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The Kickstarter thread


I’ve been on a bit of a Kickstarter binge since I was here last.

War of the Worlds, Suburbia Collector’s Edition, and Nocturion just in Jan/Feb.

Then I just saw the Pursuit of Happiness expansion is going up on February 26 and Paladins of the West Kingdom on March 6.

My wallet is screaming!


Two days ago, I got my copy of Ambar from one of my only 4 supported gaming KS campaigns last year (I was able to cut way back from the platform, which is probably good haha…)
It looks great, and I think it will be a really fun smaller game. The one thing I never understood about the campaign though…the cards have this really neat medieval-type art going on that I really really like, but the box has this kinda cartoonish drawing on it. I can see myself having to convince people to play it instead of just putting the box on the table and letting them pick it.
Next one coming at me is going to be Space Explorers, which I’m excited about.


I keep looking at Street Masters Aftershock for a late pledge. It looks fun, BUT IT IS SOOOOO EXPENSIVE. Is it really ‘price of 3 games’ worth good?


I just backed “Parks” a game about visiting all the national parks in the US.

You know when you spend money and then you say why did I do that? But, I am not against the purchase enough to cancel the order. That’s how I feel about this one.


Did you watch SU&SD play it? because they have and it’s on Youtube. That certainly convinced me it was worth that. (Though, also, remember that even though I personally have a sickness that requires me to go all-in on games, you can live without buying every piece of gameplay content for it. Or at least, stagger it somewhat.)


I did watch it, but the way they played/presented it was rather clunky - lots of stopping, errors and the like. I’ve read on forums that it’s actually quite a fast game but all the playthrough I’ve seen have slow plodding explanations of all the options so don’t really give a true representation of what it’s like to play.

It looks like a cross between Arkham LCG and Gloomhaven. That’s right up my alley, but I’m still kinda hung up on the price. But then I spend this kind of money all the time on a single guitar pedal! I’ll see how I feel by the end of the month.

There’s definitely some completionism in me. Partly because I doubt this game will be widely available at retail in the UK, and partly because I’m a sucker for a box that holds everything. I pretty much only got More Monikers for the box (more than enough cards in that game already!)! If it didn’t have the box, and it would be widely available in the UK, I’d probably only get the base game and leave Aftershock for retail.


It much more reminds me of Sentinels of the Multiverse, personally (though this is not based on first-hand experience). “Sentinels of the Multiverse but with a different theme” is one of my grail game categories, so I’m pretty enthused.

(Not that I dislike Sentinels’ theme, I hasten to add! I just want to see the basic “highly thematic constructed decks for everything” structure replicated more widely.)


Mark on SVWAG has said that it is so much like Sentinels, that he felt the Sadlers maybe should have acknowledged it.

It does streamline the system slightly,
by sharing the book keeping between all players; specifically how each player has enemies “attached” to them, that activate on their turn, as opposed to everuthing activating at the end of the round.

As far as play time, I’ve heard that 1-2 players is about 45-60 minutes or so, once you fully grok the system. The playtime and overall game play is why I went all-in as well for gameplay content. It’s something that can easily hit the table during the week, so my son and I can play after school. That’s rare for a coop in that genre. If you want a longer session, you always have the option of various story decks.

Eagerly awaiting delivery of this one!


I went in on Street Masters with the base game and Aftershock combo. The redemption packs snuck through as did extra dice. I managed to resist extra minis for bosses and the twin tigers expansion fairly easily. Partly because I like to play with painted minis, however there are so many minis already I’m not sure I’d paint them all anyway.

I was aware of the game from SVWAG but the SUSD playthrough tipped me over. I think it was Matt saying how much it reminded him of Gloomhaven and I have plenty of time for that’ll need filling pretty soon given how close I am to completing my Gloomhaven campaigns. It looks snappier than GH though as well as maybe a touch less planning involved.


I’m still thinking about the extra dice. I also keep looking at the base rings. In some ways, it’s such a stupid extra cost, but the convenience of being able to just pull out any group of enemies? Might be too much to resist…


What talked me out of any of that was going all in. Do that and there’s like 14 enemy factions, and only 3 included ring sets, so you’re looking at probably around $40 to round things out. That’s a silly amount of money just for a few seconds saved on any given game.


The Rallyman GT Backerkit is now live. I’m interested in what level / extras other backers went in at. I got the base game plus the GT4 and GT5 expansions.


Everything. Two GT4s, two GT5s, and the dice pack. Maybe that was too much and I’ll never get to run a game for more than six players.


Yeah, someone posted in ghe comments section. If you get 1 utility pack (extra dice and rings), you need 3 ring packs. I’ll probably grab the utility pack, for the extra fighter and enemy dice, but not sure I can justify $30 for base rings!


I saw this after you posted here and almost bought it, but that p&p cost paused me, and upon reflection its probably fair, but I’m going to wait for reviews or vide playthroughs (in videogames fully automated stuff is great, and those logistical games are fantastic. In cardboard they’re mostly solitaire and nothing can be automated)


The Sentinels comparisons are really interesting. To all accounts this seems to be Sentinels on a map, yet SUSD completely trashed Sentinels and seem to love Street Masters (even in spite of SM representing everything SUSD despise about Kickstarters! - when was the last time they praised attention on a game with a $300 all in option?). If the issue with Sentinels was that no matter how different the flavour of a move was, mechanically it’s identical every time… isn’t that flaw carried across to Street Masters too? It’s all in dice throws for three different areas (that all operate pretty much identically).

I know the same could be said for Arkham LCG and that feels engaging, so it’s not impossible for these types of game to work. I just have trouble reconciling these points in my head, and copies are difficult to find to try before buying. Its very easy to say ‘every fighter is unique’, but how unique can a fighter feel when its built around the same basic mechanism of dice rolling?

That said, since my last post I’ve been covering the sick leave of colleagues so have earned about the same back as an all in pledge. My curiosity will probably get the better of me - is effectively a free game for a bit of unexpected work.


IMO the simple explanation is that they were and are wrong about Sentinels. But they do touch a bit on why they liked it better towards the end of the play video.


The Sentinels comparisons mean nothing to me having not played it. I suppose 1 of the things that could make the difference is the spatial aspect might highlight the differences as well as the dice throwing. It might make enough difference to the feel of the game to allow you to like one without liking the other. Maybe even there’s more variation in SM?

Pure speculation, but those little differences might have a big effect?


For me it’s only the base pledge. Mainly for monetary reasons, and because I’m not sure how much I’ll end up liking the game, and it seems the expansions will be easy to pick up later (at least where I am).
The GT4 and GT5 look fun, though, so if it’s a hit with people I’ll definitely be looking to get them.


This project had an interesting effect on me that I can’t quite explain. When the project first launched, based entirely upon the die-hard fandom for the original Rallyman, I pledged right away and was excited to see where they went as the campaign progressed. Probably about 2 weeks into the campaign, I was feeling as though I was being toyed with; teased with a slow trickle of content through stretch goals and then suddenly confronted with new expansions that required additional pledges… As a result, I went from “all in”, having changed my pledge a couple of times to grab GT4 and GT5, to just outright cancelling my pledge. I realized at some point that the carrot that was tied to the proverbial stick was actually made of cardboard; I’ll see how it does once it hits retail and look into picking up a copy then.

For those of you playing along at home, I’m currently backing the following projects that I think deserve more attention:

  • The Champion of the Wild (Second Edition) - I have a 1st edition, so I’m backing to pick-up the update kit
  • Mechanica - I posted about this a week ago or so. It looks like it’s finally made it’s funding goal. I really hope something comes from this project; it looks right up my alley.
  • Wavelength - I waffled on this project quite a bit. I still think it’s over-priced and the number of spectrum cards is fairly anemic… but it looks like it’ll be a blast and, essentially the reason I decided to back it, I doubt it will hit mainstream distribution, at least until the 2nd or 3rd printing.

Projects that I was backing but decided to cancel my pledge:

  • Millennium Blades: Collusion - I really want to go all-in on this project… but… I’ve never played the game in any form. So, as much as it pains me to control myself, I just can’t commit
  • The Shipwreck Arcana: Stars Below - It looks like the social deduction game for me, but social deduction has never been a big hit with my friends and family… so I’ll pick it up in retail or, more likely, used.