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The Kickstarter thread


Its currently at $1.5M CDN and over 10k backers! I never would have expected that for a game like this, especially launching in December!


Are the pictures to scale? Because those minis look way too big for the cards they’re played onto.


No, the hero minis are fairly small. The statues are larger, but they only appear on specific cards. Not sure about the optional monster minis.

Also…1.5M pounds, and almost 18k backers!!!

Also, after watching Rahdo’s playthrough, I now realize the game is significantly darker than I realized. Not saying its a pass for sure, but definitely something I’ll have to run by my GF before I back it. I wont go into details, but IMO the rating should probably be the same as KDM; 18+ not 14+. At least as a guideline.


I love the theme and art for Tainted Grail. It seemed to pick up a ton of steam on BGG over the last month or so, but honestly, with each new thing I saw on it, I just realized it wasn’t the game for me. With a 1-year old at home running around (truly exhausting…), I don’t really have the time to participate in a big, campaign-style game, so count me out.

That being said, I am (slowly) developing my own game for kicks and giggles, and I hope to one day put it up on KS, as I can’t fund it myself…so watching/studying campaigns is (and has been) a strange enjoyment of mine for quite a while. It launched at 11:00 AM EST, and I went to look at it at 11:04…it was like watching the US national debt clock or something - the dollars and backer numbers were just constantly going up…it was fun to see, in my strange little world haha.


I meant the hero minis. They seem a bit big for the cards they sit on in the main image of the whole board, but still much smaller than the big status minis. So that image isn’t to scale?


The Rallyman GT Kickstarter has just finished, with more than 2500 backers and almost 165000 €.
Imo it was a really well-run campaign, with the enthusiastic designer being online every day and answering questions.
Stretch goals comprised mainly new track tiles, bundled in two expansions that will be sold separately later, and new track layouts (including a world tour with the likes of Silverstone, Nürburgring and other famous tracks),
plus several small gameplay add-ons which are exclusives (but could be easily integrated using homemade tokens if you wanted).


No, I don’t think so. At least based on what I’ve seen in the playthroughs I’ve watched. I’d say that the statues look to be about the size that the heroes appear in that picture, while the actual heroes are smaller.

There is a photo lower down the page under The World header, that I think is more accurate.

I’m so torn on this game. So much of it appeals to me, but I’m not sure how much id get into a game that is primarily story focused. Its one of the things holding me back from AK:LCG.

I mean, despite loving heavy theme in games, I almost never even read flavour text, lol. Though this might be different as the story is directly part of the game vs being background noise.




Normally I put down my money for a Kickstarter and then don’t think about it much more, but I’m really enthused for Rallyman GT. With any luck this will wear off by the time it arrives, so I won’t be disappointed.

(It has for D-Day Dice second edition, which is the last KS I felt this way about.)


Just want to push Flickfleet here, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/eurydice-games/flickfleet-the-space-combat-dexterity-board-game/
It’s by Jackson Pope, who’s a British small indie games designer and publisher, which I kind of feel KS should be about. Flicking dexterity, one day left 10% to go, it’s gonna be tight.


I recently stumbled across a game on Kickstarter called Whales Destroying the World and thought it sounded familiar. I’m nearly positive that I’ve heard it mentioned (only mention of the name and no further details) on a recent SUSD podcast but I don’t see it in any of the show notes.

Does anybody here recognize this game by name, possibly from hearing it mentioned in a podcast?


So, Stonehenge and the Sun is live.

I’m backing out of pure fascination. You have to attach a weight with a line to your ceiling, then avoid knocking down pieces of Stonehenge that y’all are building. Prototype came out of a “Is This a Game?” conference this summer.


Man I was so into that game until I found out it was ceiling attached. It’s kind of an irritating thing.


It’s tricky - I gather there was some discussion of what sort of attachment they could/should include. You can’t fit a framework in the box, though that would be ideal.


Looks silly, but fun. Not a problem for me to put a hook on our ceiling. At first I thought, “hey, it’s Japanese, finally a game I can buy with cheap shipping!” but no, it’s 2800 Yen shipping for Japanese backers too.


The contemplation I had was that you could use one of those clamp stands from school labs but I Then wondered that the game might actually be calibrated for a slow pendulum swing.


It certainly is, judging by the videos. To the point whether I wonder if a low-ish ceiling might be a problem for the orbit game.


They do have an option for an adhesive hook, which is what we’ll likely use. Depends on how heavy the ball is.


Maybe because I’m drunk with holiday bonus funds but I kickstarted both Chai - An Immersive Tea Board Game and Tainted Grail: The Fallen Avalon. I’m not entirely sure why I’m doing the latter ( A kickstarter version of FOMO) but the look of the former seems like it would be up my alley. Guess I’ll find out sometime in 2019 if the gamble paid off.


I played Chai at SHUX18. Other than the theme, it didn’t really interest me, but then again I haven’t been into straight up Euros for a while, so your mileage my vary.