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The Kickstarter thread


Hoorah, and it is funded.


Backed that!

Also, backed Dracula’s Feast. I’m lucky enough to play someone else’s copy of the 1st edition and it’s social deduction with more of the deduction bit and less of the social bit, even less than ONUW. I really like the design and I want to give these guys some help and, of course, play the game more. I prefer the hand-drawn art of the 1st Edition, but oh well.


Human Punishment: Hell Gate is out - which also lets you buy the base game.


I was looking at this. The artwork is gorgeous!

Have you played it? I feel like I’ve seen you mention it before, but my memory is less than reliable, lol. What are your thoughts, and how would you compare it to other popular/well received games in the genre?


Calibration: The Resistance is one of my favourite games.

Human Punishment (which I picked up at Essen last year) is a solid “second generation” social deduction game: like Homeland there are three factions rather than the classic two, and there’s no eyes-shut phase for one team to know its members. (There are two more factions that can be in play, but I’ll ignore them for now.)

Loyalty is determined by multiple cards: your ID card and your two loyalty cards will each have factions on them (sometimes “×2” for one faction), and the one you have most of is the faction you’re loyal to (but this can change). On a tie, you’re an Outlaw. Humans want to kill Machines and Outlaws, Machines want to kill Humans, Outlaws want to kill everyone including other Outlaws.

There are no missions where you have to trust other people: instead, you can pick up weapons and point them at each other, as well as investigating each other’s loyalty cards. When you’re shot, your cards become revealed, and your central ID card may give you some special power in that case.

There are “program cards” which give you one-off abilities, or have other effects, including changing your loyalty.

I really like it. It does need a group that’s willing to play reasonably quickly, or it can drag on for longer than is fun.

Also I love the art.

I’m not getting rid of my copy of The Resistance, or of Human Era, but it’s in my top rank of games I take to gaming nights.

Hope this helps.


Wow! Thanks for the detailed response.

I don’t have a ton of experience with the genre, mostly it’s been Ultinate Werewolf, and recently Decemption: Murder in Hong Kong. I own Coup but have yet to play it. That said, we have a lot of fun whever we’re able to play.

I think I might back it now (to get the Early Bird), and give it some more thought over the next 30 days!


I really ought to run a PBF game here, but I’m already running one here and two on BGG of other games. If/when one of those ends…


The long-promised tabletop RPG of the Sentinels of the Multiverse setting is now Kickstarting here:

I know Sentinels itself was not well received by the SU&SD team themselves, but it remains one of my favorite games and the amount of love they’ve put into the background for it is part of that. Still, that doesn’t guarantee a robust RPG system…which is why I’m so pleased to see they’ve enlisted the aid of several talented RPG professionals, including Cam Banks, who was one of the key people on the most recent Marvel roleplaying system, which was widely praised and tragically cut short by Marvel being a super finicky licensor. Moreover, they’ve got endorsements from several other RPG industry stalwarts, including Fred Hicks of Evil Hat, who I trust to know a good RPG when he sees one.


I’ll play it with anyone! I’ve had my copy for quite some time (not from the KS, I got it directly from half a world away). @KeithBlock turned me on to Jeallybean, last year, and these people are worth backing.

Great games, and the art direction is phenomenal! I keep on looking over my cards just to, well, look at them. (Lady and the Tiger and Scuttle, too).

The KS of Dracula’s Feast is at least as good as what I have (and probably a little cheaper than what I payed with shipping). It’s worth it if you like a moody, fast, hidden-roles game.


This sounds almost identical to Good Cop Bad Cop- have you played that?


Never played that, but I do hear people comparing it to this game. I do have played Leaders of Euphoria and it’s identical to that one. Human Punishment added more stuff into it, can’t tell you yet if they are alright or not, but the art is really good.


FWIW I kickstarted Good Cop Bad Cop when one of the expansions came out, but it never quite worked for me and I sold it on. Human Punishment is definitely doing better than that for me. (The rulebook is a bit rough, but the designer’s producing a revised one with feedback from BGG.)


Wavelength is being kickstarted! A monikers x the Mind game it seems to me :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I’m on the fence about Wavelength. It sounds good, but I don’t know if it justifies being such a big box for me.


I’m waffling on this as well. Currently I’m pledged… but the pledge price is basically MSRP (well, if it weren’t for the toy dial gauge that comes in the box I’d say it’s 150% of MSRP). I’m really considering cancelling my pledge and just waiting for retail.


I’m quite impressed with Wave lengths. Sure, it’s a bit of money for a game that boils down to a deck of cards with two words on, but the dial seems to be the most sensible solution to provide accurate comparisons of scale + guess (and the long-term survival of the dial!). I like how they’ve taken that issue and run with it, making the whole box into a design feature. It could have so easily been some janky cardboard thing that doesn’t quite line up right and falls apart after a dozen plays (well, it still could be, but the design looks reassuring).

There is no real incentive to backing on KS for this game. The only reason I’m backing is because Monikers isn’t particularly easy to find in the UK, so I’m presuming this won’t be either. I’d rather be safe than sorry. Alex’s campaigns are always really reasonable for Brits, so can’t fault him on that one!


Yeah this feels like a game that will be fun that will vanish when people start talking about it when it’s out poroperlu
Y( cf: champion of the wild and shipwreck arcana)


Speaking of Wavelength, if anyone is interested I whipped up a PBGD version for while I’m waiting:

You could PBF/PBI it in any number of ways really, but I like the bit of tactility that moving the slider on the spectrum has this way. :slight_smile:


Any John Clowdus fans in the house? Last day on the shiny Colossal reprint of three of his games. Merchants and Keep are a little light for my tastes, but Neolithic is one of my favourite games ever. It’s also (to be as kind as possible) very functional in looks. Picking up a brighter, more colourful copy is a luxury but I love it so much :smiley:



I ended up jumping on a few “sure bets” and grabbed a spot in the Champions of the Wild and Shipwreck Arcana reprints/expansions, and just couldn’t say no to Dead Man’s Cabal.