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The Kickstarter thread

Yep. All the game needs is an assortment of cards (in a similar way to CAH or Funemployed), so you can play with any set - especially now they’re consolidating the small boxes into larger ones.

My only real criticism of the game is quite a few cards are very very American (lots of people I’ve never heard of as a Brit!!) and very very topical - to the point where they’d be recognisable for only a few months. But looks like they’re addressing that with the culling of cards in this edition. Even this doesn’t affect the game too badly since the same cards come out multiple times in a game so recognising the obscure cards coming back round again is half the fun.


Yeah. I get really annoyed with the US-centric cards. I dont mind the stupidly funny ones like the one with an astronaut diapers who travelled a long distance (paraphrasing) or the Man from Nantucket, but some are just obscure that only my American friend gets it.

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Which set(s) would you recommend to avoid the US-centric cards? The SUSD set, presumably. Any others?

That’s it, really, as those are the only ones not written by Americans. I own all the previous sets and I’ve gone through and ditched anything too American (or that I have other objections to) and there are still plenty of cards in each set.

It’s difficult to say since they’ve culled, replaced and shifted around card sets! I presume/hope this massive shift in the design (from box sizes to art to card sets) involves a push towards internationalising the game as a whole, but impossible to tell. I will ask Alex in the comments, he’s usually really responsive.

The SUSD set is the safest bet - these are a bit more international, a few British centric, but very much with a skew towards Americans’/international awareness of Britain. Even in a 330 card box, there are going to be 250+ non-american-centric cards. The hazy area is that the cards are scored on difficulty, so it’s a bit of an ethical dilemma which cards are intentionally difficult and which are just US-centric. There are a few cards with so many highly specific words put together, I have no idea how anyone could possibly guess!

But all in all this affects the minority of cards, don’t want to overstate the issue! A quick flick through for what you think will work and won’t work is all you need.

When I get home later I’ll show some examples of what we’re referring to. It’s all mixed up so I won’t be able to say which set a card is a part of.

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I don’t think I’ve ever once used scoring for the game. But then I also usually play it as a free-for-all rather than teams.

Isn’t part of the setup that everyone goes through a bunch of cards and picks half of them? So stuff no-one has ever heard of gets filtered out anyway?

I never seemed to be able to get Monikers out. Maybe I was just selling it poorly, but everyone chose whatever option B was each time :-/ so I traded it away. I know that a lot of folks seem to really enjoy it though, so that’s great! It just wasn’t for me and my group, I suppose.

Yeah, but at the same time, if you’re unlucky enough to have a bunch of them, it reduces your choices, which isn’t so fun.

It’s an issue. It’s convoluted enough to put off casual non-gamers (here’s something you know, but with different rules!), it’s too much of a light party game for people who want a proper game session. It’s great when it does find an audience, but can be difficult. One of the few games that works well at a house party though!

I often introduce it as a guessing game like “Who Am I?” And then introduce the 3 rounds as we go along. No need to frontload info.

Yeh, if I’m playing with anyone new to the game, I purposefully don’t mention the other rounds. Specifically so it doesn’t influence their card choices - otherwise you miss out on the magic of people desperately trying to mime abstract concepts.

Depends on the group. If someone doesn’t buy into the first round, you can see the exasperation grow each time the rules change! There’s no convincing some people.

But I agree, it’s much more fun to let people stuff their own holes without realising.

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I normally find “First round is Articulate. Second round is Charades. Third round is a one-word clue” explains the game to an overwhelming majority of people in 10 seconds. Occasionally you might get one or two people go “what’s Articulate?”, and then the rest of the group starts explaining it for you.

My main issue with Monikers isn’t the US-centric references though. Like me on tinder, it dates really badly. I mean, even at the time of release some of the memes and references in it were annoying, but now it’s borderline embarrassing. At least when your friends write down something on a piece of paper it’ll be current (probably).


I have one person in my group who hates Monikers. It keeps us from breaking it out, which is sad, everyone else likes it. I think he doesn’t like being in the spotlight, but he says he’s just not good at improv.

That being said, I still backed it as soon as I could.

It’s you, isn’t it?

Seriously though, that is sad (and by that I mean makes me a sad panda, not “LOOOSER!”) if it stops people having fun with their friends. You gotta give yourself permission to shine girlfriend!

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I love Monikers (and all other improv games, no one will play Funemployed with me anymore. I explained the basic rules to a new player by drawing random cards off the deck to lead my explanation, and it worked, somehow).

I’ve been trying to draw (let’s call him Dro’Jed, his D&D name) out of his shell for over a year now. He’s having fun though, that’s the most important part.

In one of my groups we only play party games really and whilst some of us are fairly zany (for introverted geeks) there are a couple who are quite reserved and proper and seem to struggle with the concept of being a adult doing “childish” stuff.

Maybe we can chinese water torture them into enjoying it eventually :slight_smile:

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My problem with these games tends to be the amount of work I have to do to curate the set for irksomeness, offesniveness and incomprehensibility.

So far The Metagame was the most gentle in this regard. Monikers was pretty bad. Funemployed was really bad.

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I went for the upgrade from 100 to 200 for the Iron Clays. This should suit my gaming needs, including FCM, as I don’t play 18xx games.

I’m nonplussed on the cards. I have those gorgeous Mucha’s Art Nouveau playing cards.

I thought about backing this, but I decided not to.