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The Kickstarter thread


The Kickstarter for the Sadler Brothers’ (Warhammer Adventure Card Game, Street Masters - as played on SU&SD’s Twitch stream, Brook City) latest game Altar Quest is now live:
Fantasy dungeon crawler, inspired by HeroQuest, using their Modular Deck System from Street Masters and Brook City. (And, you know, very similar to the one Sentinels of the Multiverse uses but Greater Than Games doesn’t have a fancy term for that. hey, I’m not complaining. It is my favorite approach to cards in tabletop gaming.)


Jumped on this one in the first hour. I’m hoping it does well and we get a fair amount of additional content (Blacklist seems to be pretty good about this in general).


I have a thing about avoiding kickstarter; I just don’t think it’s worth it. I’ve seen too many people get sucked into it and spend a lot of money. I’ve seen too many people get sucked into it and buy games that weren’t well tested and end up being expensive shelf-displays. I’ve seen too many people get sucked into it and have issues getting their order fulfilled or waiting ages for any word as to what’s going on.

I liked the idea of kickstarter. It was interesting at first when people who just wanted to get something out there were using it, but it has become a giant machine that I personally want no part of.

That’s not to say I think those who enjoy Kickstarter shouldn’t use it, incase anyone misconstrued my above post. I’m just saying that I’m wary of it and don’t wish to take part in it. If a game is worth buying, it will likely see general release and then I can base my purchase on real reviews via YouTube and BGG.


D&D Lego(s)!

I think this stuff is super cool and I absolutely can’t justify purchasing it. But maybe it’s someone else’s thing.


I’m considering this, as I’ve always wanted some decent poker chips. Just not sure if I’d get sick of having to sort them out for each game I play


I really like the concept, but I’m not sold on the aesthetic.


File under “thing I would like to own if I had unlimited money and space”, along with 1,000 other things. Seriously though, they are nice. I just don’t think any of the games I own would really benefit from using them (the list of games they have on the Kickstarter page is really stretching the definition of “games that benefit from using poker chips!”)


I have a set of 5 denominations of metal coins. I almost never use all 5 denominations at the same time, but we’ll swap the money in games for the coins. People enjoy playing with them. There’s a tactile heft to them and the sound when they hit the table.


I love the aesthetic of these. I’m thinking of grabbing the base set to use with a lot of our games (though not as many as they listed! Lol).

The tactile feel is so nice! It’s surprising how much that can add to a game (imo).


I have a series of text files that I’m gradually expanding with component teardowns and “demakes” of various games–the goal is to take games where the aesthetic experience isn’t as important a part of the experience and eventually make a single-box kit that hosts dozens of them in an ergonomic fashion.

Some of them will require a bit of playtesting to fine-tune necessary changes, but a surprising number of games make the hop pretty elegantly and lots of others could pretty easily be converted into a simpler custom-component design–that is, requiring non-generic text or art but playable and pleasant with all cards, all tokens, or similar.

In any case, for me the benefit of poker chips is similar to the benefit of cards–they’re a compact way to fit a flexible and ergonomic currency system or points system into a box. This diminishes somewhat when you have a board-game sized box to store them in, mind. :smiley: They feel nice, but so do much smaller metal coins that don’t require as large a bespoke storage solution to be easily shared across games.


We have the sets that came with the Deluxe versions of Brass. They are pretty nice chips and we really enjoy the aesthetic. It’s pretty tempting to get a fancy box, but realistically the only game we play regularly where they would make sense is Brass. But still, I have some strange urge to own the fancy 200 chip plus cards poker set.
I don’t even like poker. I’ve just been culturally programmed to feel the need for a set.


I just upgraded from 300 chips to 500 chips recently. The timing is somewhat annoying. Although my 500 were considerably cheaper than these while still feeling luxury. I’m absolutely converted to poker chips. They’re just easier to use count and move around. I just use them instead of supplied cardboard for all my euros now as well as all economic games and whatever. I wouldn’t go back now without being annoyed. Such an upgrade. I still wnat to back the KS as those ones have 20’s. Silly really.


I’m currently pledged for the 400 chip set with the big chest… I may downgrade to the 200-chip set… I just wish it didn’t have the drawer for the decks of cards.


Has anyone played Raccoon Tycoon? They have a kickstarter for the expansion about to finish here:

I’ve heard good things, not sure if it’s worth buying into though?


The dice tower people seems split on it. Tom really digs it but the others less so. So I guess…even if you like it whoever you play with might not. :-/


I have. It was… ok, and these days i don’t really want to buy games that are just ok.

Has my thoughts at greater length.


I like poker chips marked with colors instead of numbers. Makes them more flexible.


I’m primarily just looking for poker chips that don’t use comically bright colors and trite, clip-art-ish design.


Yeah, these iron clays by Roxley are the first poker chips I find aesthetically pleasing (apart from the ones from Splendor, which are also okay).
And that combined with the advantages of handling them in contrast to cardboard money will lead to me getting at least the ‘small’ box.


I don’t think it was the same company and I didn’t get them from Amazon, but mine look pretty much exactly like this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FPSCEEW

Hmm. Less bright than those photos, I think. Same design though.