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The Kickstarter thread


It’s a weird mix because the appeal on a broad level must be towards people who are not super into games but also willing to spend 100 pounds. Having said that I feel like I’m in that category because I like buying new and nice games but my partner is definitely in favour of games that don’t require too much real-time word puzzle algebra. So maybe that’s the market they’re aiming for a bit - the well indoctrinated player who has no chance of getting Gloomhaven played.

To be clear: I have no interest in gloomhaven either I was being caricaturist.


It’s an even weirder mix when you consider most people willing to pay $100 on a big box KS game probably have limited available space because their house is already full of other $100 big box KS games. I’ve definitely got to the point where shelf space is more important than price.

Seriously, where do people keep all these games?!?


In America, for the most part!


Can I get one of these America things fitted to my house?


You don’t want that right now. Maybe in a couple of years though.


We already have that bit of the US(or rather you have that bit of us, sorry about that), so we might as well borrow the good bits as well.


This is actually quite contrary to Gloomhaven: it’s nice looking and not very deep,
while Gloomhaven is by no means a decorative element of a Kallax (at least it fits), but quite deep in both gameplay and replayability.


Have you played the original?
It looks like a bit more than ‘just a card game’ to me.


Nope. I didn’t say it was ‘just a card game’ though!

Reading the rulebook, I could see this being like Teotihuacan but with card set collection instead of worker placement - collecting resources to contribute to a joint competitive spatial puzzle. Either way, much of the board is entirely redundant! The temple around the mosaic board is lovely, but in mechanism it’s a series of three tracks that hog a lot of space.


Yeah, you called it ‘a simple card game’, which doesn’t really sound better to me. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d call grabbing a whole column of cards (each representing a single resource) and then trading sets of 2/3/4 in for a token on a track quite simple. :yum:

There’s no intricate mechanism for gaining cards. There’s no exceptions for how cards can be used. Each card type does the exact same thing. There’s nothing to read.

I stand by my original statement! Haha


I do not discount “simple card games” easily. Some of the most approachable and/or stratgeicaly-interesting games are, in essence, a pile of cards and not much else.


If I could send you a Canada, i would. We have loads of available space! Most of its horrible and cold though, so not great for storing games!!!


I like the cold though! It’s perfect!


You can have it!!! Lol


Never mind, I guess we just have different definitions of what a card game is (I was originallyreferring to the word card game, not ‘just’ or ‘simple’, sorry for being unclear). :sunglasses:


Game prices may also be a bit higher than you’re used to.


I could never move to Canada. There’s no Mt. Dew there! At least in my experience.

But I’ll happily take the cold bits of Canada @Derelicte is willing to send to me.


We have the Dew! Even the red one (I forget the name), and the new ‘Kickstart’ one. Well, at least here in Ontario, lol.


I’ve only been to Vancouver and never see it there. Apparently I need to travel farther.