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The Paladin’s Secret - A Play By Forum game of The Burning Wheel


Warran casting The Fear: Ob4 (due to drunk)

4d6: 4 + 5 + 6 + 2 = 17


On the plus side, you’ll check off a difficult test to advance the spell.

FYI - normally the only valid FoRKs for sorcery skills are things like astrology, aura reading, and symbology, so long as they are appropriate.

1 six, all sorcery tests are open, so bank that success and roll that dice again!

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Oh, a re-roll. It is just the dice roller taunting me!

d6: 4


(That was truly unexpected!)


Nice, the spell goes off successfully! The men are halted in their attack, and immediately decide that fighting you isn’t so important after all.


Warran, take a Forte Test please, the power of the charm you invoked puts a tax on your body, and the Ob is 3, +1 to Ob4 for the drinking :wink:


Bah! More tests against the dice roller! I believe he has 5 in Forte.

Warran Forte Test: Ob4 (Drunk)
5d6: 1 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 3 = 22


This roll is not open I’m afraid, but does count as a difficult test, to mark off.

Warran, the wards of your school protected you from this and as such, this is new to you, but you feel incredibly frail after casting your spell. Your Forte, which is indeed 5 is taxed - a taxed attribute is temporarily reduced, and a specific action will let it recover. Because you’ve never faced this before, you don’t exactly know what to do to bring your strength back at the moment.

Warren, your Forte has been taxed by 1 point, temporarily reducing it to 4


Jarek asks the Orc, “If I wanted a horse, is there a particular boat to look for?”


He shrugs “I couldn’t help you there… the docks are… intimidating. Take my advise, hire a guide. They can be expensive, but if you are making a significant purchase, like a horse, they will keep you away from the dishonest merchants and find what you want for the best price quickly, and most times end up saving you more money than they cost!”


Jarek thanks the Orc for the advice and quietly says to Aulexis, “Let’s go. You’re right… we need to find some firewood.”


Aulexis rises and ‘drains her mug’, which she had already dumped behind her quite a while ago. “Thank you for your hospitality. I apologize that we cannot stay longer, but we don’t want to worry our comrades. May the fates be kind to this man’s soul, and his family.” She bows her head in respect, though she feels internal shame. Every instinct is to despise orcs. Pompous self-righteous pricks. But these are just… Regular people. The only dangerous ones here are the mad old orc in the cage, and her. Maybe she’s just as mad as the orc.


Jarek rises with Aulexis and echoes her thanks and condolences. He also bows in respect and then follows Aulexis away from the group.


(( Anyone else want to do anything before you arrive at the city? ))


(I do, but don’t wait for me on my account. I will clicky it as it is just a follow up of how he treats the rest of the morning after his big night.)


Aulexis will explain what she’s gathered about the cage, and the orc inside it to Jarek, and for a moment looks embarrassed.

“I’m sorry for making us leave so abruptly. I have a history with orcs, an unpleasant history, and I couldn’t help thinking on it. Needed to get away and clear my head.”

(Good to go!)


(Back to the morning after his “Cider Adventure”…)

Wow… that was quite the evening… Warran thinks while rubbing the warm side of his face, I wonder what her name was… Only if I could remember what I said… He tries to stand up but he feels weak and off balanced. He stumbles, falling to the ground. Boy… I have never felt this bad after drinking that much… I wonder what was really in that cider!

He tries to stand up again, and he nearly falls down except he catches the trunk of the tree using it to brace himself up. He stands there for a moment. He feels the warmth of the rising sun on his back, I have never felt like this after drinking! What is wrong with me‽ he takes a couple of deep breaths and feels the aching in his body. Could… could this be from the spell I cast? Surely not… I have never felt this before, but that is the first spell I have cast after leaving…

After several minutes, Warran finally feels able to walk. He gingerly stoops down and picks up the mug and returns to where the others camped for the evening. He sets the cider-mug down in a small pile of others near the campfire which look the same and moves on to his pack; He pulls out a small tin with fine green black powder in it and a small ceramic mug; He spoons a little of the powder into the mug, replacing the tin into his bag he then looks over to the campfire; He sees a pot with boiling water, ladles some of it into his mug and moves the mug in a swirling motion.

Warran takes a seat nearby and holds the mug close to his face. After it cools enough, he takes a drink. “Damn, I wish I had more of this tea…” He speaks aloud to himself, “It always makes me feel better after I have had too much the night before…”

Be that as it may, he still feels drained and will try and find someone to talk about it with.


"I understand, " Jarek replies. Between the story of the Orc’s second death and Aulexis making a reference to her past, questions bubble in his mind. I think she knew earlier when I didn’t want to talk about family. She could have pressed for details on that, but didn’t. I won’t press her now.

Jarek fished for a topic of conversation unrelated to the Orc’s first death, second death, or whatever bad history Aulexis had with them. His mind returned briefly to the horses and then flitted in another direction. head. “I want to ask Archibald some questions when we get back to camp. Will you help me find him?”

As they are walking back into camp, Jarek fishes the knife out of his clothes. “Thanks for this.” He says handing it back to her. “I didn’t know what we were getting into.” He chuckles awkwardly. “I’m glad that I didn’t have to use this.” After an awkward pause, “After the army put an instrument in my hands, it felt like I never touched a weapon again.”


“I’m glad you didn’t have to use this. Perhaps you should practice with it a bit? Just in case? Not that I’m particularily good with them, either.” She looks thoughtful. Perhaps I don’t need to fight anymore, now that I’m pursuing a way of peace? But defending yourself is still important…

Aulexis helps Jarek find Archibald, though she excuses herself and beds down for the night as soon as he’s found.


“Thank you.” Jarek is surprised that Aulexis would let him hang on to the knife. He’s also surprised that she carries a weapon like Nahteri, but claims to not be good at it.

“Would you practice with me some time? All I really know is to stick 'em with the pointy end.” Jarek winced at the lameness and truth of his statement. He began to fidget drum his fingers on the edge of the sheath of the knife. She hasn’t laughed at me yet… and she knows more than the rest of them.