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The Kickstarter thread


re: Shipwreck Arcana, I updated the discussion topic with a reply I got from the publishers.


Thanks for following that up, @jgf1123!


I’m trying not to watch the KS page after it broke my heart last time, but Newspeak KS is live here:

Obviously as the checks notes ‘Original Concepter’ I’m biased, but I’d love people to back and share this!


I think it would be better if, instead of famous cities, the boards were named after actual slightly pants suburbs.

So instead of London, Paris and New York… you got Croydon, Cergy and Elizabeth, NJ.

And then players could imagine a fictional city with all of those suburbs scrunched together in close proximity. Now that’s an idea I could get behind.


Haha you’d choose a NJ suburb for NY? Controversial!

(Oh, just googled it, Elizabeth is a city in its own right!)


So are a lot of suburbs, particularly in “cities” (as in the common-or-garden definition of the word) that are actually comprised of lots of individual “cities” (as in the legal and administrative definition of the word). Los Angeles is one that springs to mind.


Backed Newspeak - it does have a unique concept, like a verbal version of Decrypto.


I live in Suita, a “city” in Osaka, which is both a “city” and a “prefecture”. So I live in Osaka, but not in in Osaka. Not that you’d know it without a map, as we’re on the same subway network and very close to Shin Osaka station.

But yeah, Surburbia should have kept the premise of suburbs of a city. Kickstarter marketing eh? Can take things in strange directions…


I am very unlikely to get the chance to play this game, but I am so tempted to buy it anyway…


I’m just amazed they’re letting people choose a combination of any 5 colours from 20. That’s 15,504 different combinations (if my maths is right). So there’s going to be ~5000 games that need to be packed individually to unique specifications!!!

It would have made more sense to sell presets of colours - maybe a US set (or two for East and West coast?), Europe set, and Asia set. People would be annoyed about being given set colours, but at least there’s only 3 or 4 packs to package - and increased chance of people choosing their local set, which makes everything even easier for the local distributor. They’ve set themselves up for a world of hurt for the distributors.



It may not be in the kickstarter but I have pre-ordered the rare and beautiful Roland Revenge edition of Battle Line


I saw that, and I was kinda sorta tempted. I just can’t fit my head around the theme though - how do three drummers in different colours beat two heavy infantry with heavy cavalry? Perhaps I’d be better off looking at one of the very many PnP rethemes…


Battle Line hails from a time when Euros were frequently mocked for paper thin themes, but it’s still one of my favorite 2-player games (shameless plug for my BGG review). Though I prefer the pure game without tactics cards. I bought a Roland’s Revenge version when he did a small print run, and it so much nicer looking than my beat up old set.


Thanks for sharing. I missed the original small print run due to no disposable income at the time, and had thought I’d lost the opportunity to get that particular copy of Battle Line. Very happy to see Roland’s version getting reprinted.


It took me two days to work out this isn’t a Rolland write pun, but I got there.


I have that old beat-up set (that is not all that beat up). :slight_smile:


Champion of the Wild 2nd Ed just got posted.


Just came here to say the same thing :smiley:

I’ve backed for the new cards as I already have the 1st edition.


I just did the same. Though, I am a bit sad as the cards in the original print run were super flimsy, I was hoping a second edition would bump up the production quality; the fact that there’s an “update pack” implies that the second edition will have the same flimsy cards.

But… maybe, just maybe, they’ll provide better voting tokens? I find the ones in the game way too fiddly; I’d much rather hand each player a small deck of cards with which they could vote.

All-in-all, I’m super glad that they’re getting the opportunity to put this game in more peoples’ hands!


I just gave everyone one set of voting tokens and we score between each card. Way less faff.