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The Kickstarter thread

Yeah, we definitely have it in most places. I’m surprised you couldn’t find it in Vancouver. I don’t think it’s particularly popular and the recipe may be slightly different, since most of that kind of stuff is manufactured in Canada with different recipes than the U.S. I’ve never had American Mountain Dew, so I couldn’t say. I know for a long time the Canadian version didn’t have caffeine in it, but it does now. Chocolate bars especially use different recipes, even if they have the same name as an American product, mostly because the cocoa content of products labeled as “chocolate” is regulated in Canada and I believe most American recipes wouldn’t be able to qualify as chocolate. Also, different cultures have different tastes. Some products with the same name are even completely different products. In Canada Smarties, for instance, are similar to M&Ms, while what Americans call Smarties, we call Rockets.


Yeah, in my head this is about the limit of a game being a card game rather than a board game that uses cards. The cards are traded in directly for points (albeit while putting a piece down as they claim the points), rather than being used for a currency of a greater board mechanism. The mosaic pushes that definition, but I’m going to maintain my cognitive dissonance on the matter.

There is far less caffeine in the Canadian version of Mt Dew. It is the same as Pepsi.

Personally, I just like the flavor. The caffeine content is just a bonus.

I think we’d better let the topic get back to KS though.

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Sir we’ve got the finest in Mt Dew of all sorts. Not as many varieties as the US but we do have Baja Blast now.
Interesting factoid: for the longest time the Mt Dew that we had did not have caffeine, which was due to a law that forbid the presence of caffeine in non-cola and “dark” soda. I don’t know when the law was initially put in place but it remained there until 2010.

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I’ve launched my first Kickstarter a few days ago, and it’s funded !


It’s a GM-Less RPG, with zero preparation needed to start a game. It features a group of Companions that reunite before facing the Titan, a gigantic being that’s been in their world for ages.
It’s heavily narrative, there’s no tactical fight nor puzzle to solve.
You will portray the Companions on the eve of the final battle, talking about the past, your experiences, your journeys. And then you will go to the fight.

Some Stretch Goals have been unlocked (extra Titans and articles to expand the game).


Seems like a really exciting game, I’m reading through the details now. It’s also very reasonably priced!

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Monolith posted an update on their FB page, and it seems like new content for Batman GCC will be released as themed add-ons. The first one they’ve shown is Batman Inc. which looks kind of cool.

I’ve heard there may be a Suicide Squad one as well. I’m curious what these boxes will go for, and if we’ll see new boards.

Outside of useability issues (which Monolith have somewhat acknowledged), the overall vibe is fairly positive.


My heart says to go all in again, with this second wave. The bat books have been so good since New 52, and Grant Morrison’s run prior to it was great. I’m definitely going to pick up the Batman, Inc. set. I’m not particularly interested in the Suicide Squad, but it depends on who is in the box.

Side Note: I recently learned Barbara Gordon as Oracle first appeared in Suicide Squad and it blew my mind.

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I don’t think I could justify going all in, but the temptation is there.

I’m going to look into it more as reviews start popping up over the next couple of months.

I’m looking at the game primarily for 1v1, so I’m really curious how the VS mode is. That said, I’ve heard most of the scenarios work for 2 players, just with a bit more overhead for the hero player.

Hi everyone, I’ve got a Kickstarter game launching on Tuesday, a quick, small (genuinely pocket sized) and choicey card game called Forks. The preview is here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/radical8games/2025040677?ref=824185&token=24e7fcac so if you want to take a look you can (and if you spot any glaring mistakes I’d really appreciate it if you’d let me know!). There’s going to be an early bird price of just £10 including UK postage (normally £12 including UK postage) with other post subsidised as well. All reviews have been amazing so far, which they usually are for Kickstarters, but I haven’t paid for mine which is nice :smile:

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We are now live on Kickstarter! Just £10 including UK postage (subsidised elsewhere) for the first 48 hours. It’s a lovely small game you can bust out anywhere (genuinely pocket sized) and plays well with 2,3 & 4 players.

If you like playing games like 6 Nimmt, or No Thanks, then I really think you’d like this and would appreciate you taking a look. Thanks! [And especially thanks to the people who messaged me about grammar and spelling mistakes, those are always embarrasing when they slip through]

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Interesting. I’m backing it.

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You’re welcome :wink:


Embarrass-ing/ed is a word I always struggle to speel coorrectely. So I just remember that Rosanne Barr is an Ass. Crude, but it works.



All of you people keep making me spend my money. It’s embareaszing.

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Well this was impossible to resist.

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I only pledged a Euro for De Vulgari Eloquentia Deluxe Edition so far. But I’m really keen on backing it due to its very interesting theme. It’s dull, I admit, but I love the concept! I mean, you can be the Pope!

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I had also considered that one, as my day job involves medieval mostly Italian manuscripts, but I doubt I could ever get it to the table.