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The Kickstarter thread


So I just backed something called INHUMAN CONDITIONS which looks like some kind of voigt-Kampff test party game for two players. It comes with stamps to cast judgement as to whether the other player is a robot or not.


That’s a valid stance to have, and it’s also why i love reprints; you have time to look into reviews of the finished product, but still have the chance to grab KS content.


Agreed. It is a shame because you miss all the KS stuff from the expansion, because you just want to try the base game, but I love Dino Island, for example, and I got it from the reprint. Tossing around Everdell right now as well and will assuredly look at Root when it inevitably gets the KS treatment with its expansion.


Yeah, i think it depends on the game. Sometimes there is enough content out there, that you can decide ahead of time, and just grab the expansion as well. It’s still a risk, but I feel less so, as it’s mostly a finished product. Though than the issue becomes cost…


Root already got the KS treatment with it’s expansion the first time.

Or maybe you’re talking about a KS reprint?


Yea I should’ve clarified. I was specifically talking about KS reprints with my reply above. Saying that sometimes I find it safer to pass on the initial KS, see if it sinks or swims, and then hope to catch on to a KS reprint.


This surely is the best way (outside of CMON who prefer to publish new stuff all the time :face_with_raised_eyebrow:).
I think Root will also (or rather) be available in retail in the coming years.


CMON is a whole topic of it’s own. They dont so much release new Stuff as just itterate on the same stuff every year, with mostly mediocre standalones in between. The campaign for HATE was such a cringe-fest…


CMON also seems to be pretty notorious for having a large number of KS exclusives that are gameplay relevant; even if its just more player characters/enemies.

I think that could easily be one of the things that hurts them at retail; anyone who knows and likes their products enough to buy them, will likely opt for KS so that they can get the additional content.

I think the tide may be turning though, as the last few campaigns were not stellar (by CMON standards). Cthulhu: DMD still did really well, but that had Lang’s name on it.

I say that as someone who may finally back one of their products when they launch Project: ELITE. Primarily for the reasons noted above.


Yea - I tend to shy away from CMON. That being said, if they did a KS campaign for a reprint of Ethnos, I would be all over that…


Now with custom miniatures for every race. Pledge $100 or more for an exclusive new race! If the campaign nets $1.000.000 we will add a second variation miniature per race! For just $25 we throw in a custom playmat to fit all of our oversized minatures. All of the above is of course Kickstarter Exclusive and if you pledge now you’ll get the early bird bonus which consists of SEVEN severly underplaytested new races and a new player colour!


ANY substitute to those goddamn discs would be an improvement!


As long as they fix the colour scheme, and over all art. Seriously…that game is hideous!!! :nauseated_face:


This started today: Builders! The Building-Building deck Building Game. I could have posted in ‘Shameless Self Promotion’ but its my daughter, not me who has a designer and artist credit. And I am proud. :blush: Here is the BBG entry.


Could not agree more


If I saw this on the actual kickstarter I’d just be thinking “Yup, CMON”


I actually love the stacking discs and particularly the colours they come in! But yes, re-do the theming and art please.


I actually dont mind the theme, and the disks seem to work well. Just the art direction for the theme, and neon colours of the pieces don’t work for me, lol.

I want to buy the game, but not looking like that! I just cant do it!

Speaking of CMON, I’m somewhat surprised that they haven’t tried to cash in and make their own version of Shadespire using one of their miniature lines; Wrath of Kings or Dark Age. I would expect it to do well on KS.

I’d actually love to see that if they did it without the LCG mechanism, and made it slightly less about deck building. Especially considering I prefer the theme/art style of both WoK and DA more than anything GW produces.


I really like the look of Space Explorers. The descriptions basically have it as a heavier Splendor, but in space. I haven’t played Splendor, but it was on my list…the gameplay videos look in the same vein. It helps that I love the theme and the Soviet space race style artwork.


There are a LOT of games hitting KS in the next two months that I think look really good. Most are reprint or reissues so there are reviews already out there. Going to be some tough decisions to make, lol.