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The Kickstarter thread


I have pledged 1 Dollaroonie on Cthulhu Wars. Uh oh…


For the solo gamers among us:

I’ve got many of the current bits in trades, but this lets me fill in the rest…


Hmmm, I do like solitaire games, but I really should try Hostage Negotiator before going all-in on a package like this.


Bloodborne now has its second add-on. I’m sure there are 3 or 4 more coming. A lot of people seem to want a big one to cover everything from the Old Hunters DLC. That could be one of the few add-ons I’d actually be tempted to get. So far both are an easy pass for me.

All that said I’m still on the fence. The recent video of a round, and breakdown of a seperate round, did make the gameplay look interesting.

I’m just not sure what kind of legs the game will have against other games we have (or will have) in the genre.


You probably should. I’m told there’s an app version, and there’s certainly one on TTS.


My feeling is that CMON coops may have some interest value from a gameplay perspective but the genre is stuffed full of games, many of whom have much better dollar-to-idea/content ratios.

Like, I have a pretty complete set of the original Zombicide. And it’s fine. A couple interesting ideas, and it’s one of very few zombie games that’s a pure coop and not focused on backstabbing and horribleness between survivors (which, granted, is a lot more fundamental to the genre than fending off the hordes with maximum unity and cohesion, but is also not what I enjoy about boardgames at all). But…it’s also like $500 or more of stuff at MSRP. (I didn’t pay that much, but I did still spend hundreds.) I think it’s a lot less interesting than, say, Darkest Night, which was $110 at (miniless) Kickstarter prices in the new edition with six expansions worth of content in that box. It’s vastly less game in every dimension than Gloomhaven, which I paid $64 for in the original Kickstarter. Even among relatively comparable minis-heavy coops, I think things like Sword & Sorcery and even Planet Apocalypse ($340-ish all in), while still horrendously expensive because of the minis, have a lot more to offer for less money.

And hey, Bloodborne’s not Zombicide, and Lang’s involvement hopefully makes it a little more compelling overall…but still.


I think it depends on the game, and how much you invest into it. Though it’s definitely a crowded genre.

I agree Zombicide is fine, but not great. I’d actually like it a lot more if the setup and play time were shorter.

Darkest Night has been on my radar for a long time, and seems like a fantastic value (though I’d probably want the minis, but I have a problem that I’m ok with).

I think comparing anything to Gloomhaven as far as content goes, is a loosing battle. That said, I have seen a number of people who said they enjoyed GH but found it got repetitive fairly quick. That’s not a knock against the game, just that it’s not for everyone.

As far as CMON goes, I still think they offer a pretty solid value for their base pledge in most cases, when compared to other similar games; miniature heavy coops. The quality of the gameplay is another thing though. I’ve only backed one CMON game (Project ELITE base pledge), and this is only the second that I’ve seriously considered (though I’m intrigued by what I’ve heard about Trudvang Legends). Though I can’t deny they have a specific way of triggering FOMO/completionist impusles that few companies can match.

At the end of the day, tactical combat coops are one of my favorite genres (along with Skirmish games), so I’ll always check out a game in area. In this case, I’ll show my son the game, and the recent gameplay breakdown, and see what he thinks. At 10 years old, he’s often more rational than I am when it comes to adding games to our collection that may have significant overlap with games we already own, lol.


This thing is absolutely absurd… and it’s kind of working on me. On the fence.


Looks over-wrought to me. If anything, I’ll wait for the KS backers to dump their old copies on the used market and pick it up that way. That said, I’ve heard very little about this game and really have no idea how much I may or may not enjoy it, so that certainly effects my lack of interest.


Or find the old edition on the 2nd hand market. It’s cheaper, if you dont mind the quality.


All that for a simple card game?!?! And a stretch goal to make it bigger? Insane!


The “make it bigger” stretch got me laughing on the bus. Made me think: “ooh, when does the 15th anniversary gargantuan edition” of Container come out?"


I wished games stopped coming with sleeves for their deluxe versions. To me it’s just extra inconvenience rather than an improvement.


The only good thing about a sleeve is that they can use it for obscene box art that every publisher is obsessed by and have a beautifully minimalist design on the actual box.


MOAR Sleeves!

Church of Vertical Shelvers

: Provided they are two-open-ended sleeves and not only-one-side-open-pockets


The worst version of this is the nice outer sleeve.


This one’s got me in a bind. The format of the game has me itching to go all in, but with a few unknowns I’m in the awkward position of looking at this one as an all-or-nothing affair. I’ve currently backed for just the base box, but I’m hoping to get a question answered about how “condensable” the game is, in terms of nixing expansion boxes for shelf space. With a planned campaign spanning 5 total boxes, I’m already getting stressed out about it.

Wargames aren’t my thing usually, but I really can’t overstate how much I loved War Chest, and I’m really digging everything about what I can glean from the materials presented.


That Cleopatra Kickstarter feels so expertly crafted in its Kickstarterness. Each next step is a relatively small amount of money that you can creep your way to the top without realising you’ve almost doubled the price.


It reminds me a lot of Museum and Everdell in making a cheap card game as expensive as possible. There’s something in me that likes premium medium/heavy games, but feels premium light is just excessive. Is that hypocritical? I don’t know.


Thats my feeling when I saw Iwari. I got Han for 15 quid. But the new KS is £40-ish and the over 50 for deluxe.

I’ll stick with my drab-looking China-theme version.