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The Kickstarter thread


This is exactly why I couldn’t go to Canada for the last SHUX.

OH, wait, we’re talking about Kickstarter! I’ll go back to my mod-hovel, sorry kids.


I would have thought that the airports are just about the only bit (that can be construed as) making sense. More destinations = more money. On the other hand, how does the fancy restaurant in Rome cause my fancy restaurant in Philadelphia to make less money?!


Competing for some best restaurant in the world where newer is better? … Yeah, it’s a stretch.


You also get a light up start player marker…

Man suburbia ce does look reeeeeeally nice but I haven’t played normal suburbia in YEARS So it seems unjustifiable.


Erm… I just backed…

Which isn’t a boardgame… but he’s a great artist and worth checking out!


YAY! New JoCo!


Suburbia backers have lost the plot. They’ve released 20 different player colours, each for a different city. First 5 free, then $10 a pop. Enough backers have asked for all 20 that they’re sorting out a special pack with all of them. I don’t know how much it’s going to cost, but it can’t be less than $50.

Who would pay the price of an additional game just to have a choice of 20 colours?!?!


Compulsive completionists with no self control. But it’s their money so up to them lol.

Not really surprised by this. The Kickstarter scene is all about excessiveness and it does sell.


Speaking of “Not Technically a Board Game”…

I was an avid WarMachine/Hordes player for years. I’m now much more casual, but I will admit that the art design was usually very strong. Could be worth a look!


Human psychology plays into this. There have been a number of studies that show that, once people have reached a decision, they tend to commit to and stay consistent with that decision. One way this is exploited in retail is, once the customer has decided to make a purchase, it’s easier for them to make additional purchases – especially smaller ones. For example, optional extras for cars or accessories to go with clothes. The customer has decided something is worth the price, and so things associated with it are a bit more worthwhile.

There’s also scarcity effect: things that are harder to come by appear more valuable. For example: things that will only be available through KS and not through retail afterward; or KS exclusives.

There’s also probably the effect that the extras are being offered at a discount, and human psychology also really likes paying less for something than they think it’s worth.

I know I’ve fallen prey to all of the above cognitive biases at some point or another.


I noticed that the other day, and it made me wish they would release their own version of Warhammer Underworlds, but with dedicated faction decks, instead of the LCG element.

They really do have a great look to their games.


Thats pretty interesting! Not to be all snobby and sacred, but I am a sucker for those Keyflower promo tiles that usually go for £5 to £15 a pop (and other promos from my fave games). I just cant do the high tier pledges, when I havent even played at all.


Well someone’s been reading Kahneman…
I find the whole field so interesting, especially paternal liberalism and anchoring.


And Cialdini!


No no no, can’t be doing with any fake tan American men extolling the virtues of X principles of Y. Maxwell’s 5. Cialdini’s 6. Covey’s 7. They always have a number!

Tversky on the other hand. Total legend.


I’ve been havering about getting Suburbia CE just for Nightlife, even though I don’t like five star, but, wow, that’s really not a thing that makes me think well of the company.


I’m in two minds. Was this prearranged knowing there are completionists or is this genuinely a surprise to them?

If it was a surprise to them, it’s nice that they are recognising that ordering ALL the colours is prohibitively expensive, and are creating a package to make it more affordable even if this wasn’t the original intention.

If they knew this would happen, then it’s cynical pandering to a somewhat vulnerable crowd.

With Kickstarters it’s all so opaque. It’s impossible to tell cynical marketing from genuinely wanting to provide backers with an improved service for surprise success. It’s all so easy to fake and plan out.

There’s been a few of these ‘What? Gamers want to own everything? Oh, I had no idea!’ incidents recently. Concordia Venus springs to mind. I can’t believe how little the board game industry understands its target audience!

Regarding the game, I’ve backed but might pull out. I love the game, but I don’t see what they could add that would improve the game experience for me. Id be interested in the variable set up lists, but they’re just pdfs so bound to leak within days of release. If I didn’t own the game I’d buy it without question - it’s a great game and bargain for the content (never expected 3 mini expansions!). But I’m not sure it adds enough to what I love about the base game + one expansion to rebuy. At its heart, Suburbia’s a simple light strategy game, so I don’t think any amount of expansions would drastically add depth.

…but then I do love the game, and I had a busy on call this month so maybe I’ll treat myself? I don’t know! I’m glad it’s a long campaign to give time to think!


Jordan Draper is back with a new set of Tokyo Series games https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jordandraper/tokyo-series-tabletop-games

The last set got delivered a couple of months back. I got Metro and Jidohanbaiki. Metro is a really interesting economic game with a great table presence so I think I’ll enjoy the tuna market one in this latest set: Tsukiji Market. While Jidohanbaiki is certainly cute with the little vending machines and bottles, I don’t feel the designer compilation games are for me (admittedly I haven’t tried them all) but if you’re an adorable game system with lots of different ways to play with it, have a look into Coin Laundry:


Also this set has the option to get some additional (even more) small box games from Japanese designers. So many options! I quite like the sound of Praise


Decided not to back Suburbia CE when I end up prefering Castles more

Saw Coral Island but it’s feels so samey. I prefer my compact Blueprints.


The two im interested in (coming soon) are Newspeak and Shiprwreck Arcana.