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The Kickstarter thread

I also advocate having currency without numbers. The flexibility allows me to choose coins of size and color as appropriate for the game.

(Ah, here we go, the colors are more like in these images: https://www.casinosupply.com/collections/poker-chips/products/11-5-gram-dice-rim-poker-chips-25-pkg-1. Not gorgeous, but not garrish either. I have White w/ blue stripes, blue, black, green, red and … I forget what the sixth color is. Bought them at a local place. )

The iron clays are really great, very tempted to buy the upgrade… but it would be a vanity purchase.

Between the Iron Clays, the wooden coins with Villagers and the metal coins with Trickerion I think I’m sorted for game currency!

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I have the 100 Iron Clay set. I might upgrade to 200.

I sold my Villagers with the coin chest. Looks like I have to resort to Scythe coins for my coin needs. If i ever need it.

With 200 Iron Clays and perhaps Scythe coins, Im done.

I have a set of poker chips I’ve had for over a decade and I never use them because they do not have denominations written on them and I struggle to remember the “standard color/denominations” so when I play with other people, somebody is going to mistake a color for an incorrect amount at some point.

Also, I do not like chips that have dice pips; it seems tacky to me?

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Speaking of poker chips…Chip Theory Games are doing another Too Many Bones Kickstarter:

Short project, focusing on an expansion with several bosses and a build-a-boss mechanic (also a multi-character playable character), but also opportunities to get all previous (gameplay) products and a custom storage chest.

It’s expensive - a lot of custom dice, chips, mats, and so on - but I’ve heard a lot of praise for the design.

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There’s a standard color? We just make something up and/or write little labels next to the bank stack.

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I have a set of the four standard “home poker chip set” colors: white, red, blue, green.

The standard (at least with the people I’ve spoken with about it):

  • White: $1
  • Red: $5
  • Blue: $10
  • Green: $25 (sometimes $20, depending on the group)

That scheme is counterintuitive to me (I had to look it up to make sure I got it right).

And then in games where you need bigger totals, do you change blue out for $100? Well, then you might need to make green $20. But, wait, that changes the order…

But, yes, labels next to the stack would be useful; I would still struggle to internalize the values if they changed from game to game. Would probably be better to get more colors… But finding decent looking chips that come in a good variety of colors can be a bit of a challenge (it’s not impossible, however; I’ve found a very nice series that comes in 9+ colors with elegant, understated design but they require labels to get applied and I’m using them to pimp out my Empire Builder crayon rail games)

FYI, this forum had a discussion about coin denominations:

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This certainly isn’t standard at casinos, as they generally don’t even use solid colored chips. I see no real reason to use this pattern with unmarked chips, especially not if you find it unintuitive.

This just seems over-complicated. Most games I’ve played only have about three denominations by default and the exact denomination varies by game from 1/5/10 to 10/20/30 to a bazillion other things. We usually use the same rank-order so we’re used to it, but the exact values within that rank order change game by game. We like White, Red, Green, Blue, Black for whatever reason so in a game with cardboard chits for 1, 5, 10, and 25 or a game with 1, 5, 10, 20 we’d still have the same general sense of what is more than what.

Having a set with specific colors (or even specific numbered labels) corresponding to the same thing every game would require an absurd variety of tokens and at that point you may as well not have a set you use for multiple games and just upgrade the components one game at a time. Nothing wrong with that, but my impression was that this set was designed to be used with multiple games at once, not just multiple games in the abstract. That’s certainly what I’m going for with my sets. :slight_smile:

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We do it just like that.
Additionally we take one chip of each color and put them out for display somewhere with one token they represent put on top of them. So you can always cross reference if you need to. Works for us, a quick and flexible solution for different games =)


In hindsight that seems quite obvious, and makes me feel rather silly for the shredded bits of index card in some of my game boxes. :stuck_out_tongue:


Got Shipwreck Arcana from the post!


Any day now my proper set of King is Dead is going to show up and I’m hype.

Final 48 hours for Forks, we’re at 950% funded which is obviously stupid, but that does mean all stretch goals unlocked. £12 delivered to the UK, $20 delivered to the USA, and other countries have other costs. Also SUASD played it in Las Iguanas at lunch last week and didn’t flip the table, so take that for what it’s worth.

Hoping my copy arrives this week, looking forward to trying it.

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Got to admit, bit gutted they changed the artwork AFTER releasing the big box!

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I’m in! Though this does mean I’ll have to oust another game from within the More Monikers box :frowning:

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I was going to pass until I read that each box works as a standalone game?! I think I’ll have to back it at some level. The game sounds like a riot!