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The Kickstarter thread


Heavyish Euros aren’t really my thing, but there’s nothing about it that screams “this is an amazing game that you will forever regret waiting six months to see in retail”.

They’re awfully keen on that multi-level board, which doesn’t appear to affect gameplay at all.


I refuse to buy a multilayered board until they develop a game that uses actual water diverted through actual mini dams, via actual pipelines!




CardAssassins is going live tomorrow on KickStarter! Our game has been play tested by over thousands of people and we now have the perfect group game for families, classmates, coworkers and friends. We will be going live on KickStarter Tuesday October 23rd. Card Assassins is different from most games because it is played at all times behind the scenes. You can play with up to 12 players and each time you play it is completely different.

Long time lurker first time game creators!


2nd edition now on Kickstarter.

There’s a level for those of us who already own the game, just $29 for the new stuff and extras (sans playmat, which we’re not interested in).

They had some issues at first with the Kickstarter, but seem to have everything under control now. 29 bucks isn’t bad for an expansion, really, and it appears that you don’t need to 2nd edition base game to use the new stuff.


Hmm, $25 for the base game, no shipping costs. I’m tempted.


For me Welcome To expansions adds too much to a neat little game. No amount of expansions make it a $60 game. I like the idea of the expansions, but too expensive for what it is. Definitely worth picking up the base game for $25 though.


I will be keeping an eye out for Tainted Grail hitting Kickstarter (not quite sure when yet):

I own Lords of Hellas and Nemesis (en route), but this looks to be somewhat different (for Awaken Realms), story driven game.


I had never heard of that one. Typically I pass on games like this, but that one’s theme appeals to me a bit more. I will at least take a look when it hits KS.


Tainted Grail looks fascinating, can’t wait to see the early reviews. Am considering backing it.


I’ve been looking at Dawnfall a bunch recently but having kickstarted the Codex deluxe set, I’m really not keen on those huge coffin boxes. Super awkward to store and a huge pain to transport anywhere :confused: plus I’m not entirely sure I need another giant 1v1 deckbuilder-strategy game. But it looks so nice and it’s by the mind behind Neuroshima Hex and Cry Havoc, two of my favourite games…


Arthurian/Celtic myth. Oh man. But I want to back Tidal Blades more. :frowning: I think I will defo back Tidal Blades.


I was pretty keen on it, until I started reading their slick looking website which is absolutely riddled with basic typos, which does not bode well for their proofreading skills. It makes the thing seem incredibly unprofessional and since a big part of most of these types of games is text accuracy, it is not a good look.

“Paiting Studio” in the top right corner, “Te characters you develop”, “Tese traits unlock a rich” . . . I mean these are things picked up by a spellchecker.


Welcome to Awaken ‘We’ll fix it in post’ Realms! During the Nemesis campaign they were coming up with all sorts of ideas on the fly.

The whole campaign was “Hey! I have an idea, let’s do this!”, “How about a comic?! Yeah! Let’s put a comic in!” “Wonder what the pledgers want? Let’s crowd source ideas!” “SO MANY NEW IDEAS, THIS IS BRILLIANT”. By the end they had tacked on so many new discongruous ideas it felt like they forgot they had started the campaign with a designed game! If they manage to make all that work, they’re mad geniuses, but to me it reeks of over confidence. They’re going to get burned. …or it’s all smoke and mirrors and these “new ideas” were actually playtested months prior.


When that sort of thing happens, it seriously makes me wonder if this is even true :sweat:


Well I will certainly see when Nemesis arrives…

Apparently they did get a grilling for their poor spelling etc in the nemesis manual
And delayed release to get that sorted, but clearly they do have an English issue in house that they should sort out if they want to be big.


It’s not exactly kickstarter per say but there’s currently a Mass Drop on Android:Netrunner’s Flashpoint Cycle. 6 datapacks for $39.99 USD.
This seems sort of shady but I’m willing to gamble $46 USD something that would usually got for $100.


They’ve done a few of these for different cycles over the last few months. Seems legit. Sure Reddit would be screaming from high heaven if it wasn’t


Everything I’ve heard seems to indicate that Nemesis will actually work, and be quite good. Fortunately for me, I do think it’s hitting retail, so it will likely be reviewed by a number of sources that I trust.

I’ve also heard tons of positive feedback about The Edge. There is some negative, most of which is that there may be balance issues between certain factions, but hopefully the 1.6 updates will address most of that. I’m not sure you could ever completely balance an assymetric skirmish game with that many factions, but I’m about as far from a game designer as you could be so who knows.

I’m willing to risk it, as the game is right up my alley, so we’ll see. Worst case I see it off at a bit of a learn a lesson (or not).

I’m backing a few others this season as well, so hopefully I don’t dig myself into to deep a hole, lol. Most (all?) are reprints, so I’m not overly worried, but KS is always a risk.


One of two games I ever backed was This War Of Mine by Awaken Realms which was their first KS-Project. Their english in updates was extremly bad back in 2016, surprised to see they didn’t improve in that regard. In the TWOM-campaign they added a lot of stuff via stretch goals, mainly stuff that didn’t effect the overall quality of the game. They missed all their initial deadlines, they missed their recalculated deadlines. A really unpleasant experience, sold my pledge, and I will definitely not back any game from AR again.