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The Kickstarter thread


Bailed out of Shipwreck Arcana because of shipping - it will certainly be hit with UK customs charges and collection fees if it’s sent as individual packages rather than bulk-cleared through customs, so I’ll wait for retail.

@pillbox, I think Rallyman GT and D-Day Dice are the only projects I’ve been involved with where the stretch goals have actually been significant to me. I mean, it’s very nice to say “and you can have this too”, but in a normal campaign I only want one copy of the game anyway, so it feels like preaching to the converted. Both of those campaigns offered more stuff at extra cost, so it felt as though there was actually some point to telling me about it.


There is new stuff for Millennium Blades??? :grinning::grinning::grinning:


I didn’t mind the stretch goals, even if they did seem canned and had been planned all along but sprinkled along the trail, breadcrumb style. It was the, “Oh, surprise! Here’s a new expansion that has lots of cool stuff! But… it’ll cost you!” Which, at that point, I realized, “I don’t even know if I like the base game… and perhaps I’m getting duped into buying three boxes of stuff that I ultimately won’t like.”


Yes, I see your point. I already knew I liked the base game, though I may have overdone it a bit especially since I’ve found a copy of the old Rallyman since the KS completed.


I would strongly advise doing some research and if possible finding someone who has it to play with or trying a digital take (e.g. Tabletop Simulator) because Collusion won’t be sold at retail or likely reprinted. And I mean, ultimately if you skip Millenium Blades that’s fine - I think it’s fantastic, but I’m not you - but if you do end up liking it it would be a shame not to have access to Collusion or the box-that-actually-stores-everything they are promising.


Yeah, I thought that through and almost just backed the Collusion + Crossover + Stretch goals level. And if Collusion been Kickstarter-only, I would have had some beef to pick with the publisher. However, Collusion will be available directly from Level 99 games even if it won’t be in retail distribution. So, between now and Fall '19, I’ll need to figure out whether it’s a game for me or not.

Thanks for the pointer though!


MB is a very Marmite game - as most real time games are. It looks/sounds like a deep card game, but it’s more of a CCG flavoured Galaxy Trucker - madly grabbing at cards to build a deck that hopefully kinda works together in a janky way. There is some strategy to the card play (it’s more strategic than Trucker), but the card mechanisms themselves are fairly basic, and the card game is more to show how well you did at building a cardset rather than the main focus of the game (on the same way Trucker has the space journey to show how well you did at building a ship. Not as deterministic as Trucker though). It’s an odd beast, but really fun in a mind bending way.

Definitely much more of a try before you buy than pretty much any game I can think of!


Yes, they’ll be selling it direct, but as far as I know they’re not printing copies for the purpose of selling it direct, they’re printing for the Kickstarter with some padding to account for replacement copies etc, after which they will sell the remaining stock on their store. So there will be a window where you can get it post Kickstarter, but I would not count on it being a very large window. (I mean, IDK, maybe it will be, it’ll all depend on how many people want it post-Kickstarter and how many spare copies they will have. But the surefire way remains the KS.)


The flip to this is that even if you decide you like it later, you really don’t need Collusion to enjoy the game. Not wanting to miss out on even a very good expansion is basically never a good reason to jump into these things.


Bingo! :point_up: As much as my brain tells me I need complete sets of all the things, it turns out… I really don’t. There are a number of games that I’ve discovered I actually prefer without expansion content… and MB may be one of those (who knows until you have it already, right?). Biggest draw of Collusion was the “store all the things” thing which, again, may or may not pay off.


I’m rarely happy with Store All The Things solutions. I can generally come up with something more compact that fits my storage situation better myself. Even if it’s just card boxes and plastic bags. :smiley:


I generally always play expansions with my other games, but with MB not so much. The base game has 45 decks, of which only 12 are in play any one game. A set number of different level decks are in each game, so they aren’t entirely interchangable, but it’s a lot of different combinations. It’ll probably take 5-10 games to get your heads around a single set of decks so that you’re not just grabbing cards at random. Maybe that learning speeds up once you get used to the game, but even so that’s a LOT of game.

Level 99 are generally really bad at editting. It’s like they release every idea they possibly have without restraint! It’s a bit messy. But it really feeds that CCG thing for people who want to play over and over and over to learn absolutely everything.


I’m not sure how that is different from most other Kickstarter campaigns.
That the expansions were announced mid-campaign doesn’t change the fact that you need none of them to enjoy the game imo, they just add more options.


Well, like I said, I can’t explain the affect it had on me. I tend to prefer my options shown up front. And when they announced the first expansion, I thought, “Oh, okay, sounds like they want to release an expansion because of the success of the project.” But after the second expansion was added as an option, I realized that they just had designed a bigger game and then broke it down into three different boxes and then hid them from me so they could tease and try to entice me with a higher price tag than I would normally be okay with.


I didn’t like how the campaign did stretch goals. First, they were almost entirely new tiles, including one literally named “filler” to make a hole in your track look nicer. While more tiles enables players to make a wider variety of track shapes, that variety does not necessarily mean the tracks will be more interesting to play. And two of the stretch goals were touted as free expansions, except the tiles in the expansion had already been unlocked in earlier stretch goals, so really what was unlocked was a rulebook. Between this and the base game being priced at 49 Euros, I kinda felt this campaign was stingier than others, which is why I was on the fence the whole campaign.

The reason I bought the GT4 and GT5 expansions is because those new mechanics actually would add depth to the game. So I was either getting core + GT4 + GT5 or cancelling my pledge. I think what tipped it is the GT4 and GT5 expansions come with 6 new car minis each.




The comparison between Millenium Blades and Galaxy Trucker is interesting to me, because I love Galaxy Trucker - one of my all time favourite games - and bounced right of Millenium Blades.

I think one significant difference right off is that in Galaxy Trucker there is an easily understood set of tiles. There are variations within the tiles, but it’s easy to grasp all the possibilities and get to work. Expansions make the building phase much much harder, and the skill ceiling is off the charts - you can simply get better and faster forever - but the path to progress is clear and easily understood.

MB, on the other hand, requires you to either read, understand, and parse some very poorly described rules very very quickly, or have a very good memory for a huge number of cards. So it doesn’t provide anywhere like the same learning curve, and seems to reward familiarity above all else. The theme also does nothing for me, in contrast to trucks-falling-apart-in-space, which I love.

So yeah, Marmite, as you said =)


Anyone participate in the last survey for the 2nd edition of Champion of the Wild? The final options (ranking concepts for a few major events) had me cringing. I hadn’t really kept up all that much with the campaign once I jumped on (voted a couple of times), but I’m getting the sense there are going to be some really obvious “fan’s choice” cards in the mix. Yikes.


I’ve been really disappointed by the amount of pandering by the campaign. That said, adding random quasi-value to an already stellar game is not a big deal; I can safely ignore it and, as much as I hate to admit, could be quite useful to keeping things from getting too serious when playing with people who take things too seriously.

The campaign is awful but the upgraded cards are worth it. I’m currently pledged to get both a 2nd edition print as well as an update to my 1st edition so I can gift it to a friend.


You can always take out any particularly annoying cards I guess?