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The Kickstarter thread


Yeah…I’m not going to list the games I backed this year, mostly this fall, because then I’ll feel bad. Despite that, I’m still strongly considering Reichbusters and/or Assassins Creed.


I hear V-Commanos is very good and the basis of the system and if you can find it it shouldn’t be as much as Assassin’s Creed.


Yeah, I’ve heard that. The theme doesn’t do anything for me though (and theme is a big thing for me in a game like that).
Thanks though.


I am considering Pipeline. Would love to watch a playthrough first


Assassin’s Creed has the most ridiculous (but also consistent with the theme) Kickstarter exclusive ever:

Comes with haystack!
It’s also funny that they are stating a price for it, as it comes free with the KS and is exclusive?


Is there a 1 dollar pledge? Maybe you can pay the real price afterwards? Quite a tantalising way of getting full pledges up front over millions of $1 guys.


That would be an interesting idea, but I don’t think many creators would do that.
As I said somewhere above, as long as there’s a healthy mix of full and 1$ backers, the company profits from the latter.


I’m only aware such things because a lot of the reavers of Midgard chat was about how they had a relatively large proportion of $1 supporters which was dissapoinying for them.


To backers or to the creators? I’d be interested to hear the opinion of people that are most affected by that. Was it in the KS comment section or som ewhere else?


Greyfox sent an email round to backers saying they were surprised at the level of $1 backers. They even had comparisons to other KS they did and had a questionnaire to see what they could do better in the future.

The thing, I guess, with $1 with acces to pledge manager is that it doesn’t help with stretch goals and therefore buzz and is always a more precarious idea of what the max funding will be available for the project.


Yep, that’s right, but at the same time, they save about 10% per backer who pledges 1$ and pays later. That’s why I think a healthy mixture is key.
Also, there were so many interesting big Kickstarters at the same time that many people couldn’t commit to all financially, and therefore were grateful for the 1$ pledge.
That’s actually something to consider as well - personally, I wouldn’t have the funds to back Rallyman GT, but getting access to the pledge manager for 1$ gives me the opportunity to save some money after Christmas to pay for the game. Which means they get at least one more sale because of the 1$ level.


I assume you get one free with your pledge and can pay to add on more if you want - I see that a lot, especially on projects with a lot of minis and/or custom dice.


It’s only included for “free” if you back the full game during the campaign. $1 backers who pledge in full during the PM, and late pledgers, don’t get it for free (and probably won’t buy it, but they will have the option).

Apparently they had a lot of people drop to $1 when they announced the PM would be open until September/October. Between that, a 2020 delivery, and the issues with there SG’s (there were huge gaps between them, and many did not seem to add much value for what they took to unlock), the campaign was slowing down dramatically.

I think the tower, and restructuring the SG’s, was a way to get people back into a full pledge, and gain new backers. I know I’m considering it (my boy wpuld get a kick out of that tower). I’m just not sure how much I can about having one giant price of 3d “terrain” when the rest of the art/tiles are just flat pictures.

I know there has been a lot of comments there and other campaigns that $1 backers get all the same things that full pledges do, but have there funds locked up for less time (sometimes considerably).

Mythic avoided this with Reichbusters by having a slightly lower price for the all-in during the campaign.

I actually filled out a small survey that Grey Fox sent out for the $1 backers of Reavers, because apparently many people were very upset at how many there were; mostly for 2 reasons. The first I mentioned, the other being that on top of that, they dont help unlock SG’s. It sounds like they will change it up for their next campaign. There were other things mentioned, mostly that Reavers had a significantly higher portion of $1 backers than any of their other campaigns. I think a lot of this is timing; coming into the holidays, and KS was packed with solid games this fall. Then there is also backed fatigue to consider.


This is interesting. I backed because of the minis and the SUSD play through on top of the So Very Wrong About Games run down. If it wasn’t minis, I wouldn’t have gone for it at all. They look paintable to me.

What about the minis puts you off? Interested to hear an alternative opinion to my own.


I backed Ragusa and Im strongly considering Pipeline.


Minis will always put me off - they increase the retail cost of the game, I don’t have time to paint them, I hate playing with unpainted minis, and they add so much bulk (in a Japanese home with 3 kids, space is tight).

Gloomhaven just scraped through my mini filter. Even though I paid extra for character cardboard tokens so I wouldn’t need to use the minis, I ended up spending an extra wad of cash on paints, and have so far painted the 7 characters we’ve played with. One mini a month is about my limit though. A whole box full of minis that need painting pretty much guarantees I won’t buy a game these days (as a teenager I had a ton of minis, and Space Hulk is the last mini-heavy game I bought and painted around 10(?) years ago).

Of course, I appreciate that some people love minis, and painting them is a hobby in its own right, but I know I’m far from alone in not wanting unpainted minis in my board games (painted minis are OK, but they’ll usually be badly painted, so cardboard/wood can be better).


I’m in the same boat. I’m not sure we will paunt them (there are a LOT!), but I dont have any issues with unpainted minis. The types of games I like, almost demand them! Well, I do at least, Iol.

Edit: I say that despite eyeing Too Many Bones for MONTHS, and it has zero minis (barely even has a map/board).


Minis are expensive; minis are bulky and difficult to store; minis sometimes require assembly (though admittedly not commonly in mainstream boardgames); minis can be difficult to distinguish at a glance without painting and I have extremely minimal interest* in painting them and prepainted is rare, often poorly done and often even more expensive; and in general I find them dramatically inferior to using tokens or standees in the contexts they’re usually used. For Kickstarter in particular, it also is offputting because there seems to be a crowd that primarily goes into these Kickstarters for the minis and who don’t particularly care about the quality of the game itself. This potentially really skews the priorities of the project creator(s) away from what I care about. (Street Masters does not appear to be one of those projects, but it’s still a potential mark against it.) And yes, these projects seem to do a lot of expensive optional addons that have small fillips of content along with one or more minis that are being used to justify the primary expense of the addon. (If it were just minis, like the jillion specialty survivor minis that the Zombicide kickstarters have done…well, those are technically unique content but survivors typically differ in like one skill so hardly worth buying separately…then I’d skip them happily, but I want all the content.)

I do think particularly high quality minis with lots of fine detail etc can be attractive, especially if well painted, but in general I still find them ill-suited for practical use and better on display. And, well, I don’t buy things just to display them, personally.

*It used to be no interest at all, but I’ve experienced a certain satisfaction in assembling game inserts, so I could maybe see that transferring to painting minis. It’s just that I barely have an artistic bone in my body, I know paints etc are expensive, and the whole thing seems like a huge rabbit hole that’s not worth jumping into.


Tangentially related to the cost discussion, I’m having a bit of trouble plugging the trigger on the Rallyman GT Kickstarter. For something priced at 49 Euros, I expected a bit more in the box. Or stretchgoals besides additional tiles. The expansion add-ons have a significant subset of the same components (plastic cars, cardboard) and are priced at 15 Euros marked down to 9. Am I just being stingy?


Depends. There had to be something to offset paying full price (the radar of which which must get thrown a bit in Black Friday week) ages before you get it. Either it’s the exclusive gubbins or the fact you believe in the project (and you joining will help make this cool thing happen). If the thing feels literally like a shop, I can’t imagine what the point of a kickstarter is.