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The Kickstarter thread


Well they have clearly improved since then and as that was their first game you would expect some hiccups. I usually try and steer clear of new companies until they’ve had one run at producing a game and delivering, hence why I’ve only come into Awaken Realms now with Nemesis.

Nemesis at least is only marginally delayed and they did fix the rule book (though I have yet to read it), but the language thing I really think is something a lot of recent start-ups are struggling with (Treasure Island another very recent example).

Not to take away from your experience or decision though, I’ve fallen foul of Kickstarter with a couple of other items, so I know what it’s like to suffer in that regard.

On the flip side 7th continent has been a pleasurable experience so far (2nd edition) and although Xia Legends of a Drift system + expansion is delayed, I’m happy with the communication and know Cody delivers.


I feel ambivalent about Tidal Blades. I want it because it looks beautiful, the deluxe upgrades seem really fun from an aesthetic/tactility point of view. I also would like something worker placement that’s lighter with the tenseness of dice rolls for a some variety in the feel of the experience. However, I wonder how much depth this game will actually have.

What are your thoughts? What is is that tempts you so much?


The theme speaks with me. This is why I’m so thrilled for Blue Lagoon and loves Archipelago. The gameplay doesnt sound too shabby either.

But in the end, I withdraw. I’ll just wait for retail, as I don’t need the deluxe stuff.


Anyone been watching the Cloudspire campaign? It’s crazy!! It’s lost money almost every day since day 8! Haven’t seen a big campaign crash this badly since that Pacific Rim game.

I wonder what turned people off so much(??). Can’t see anything in the campaign that’s totally egregious.


It’s strange that at the same time, there has been a daily increase in backers.
Maybe many have switched to just 1$ for now?


I’ve seen a lot of comments about how there was little known about the game when the KS launched, and very little was being shown. A few comments saying it seemed under developed even for a KS game.

Then there were people losing there minds because of a lack of communications during Spiel.

I’ve been popping in and out of the Comments section, mostly out of curiosity.


Oh man there are so many huge expensive kickstarters at the moment - Dawnfall, Cloudspire, Spirit Island, Barrage, Tidal Blades and Monumental. At least Mezo has been finished so that temptation has been removed! Spirit Island is pretty much a sure thing for me, as I love the base game, and I might treat myself to ONE of the others :confused:


None right now, but there are a couple I’ll be jumping on when they happen:

  • Rallyman GT (yes, the time trial mode is going to be in an expansion, but the core gameplay is still there and still good)
  • Blood on the Clocktower (see podcast #87, and apparently they’re amazed by the boost in publicity they’ve got from that; I played a demo game at Essen, and I love the way it takes the often-thankless GM role and, rather than replacing it with an app, wallows in it by giving the GM fun things to do)


Just backed Welcome to Dino World. Because dinosaurs :sauropod:


I definitely thought about this one, but I just don’t see my group of friends enjoying a roll 'n write (and I am not as excited by that as some other types). I love the theme, but I will just stick with Dinosaur Island to get my dino park kicks :slight_smile:


Haha yep! I keep looking at Street Masters. It looks fun, but no game is worth that much!!! Think SUSD are live streaming it next…

I’ve decided I have enough games now. If I buy any more I categorically have issues.


I was looking at that anyway as it looks super fun, but then I was thinking how awesome the minis would be for my D&D monk… :smiley:


Haha a $100 mini!


Plus the games in November; Deep Madness (actually late October), project ELITE (also late October), Sword & Sorcery, Claustrophobia, Assassin’s Creed, and Reichbusters: Projekt Vril.

Gah!!! Too many good looking (and some proven) games on KS and coming soon…


Uh oh, got a gamelore delivery notice from Parcelforce. No idea what it could be. Too early for Gentes, folded space is coming from Spiral Galaxy Games, pretty sure CO2 is using UPS, and think Monikers is shipping direct from the US.

Edit: oh it is folded space!


Gameslore and Spiral share the same building (and owners) so Spiral often piggy backs on GLs couriers :slight_smile:


What did you get from folded space?
I’ve just bought the Gloomhaven insert and am really liking it.


Gloomhaven, Feast for Odin, Roll for the Galaxy

…and an insert for the Netrunner core, but in the interim I’ve bought too many cards for the box, so bought something more special (photos to follow :wink:). Guess I’ll keep the insert in case it comes in useful somehow.


Jumped in on Claustrophobia 1643. The game seems to be right up my alley, and the price is right. Plus, only 8-12 weeks for delivery!!!


I’m moderately tempted by Pipeline but I don’t think I’m quite ready to jump in untested here. At least if I change my mind Capstone do a really good preorder system often for the same price as the KS.