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The Kickstarter thread


I’m torn on Sword & Sorcery myself. I am fairly confident I’d prefer it to Descent (which I actually liked better in the no longer available 1st edition, and that was far from perfect), but highly doubt it would compete with Gloomhaven for me, and I do already have a bunch of other similarly themed coops and a couple others incoming. It probably would stand out in some way, and I’ve seen a lot of people really love it, but do I really need that many? (The answer is no, of course. But I still want it…)


Just backed “awkward guests” on kickstarter. It’s a deduction game for 2-8 players and works, I think, in the way that cryptid does by generating a set of clues that leads to a single pre-defined conclusion. The system involves a set puzzle which tells you which cards to use out of a deck of loads and each card has a clue like “mr. Brown didn’t do it” or what ever. The combination of the cards in the puzzle leads to an answer.


This managed to instantly enter Tom Vasel’s top 40 games, so I’m also interested. Going to take a look at the KS now.


So it’s variable player count Witness, with the same form of puzzle every time? Sounds interesting.

EDIT: oh looks a lot different from Witness actually.


Seems more like the best version of Cluedo ever, dispensing with pointless roll and move and adding actual deduction from facts.


Anyone interested in Everrain or Atlantis Rising?


Man when I saw this kickstarter picture I thought they were selling a mouse mat with a picture for all the sleeve sizes based on card size and a reference to the normal sleeve makers (ff silver, mayday etc). But it’s for their own sleeves only, which I can appreciate but is way less useful if you are in a shop.


Backed as well - I remember Tom Vasel raving about it when it was only available in Spanish


I’m a bit surprised to see no mention of the Catacombs kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/elzra/catacombs-3e-playmat-version/description, given how many times it has been featured by our hosts who really love it. It was even one of their first board game play throughs!

I think this is going to be the definitive printing and am looking forward to the upgrade.


Oh no, why would you post this link? 15 minutes ago I was on budget, now I’m broke!

But seriously, thanks! :+1:


I don’t think it’s an upgrade, personally. I had a poor experience with neoprene mats in Cube Quest and from my experience with mousepads of varying quality I would note that the fabric that contains the printing tends to bubble and warp over time and the neoprene itself can crease fairly easily if stored for extended periods. Unless you play the game fairly regularly, this may well substantially worsen the play experience.

And if you do play it fairly frequently, it’s still possible the fabric surface will cause issues.


Good point.
As someone who doesn’t own the game I’m still considering it. I think if the mats get wrecked I might just get them copied at the local print shop. Semigloss paper would probably be fine. Hopefully. Probably.


The maps have no mechanical relevance, they just look nice. If this is your only way to get the game, you may not have an issue and at worst you can play on any large, flat surface with or without the relevant backing art. As long as you have some way to measure the starting areas and mark the edges of the play area while still allowing things to leave it (various effects relate to crossing the play boundary so having a hard wall as the play boundary would require making some minor tweaks), you’re fine.

The only thing that varies in the different maps is the placement of obstacles and in the case of fire pillars, the type of obstacle.


Looks like we’ve reached the point where CMoN no longer automatically makes $1 million a project. They’re chucking all the add ons at Project Elite, but still looks like it’ll struggle to make $700k!

I’m quite surprised tbh. For the last few years there’s been a clamour for a Project Elite re-release, but it’s obviously been a vocal minority.


I know I for one have all but tuned out of CMON Kickstarters. They’re relentless and I just don’t need a lot more of what they provide. I’ve also seen at least one instance where they’ve added a completely separate game to a Kickstarter as an exclusive to that campaign (you know, the one that isn’t for that game) and that is some scummy shit, IMO. (It was a separate-but-compatible science fiction Zombicide in the campaign for the first one, so not completely unrelated, but still.)

I miiiight consider another Xenoshyft pledge if they do another of those, but I think that’s about it unless there’s a really radically new and awesome idea from them that’s not minis-based.


It’s still a lot of people and money, but yeah, it looks as if it’s not as successful as expected.
Which seems to be the fate of a few projects at the moment. We’ve talked about that before, but releasing this amount of big projects at the same time really seems to backfire for the creators involved. The Monolith reprint of Claustrophobia is stalling at 8000 of the limited 10000, Cloudspire and Catacombs that were already mentioned, Barrage etc.
The only one that has done exceptionally well imo is Tidal Blades, but they did put a lot of work in making that campaign memorable/fun.


Yeah, there’s a definite kick back from the community, but I’ve not seen that manifest in the numbers until now. I’ve never seen any good words about Zombicide or Arcadia Quest, but they bank! So it’s clear there’s a disconnect between the opinions of the online community and what actually sells. Much like I don’t know anyone who voted Brexit, yet here we are!

I have to admit the ‘fun campaign’ side of KS is something I’ve never understood. I see backers falling over themselves to answer riddles in updates for some campaigns and complain when campaigns don’t “engage” enough (when the team are answering questions). It’s completely alien to me to want (and often demand!) a salesperson to entertain the customer with inane things that don’t relate to the game at all!

I get the CMoN hate, but I thought Project Elite had somehow elevated itself to holy grail status. I guess real time gameplay turns a lot of people off maybe? Interesting to see if we have reached the point of oversaturation.


The designer of pipeline (Ryan) is part of my local boardgame group in NYC and I have played it already. I can say its super indepth and to get the most out of it you will want a boardgame group that can and will want to play deep and heavy games numerous times. Its like Brass Birmingham but way more indepth and strategic. For me and my group its perfect, but I wouldn’t recommend to everyone.

And obviously I backed it.


Well, there are a lot of good looking games right now, some of which are reprints of games that have reviewed quite well.

The miniatures side is really packed, so they are all taking a piece of each others pie.

I think PE had a poor campaign plan, and the SG’s were spaced extremely far part. I also think a lot of people were hoping for a reprint of the base game and original expansion; the two expansions CMON does have look less than stellar.

Now that the Adrenaline map has been unlocked, I’m probably in for the base game. I’d rather grab that and SG exclusives, than just the base at retail, just for some added replayability. That said, I really dislike CMONs campaign style, but unfortunately it usually works for them. Unless they have more campaigns like PE and Starcadia Quest, they probably won’t change. If this was just another clone of one of their normal games I wouldn’t bother.

Oh well.


Well here are some good words about Zombicide: it’s a surprisingly elegant lightweight design with some cool mechanical ideas (i.e. the noise mechanic and level-based spawning). It’s not super deep, but it stands out in my coop collection, and it’s probably my favorite implementation of the zombie theme in boardgaming, at least that I’ve played. (Which isn’t saying all -that- much - most aren’t pure coop, which I prefer, and I haven’t tried anything else that is.)

The problem is it’s a $100 box with a lot of unnecessary minis and another four similarly sized boxes with over $300 additional investment across the two further seasons and expansions thereof, plus smaller addons, plus hundreds in optional promo minis, for a game that has maybe 40% of the depth that would justify that kind of sprawling footprint.