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The Kickstarter thread


Same with Pipeline and City of the Big Shoulders. I suspect I’ll end up backing both, shipping fees be damned. Too many good comments for both in the Heavy Cardboard Slack, and at least City is not going to be available in Australia at a low retail price.


I’ve been thinking about

and while I like the theme and the art, I find myself surprisingly unconvinced by the actual gameplay. (There’s a how-to-play video on the KS page, and a rules download.) In particular, each turn there’s a random location and random day/night status, which seems to say that you can’t really have a strategy beyond “get good at everything”. Any opinions?


I took a look at Swords & Sorcery and at first glance it looks like a poor man’s hybrid of Gloomhaven meets Descent.

I might well be missing something, but at that price I wanted more from a new Dungeon crawler than the usual stream of equipment cards and hit point tokens. The Soul counter, yeah I guess, but other than the minis, I think I would prefer to fork out more and go for Gloomhaven.


I’ve actually heard that exact comparison before, even from people who like it (though they don’t say “poor man’s”, lol).

I do think the AI is well done (and you dont need an app), plus I like the “become a ghost and come back from the dead” mechanic.

I’m not 100% sold on it at this point, but might pledge $1 to get into the PM. I have very little interest in Gloomhaven, so S&S is a better option for me.


I play tested Chartered: The Golden Age and must say, that I am quite convinced by this rather dull theme of stock market in the Netherlands ca. 1600s. The designer managed to make stocks and shares a rather tactile and visual experience using (very beautiful) model brick buildings. I would definetly recomend the game and am looking forward to receive my copy.


If I didn’t own Descent already I might well be tempted, especially given the fact that there isn’t a GM!
But I kinda lose the will to play when you have stacks of cards for weapons and powers that you have to lay out by your character and then somehow store for the next game.

I kinda just wish someone was braver with components.


Well, say what you like about Awaken Realms. I played Lords of Hellas which was fantastic. And I don’t even really like dudes-on-a-map games.


That’s fair. I don’t own Descent, or any more traditional crawler, so I could find a place for it in my collection.

You’ve echoed some of my issues though. It’s part of the reason I’ve never been completed sold on a campaign game vs a game with connected 1-off scenarios.

On top of that, I’ve also heard it can be extremely fiddly, though apparently they are trying to streamline it for this release.

Probably going to take the “wait and see” approach. I do think my son would love the theme, especially the ghost mechanic, and the familiars/allies. We shall see.


About to play my first game of Lords of Hellas tonight :slight_smile:


The ghost mechanic looks like it fixes that issue Descent had with being “knocked down”, urgh… but I worry about coddling gamers too much. Descent just cost you time, i.e. there was never an issue of death and the punishment for losing a scenario never felt that bad to be honest, which ultimately just made most of us who played not think.

A bit like playing Diablo 3 vs Dark Souls (or Bloodborne)… surely there’s a happier medium somewhere?

If you’re doing a Campaign board Game, let’s have our mission outcomes mean something down the line (sounds like S&S might do something like this), but Descent was a yawn fest in this regard.


Yeah, I’m hearing good things about LoH.

It’s not guaranteed to be a bad approach, I just think it’s highly likely to lead to inconsistency between games. Sometimes playing fast and lose works, other times it won’t. Promising things that haven’t been fully developed yet is highly risky. Reading the design diaries of Leder Games’ Root was interesting in that it was very up front about ideas they had to drop for various reasons. With AW’s games a lot of these promises are based on extra components. They can’t just drop those ideas that don’t work for fear of pledger outrage.

Of course, it could all be PR hype and every game is meticulously planned. Even the ‘crowd sourced’ ideas are so generic that they could have planned them ahead of time and picked out the suggestions they had already developed. It’s hard to tell with Kickstarters, it’s all smoke & mirrors.


I know at the standard difficulty dying costs you a level, which in itself can be frustrating late game because of how the experience system works (lvl 3 to 4 = 9xp / lvl 4-5 = 16xp, at least in Immortal Souls).

I know you can still fail a mission/quest, so maybe you can “die” as a ghost? Or if everyone becomes a ghost you fail? I’m not 100% sure.

I don’t think there’s a “best middle ground” for everyone. You just need to find what’s best for you.


I thought this was interesting (if its true); there was just a Cloudspire update that said 1,700 of just over 4,000 were at the $1 level, with 23hrs to go. I think thats insane! I know a lot were like me, and backed at that level just to get into the PM (considering grabbing TMB), but I’m still shocked.

It makes me wonder how common that is in other campaigns. I feel like it must be out of the norm for almost half the backers to be at that level…maybe not though.

Edit: they made the post to point out that “if only 25% of the $1 backers pledged for just the base game, we’d blast through some stretch goals”. I’ve heard a lot of good thibgs about Too Many Bones (and some negatives, including the cost), bit I feel this game could be a huge mark against CTG. I’m curious to see how it all pans out.


I often keep an eye on how many $1 pledges there are, but it’s usually like 1 or 2,000 in projects with 10-15,000. Never seen a ratio so high!

It seemed an inevitability something like this would happen at some point. There’s almost always no downside to backing $1, it seems too much of a loophole now.

Heck, for US backers it’s often better to wait to be a late backer.


Do you mean brave as in courageous or as in brevity?
As imo getting new gear is a huge draw in all RPGs/Dungeon Crawls, it’s hard to find a good balance between excitement and
I do like the way Gloomhaven does it. As it’s card driven anyway, getting (nine more) action cards to chose from doesn’t feel like too much.
And while you could definitely have a lot of gear, only being able to bring a certain number into each scenario helps a lot.


Corageous as in innovative design.

Cards for equipment has been around since Hero Quest (that’s as far back as my memory goes). Other games are even worse offenders (See Arkham Horror for details), and it looks like S&S isn’t overkill in this regard, but where we have seen progress and innovation in other aspects, like AI etc… set-up and tear down for such games remain a big issue.

I don’t get Descent out because it’s a royal pain to set-up and the campaig/scenario + rules are weak. I believe Iperial Assault fixed some of the weaker rules stuff and S&S is supposed to better than that. The issue is flexibility of gear and choice, vs components.

If games at least provided a little booklet, with sleeves to place cards in and which folded away (think Mysterium ghost shield with slots for all the cards, but in a smaller format and per character), so that at least everything is together and ready to go/easy to put away. Or more dial based solutions.

Yes, I appreciate cost becomes a factor, but we are talking KS here and an era where people are prepared to pay €150 and upwards (Gllomhaven or Kingdom Death). Even 7th Continent has a leather bound booklet with sleeves for your equipment (coming in Wave 2) and GH went with the deck based approach, yes it’s cards too but innovative.

I also loathe seeing heart tokens for damage/life… Dungeonquest, Descent (I guess anything Fantasy Flight), etc… Yes, again, it’s a tried and tested solution that is relatively cheap, but real estate and clutter is an issue for me in these games and anything that can be done to streamline it gets my vote.

Now all that said, I am still keeping an eye on Sword & Sorcery, purely venting my frustrations.


The reasons for this to happen now and for this project are probably

  1. the sheer amount is interesting projects at the moment. It’s been mentioned here a few times, and when even Quinns feels compelled to comprise an entire news just of KS, there must be something going on.
    And being able to ‘park’ a project and get the funds over the coming months will make many people wait for the pm.

  2. the lack of actual game info mentioned before and price point, which is also rather deluxe, especially for the expansion and complete package.

I’d still call it a successful project, though, with about half a million $ (I don’t know how much they have collected at the time of writing this).
And don’t forget that for the publisher selling a lot of games through the pledge manager isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since they save the KS provision, which is around 10% I think? So they don’t allow 1$ pledges for purely altruistic reasons. :smiley:


Wow, the Gloomhaven insert is stellar! The dials are slightly awkward to fit in, but the rest is pretty much perfect. Access to all the tokens is going to be so much faster, can’t wait to play!

… It’s been sat on my shelf a while now and all my friends are fearing the commitment


Right? I’ve started using the Gloomhaven Helper app as well, which makes parts of the insert redundant, but together they’ve facilitated game set up and table clutter significantly.

Plus, teaching and playing the game is way simpler than I thought, so the only commitment to be feared is time. But I guess even playing sporadically will be good fun (which I also might end up doing).


Alas, time is what no one has. We’re about to complete Pandemic Season 1… 2 years after starting.

(And it took us over a year between me buying it the week of launch and the first game).

Watching SUSD these days is mostly out of jealousy :rofl: