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The Paladin’s Secret - A Play By Forum game of The Burning Wheel

Simon returns with a number of promising old pieces of ship offcuts, trading the most interesting pieces for some time in the keeps workshop. There he takes a damaged oak oar and works carefully in an attempt to craft it into an effective staff.

Carpentry 4, attempting to fork in Woodwise (having picked a good quality piece of hardened timber) and Staff (Which has taught him what details of grip makes a staff an effective weapon)

6 dice, obs 2?


Yep, 6 dice vs Ob2 - and work patiently if you want to earn that fate point

Oh yes, and patiently. I have weeks. Is that another dice?

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You can get an extra dice by working carefully and taking longer, yes

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I shall do that then.

7d6: 1 + 2 + 3 + 3 + 5 + 6 + 1 = 21

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Two successes, you have a staff, but no fate point I’m afraid (We discussed via PM that the fate point would require 2 extra successes thanks to Simons belief in coveting items that people have put their souls into)

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Jarek comes back to the castle with stories to tell of the things that he had seen, but he again finds himself underfoot and frequently regaling an unwilling listener. Jarek plays or sings for some of the masons who are working on the stone work at the castle. They are mostly appreciative and occasionally let him help him with some of the tasks that would have been given to very young apprentices (no sharp objects for Jarek).

Jarek keeps an eye out for Kasia, but whenever he sees her, his failing to figure out more about how the docks work or successfully eavesdrop to get them a better deal on the salt seem to spring to mind. And things like I saw a pretty horse at an Orc funeral seem incredibly lame, so he awkwardly starts and then abruptly ends conversations with her.

Jarek remembers his morning perch and the quiet of Ur-zitz before the rush of day’s activity had begun. Jarek has taken to climbing early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise and learning more about the cube in the predawn light. He has discovered several moving parts now. There have been times when Jarek thought he felt a frisson of energy from the cube, but he always put it off to a morning chill or simply his imagination.


I think that sounds like 3 weeks working towards a regular musical instrument test for Jarek


The bailiff is a jovial elf, who has a knack of supervising work wherever Jarek is playing, tapping his feet to the rhythm.

“You five have obviously impressed, well someone” he tells you “I have a message from the mainland specifically for you, and well… it’s from the city watch and constabulary. They want to speak to you about a murder.”

(What does the musical instrument test involve?)

Jarek is initially excited to see Kaelin, Simon, Warran and Aulexis again, but the word murder dampens his mood like a wet blanket.

Nothing, after a certain amount of practice, you will gain an automatic test - I can’t tell you how much time because it depends on how you practice, but in your down time, when you tell me what you do, I’ll eventually tell you to mark off either an experience pip. The timescales are months to years, so it’s not a practical way to gain skills, and you can’t open anything new without tuition, but it’s something!

What Warran did on his break.

Warran after the trip back is rather hard to find. He spends his time mostly in the forge and on occasion speaks with Kaelin in the evenings. He spends the time re-acquainting himself with basic metal working techniques such as making hinges, angled brackets, nails, and basic flatware to be used by the household and the workers. He also spends time making and mending simple tools for the masons, such as hammers and chisels. He tries to reuse and rework any scrap metal which can be found in the castle into useable objects or refined functioning forms. He especially spends time patiently and carefully refining his skills on small tiny angular pieces of metal. Such small and delicate work is intended to keep his skills sharp…

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3 weeks for Warran towards a difficult test for blacksmithing.

Kaelin wears a thoughtful frown. Very strange. We didn’t exactly pass our names onto that many people during our travels, let alone anyone with much authority. What’s the odds Archibald is involved in this somehow…


Simon is suddenly worried. He knew only one person in the city, and if he has been killed…

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Warran had been thinking, then raises an eyebrow asking, “Did they provide any details on who was murdered or why they requested us? Are any of us suspects or witnesses? Or are they wanting us to help investigate the situation?”

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He thrusts the message to you, “If you were suspects, I would be turning up with a mob of watchmen to your dorms, so we can rule that one out.”

He smiles, to soften the harsh words. “The Inspector is a good friend of mine, a very good man and we’ve hammered out an arrangement regarding keeping the peace and application of the law! As for your other questions, I can’t answer them.”

“Read it out Warran. I’m sure some answers to our questions are within.”