along the road with the caravan someone mentioned it was well worth having a guide if we were to head to the floating market in the bay. Perhaps we should inquire on how to acquire one before we set off…”


“Mm.” Aulexis is distracted thinking about all those cargo ships packed into the bay, moving at a snail’s pace with no-where to go. Fire ships… She muses, imagining the devastation possible.

She picks up the looks in Archibald’s direction and strides over to him. “Archibald.” She’s all business, “We need a market guide. You can get us one, yes?” She pauses for a moment before adding “please?” With an outwardly pleasant smile.


Jarek is in awe of the city. The city is unlike anything that he has ever seen; the buildings seem to be reaching for the sky itself. Jarek tries to notice which way Diana went with her wagon as the caravan begins to break up, but his attention is divided between the plates of food being served at The Foothold, the sights and colors of the city, and general bustle of merchants and traders setting about their business.