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The Kickstarter thread


I think aesthetic and theme of Tainted Grail look amazing, but recently came to the realization that I don’t have much interest in such story heavy games. Which is too bad (for me) as I’m sure the game will be great. Awaken Realms have a pretty solid track record imo.


This is where I fall as well. When I first heard of it, I got super excited because of the theme and aesthetic, but as more info came out, I started realizing this wasn’t the game for me. I have a hard time getting folks together more than once a month to play anything, and when we do, I can’t really go for more than 3-4 hours as my wife has to watch our toddler by herself…so that game would literally be a year or more of game days, and I already have plenty of things I need to play.


I’ve seen both of the designers in the website comments for the games news and possibly also the podcast plugging it. Maybe that’s where you saw it mentioned.


This is also true for me and yet somehow it never stops me.


Right? The year isnt even over and I’m looking at 2019 Kickstarters! :thinking:

I think in part its just to keep the ones I know I want in mind for when the surprise ones pop up and catch my attention with their shiny newness, lol.


Ho hum, another minis game where the men are mostly dressed sensibly and the women are mostly showing Combat Cleavage. I’m sure that stuff still has its audience, but there are plenty of games that won’t annoy me every time I look at them, so I’ll play those instead.

(More generally, it looks so much like all the other huge minis games with lots of stretch goals that it’s almost a parody of Generic Kickstarter Game.)


It’s hilariously stereotypical. I love the theme, but obviously Im not the target audience for this sort of KS games.


Eh - to each their own. I don’t really notice that stuff, to be honest. I just see a character on a card.
Minis don’t really do much for me. I was more brought in by the world and artwork…as I said, the gameplay doesn’t really look like my thing, so I held off.


Eh. Tainted Grail has some minis, mostly for the playable characters, but I think it’s a stretch to call it a minis-focused KS when the majority of the minis are in a single optional addon and almost all of the stretch goals are about adding content to the game for free. I’ll certainly grant there are two overly scantily clad women, though.


I didn’t notice that sort of thing either.
Until I did.
And then I started noticing it everywhere, and couldn’t un-notice it again.


Im trying not to buy much this year… Then they announce Suburbia Deluxe.




I like Surburbia quite a lot (I prefer it to Castles of MKL). But I think that adding Five Star already dilutes the tile pool too much, and I usually play without it. Adding the equivalent of another expansion too… I dunno.


Yeah, I’m not fond of 5 star, but Nightlife looks like it integrates better into the core mechanisms. At this stage maybe things like the airport’s need to be mandatory or taken out? Far too much dilution for completely random tiles.


I was busy at work and lost track of the time but it looks like I’ve backed Chai … I mean I intended to but I usually like to reflect on the decision when there’s an hour left just to be sure.


I’ve put Animal Kingdoms on saved projects. Will check out the rules, but it did got my attention because of the art style. :stuck_out_tongue:

I see Dicetopia expansion + base now. @webs Have you played Dicetopia, so far?


I agree. I was on the mailing list for Animal Kingdoms to let me know when the KS launched, so that one intrigues me.


Champions of the Wild is coming back to kickstarter on January 28th!

Can someone wake me up and remind me then?


Sorry, I ended up not backing it (self-exposed KS hiatus that lasted for almost half a year ;), so I can’t comment on it.


Suburbia actually looks pretty sensible. Especially like how they’re producing suggested tile set ups for varied but balanced play. Choosing your own player colours is a nice touch!

Only thing is… each player is meant to be designing a suburb within the same city. They’ve now set it up so each player is playing a completely different city. THIS MAKES NO SENSE!!! They even still refer to each place as a borough!! New York? A borough. Tokyo? A borough. Dubai? A borough. I’m so angry!!!


I AM SO ANNOYED ABOUT THIS TOO. How does my airport in Rome affect the airport built in Philadelphia? Why can’t they just be colours.

I do love Suburbia but I don’t know if I’ll stay a backer until the end. I do want that tile dispenser though but is it worth $130US to me?