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The Kickstarter thread


I too am likely to back Reavers of Midgard.
Gameplay looks interesting and I like the theme. Project looks set to hit most if not all of the stretch goals as well (hope we get those recessed player boards!)


I really like the idea of recessed boards. I’d hope they also give room to slide cards underneath easily. Here’s hoping!


I have looked at the campaign after it started but couldn’t quite make out how this differs from CoM - it seemed like a mix of that and Raiders of the North Sea, theme wise?


Hm, as I understand it you can still do time trials in solo mode with this version, not needing an expansion for it.?
Thanks for linking the campaign, btw, it definitely looks good.


It’s thematically speaking a bit of a sequel. Ish…

Less randomness due to dice being pre-rolled and only single worker placement.

But certainly there are similarities, though I haven’t played CoM so I can only go on what I have read.


Yes, and in fact even multiplayer time trials should be possible with the bits you get in the box - it’s just not in the current rule set.

Losing the per-gear cards means damage on loss of control becomes more predictable, which may or may not be a bad thing.

I don’t see any short-cuts on the tiles they’ve shown so far.

But I’m still in…


What’s the selling point of Rallyman over something like Formula D? Or for that mater the very different Flamme Rouge?


I don’t know about Formula D, but in comparison to Flamme Rouge, I’d say it’s the push your luck element, the different theme (I don’t usually care that much about theme, but even for me car racing feels different to bicycle racing), and the solo mode where you can try and beat high scores.


Huh, I’ve actually played all of these (though Formula D only a little) so I can answer from experience. The feelings I get are:

Formula D: it’s mostly about deciding how much you’ll push your luck on the corners.

Flamme Rouge: it’s all about energy management and when to go for the sprint. Corners are basically irrelevant; they’re just there to fit the map on the table. Like Steampunk Rally which I also enjoy, it could be looked on as a card game with a complicated scoreboard.

Rallyman: you can push your luck as much or as little as you want to (by choosing standard one-by-one rolling or time attack), and mostly it’s about planning how you’ll get in and out of the corners while maintaining as much speed as possible – but it’s entirely possible to manage a corner and then mess up on a straight. In its classic mode, there’s no head-to-head racing at all, though the new version brings that in.


Cool. Thanks. :smiley:


Howdy! FlipTales is live on Kickstarter:

It’s a super-accessible Roleplaying Game for all ages. You on your friends go on an adventure and level up to get abilities. It takes about 10 minutes to set up for the first time, and the games are about 30-60 minutes.
Let me know if anyone has any thoughts or questions


Single Worker placement has to be the silliest name I’ve seen for a mechanic in a long time, it being basically the same as in classics as Puerto Rico, and stripping worker placement of everything that makes it worker placement.
Maybe they thought it’s a good marketing gimmick, but I’m not even convinced of that.


Yeah, single worker placement is ACTION SELECTION!!! Can Race for the Galaxy now be called a single worker placement game? (If we gave it a meeple)


I didn’t even realize this was a thing. The only experience I have with WP games is Raiders of the North Sea, in which you can only place one worker a turn (though you also recall one).

I thought this was fairly standard.

I’m still interested in Reavers. I’m not sure I’ll back the KS, but I’m considering it.

Edit: Ok, so I re-read the KS page. I forgot it had the whole “follow” mechanic (not sire what else people call it).

I’m curious how this game will play at 2. I dont have more than that very often. Might be different when this game delivers, but obviously cant say for sure.


If by follow mechanic you mean that the action chosen can be used by all players, yeah, that’s what action selection is.
And that’s been used by numerous games before, though not necessarily with a worker (but why use a worker instead of selecting a role/card as in other games?).
In Raiders, you might only place one worker(and recall one, but you are still blocking that space for other players (while unblocking another, the twist Raiders brings to the genre), which is a key feature of worker placement.
In Reavers, in that other players are also given the opportunity to use the action you selected, you are not blocking at all.?
I’ve also thought about backing it, especially since there’s a German campaign with a lower price and without shipping costs at the same time, but in the end, I’m just not sure the game will be good enough - another point being that the designer hasn’t any published games yet (although there seem to be a lot in the pipeline).


Thanks for the detailed response! I don’t have much experience with WP or action selection games, so that helps clear up a lot.

I’ll probably pass, as there are other games on KS I want, and WP games at retail I find appealing. Not to mention the holidays are getting closer!


Another thing to consider is that Grey Fox Games have said if the game is popular enough, it will get an expansion. Midgard is looking like their biggest franchise opportunity at the moment, so I’d be very surprised if it didn’t happen (look at their website - Champions is the top game ‘by popularity’).

If this turns out anything like Champions, that’ll mean another KS campaign that will include an add on for the KSEs from this campaign. There are already people on the campaign grumbling about not being sure if it’s worth buying the neoprene material if GFG are going to add expansion things on later.

So this has all the hallmarks of the vasal effect. If it’s any good, it’ll all come back around with nothing lost. Granted, it’ll mean waiting a few years, but it helps with the FOMO.


I’m gonna give reavers a go. I want something premium but also I want a WP that works for two players and doesn’t create a dummy (this does the everyone gets two goes thing).

There’s good pedigree with this game so I want to buy into it.

I feel like a lot of the grumbles are kind of irritating (the KS doesn’t match the form of this KS or the stretch goals aren’t this or that) and it turns me off a bit.


Comments sections of KS are a beast unto themselves! It’s worse than Reddit in there.


The only reason I am/was considering it, are the deluxe components. I had also considered grabbing the Jarl box with the two CoM expansions. I’m sure the game will go to retail, so it will be easy enough to get later.

As far as KS comments section…yeah, those can be pretty toxic. Though I’ve seen a few that were fairly positive. The current reprints for both Deep Madness and Street Masters have been pretty good overall. Though I think that’s in part as these are reprints/expansions for well recieved games.