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The Kickstarter thread


Backed Inhuman Conditions and Hanamikoji promos; both are - of course - successful. Now I wait.


The new Spirit Island expansion is on KS… and oh lordy it’s expensive!! Plus no EU friendly shipping, so add 20% to the total. And no shipping for 18 months. I love the game, but it’s seriously turning me off.


At least you know the retail edition will be essentially the same (AFAIK). I was thinking of going “all in” on the base game plus expansions, but its so much over retail just to get a few promo spirits, I could never jusitfy it. I’ll just grab the base game on my next online order (inwas holding off to see what the KS was like) and by the time the expansion hits retail, I should be ready for it.

On another note, I might do the $1 pledge for Cloudspire so that I can grab Too Many Bones though the PM, as the shipping is far less vs buying it from the CTG store.


The promos + wooden components were what sold me on it before the price scared me. The components in the base game are awful IMO, while the promos add a lot (add up to an additional expansion) and are only available from BGG in limited supply.

I’m hoping they’ll realise how ridiculous they’re being, but they seem to think they’re legal geniuses right now.


I’d only support it if they did a map that wasn’t a random European country turned upside down.


Thats fair. I’ve never played the game, so I can’t speak to the component quality. I’m surprised they never released the upgraded componenets as a retail package. It seems like it would sell well enough.


The people over at Privateer Press put “Level 7 Omega Protocol” back on KS.

Good: no stretch goals, no add-ons, options for people who already own the 1st edition of the game to just get the new stuff.
Bad: They’re a frakkin’ company that makes games! JUST MAKE THE GAMES! This is not what KS is for!!

Anyway. I backed it to upgrade my copy to 2nd edition for $20 (plus shipping, so it’ll end up being about $50… yay Canada), but still, happy to see Omega Protocol back out in the wild. It is really, really good.


The game looks so good, but 1vAll games are probably the least likely to ever hit our table, unless they play well as a 1v1.

Also, with the holidays coming and everything that’s hitting KS in the next few month’s, I have to be super selective.


I don’t think it’s really my thing but Tidal Blades - Heroes of the Reef looks gorgeous!

The same art design team behind Charterstone, the new Brass editions and the Grimm Forest (Mr Cuddington)


Holy cow, that’s an expensive expansion, and the bundle to get the core game is yikes.


Nuts! I’ve been looking to buy this and didn’t know about the KS so now I’ve missed it. Boo.


It is really lovely as a 1v1. It also works pretty well as a balanced 1vAll, which is unusual (usually the “1” has to play GameMaster more than trying to actually win… that hasn’t been my experience with Omega Protocol).

But yeah, the holidays are particularly rough for KS.


I am tempted by this. But am I tempted by an interesting game or am I tempted by that ridiculous dice tray…

Who can say.

I’m sure the game is good but I can’t see the intriguing gameplay hook (obviously there’s an aesthetic one)


That box art looks straight out of Final Fantasy X! Interesting game. Looks kinda like a more focused Champions of Midgard, with the graphic design of Everdell. Same worker placement to get dice to roll to fight monsters thing, but using a tech tree and player stats instead of getting different dice from different places.

Too much of a “can’t really tell how much fun it would be to play” game that I’d be interested in playing once but wouldn’t want to buy for me.

That dice tray looks TINY! Like dice are inevitably going to bounce straight out again…


The most recent update of the Jagged Alliance board game mentioned a project by a friend of theirs, and after checking it out I’m about to break my ‘no more Kickstarters for this year’ resolution.

It’s a fast 2-3 player skirmish game, with an acrylic game board:


Mini strike expansion ahoy!


So Barrage seems to be getting a lot of hype right now. I don’t get why so many people are insta-backing it, can anyone explain what I’m missing?


Been interested at this. Will save for now


Another heavy Euro. As much as I love Luciani for Tzolkin and Voyage of Marco Polo, it’s hard for me to justify yet another heavy Euro that would probaly about being efficient, and also has an eye-watering price tag.

I’ll stick with my Tzolkin, Archipelago, and Dominant Species.


It’s the designer of Tzolkin, Marco Polo, Lorenzo and Grand Austria Hotel. So mostly dice based worker placement with the odd quirky heavy euro?

I find heavy euros quite opaque for deciphering how good they will be how sight anyway. So many numbers and charts! Do they interact well? Who knows! It looks like a one way Power Grid with a Tzolkin wheel? Not much incentive to buy Kickstarter anyway!