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The Kickstarter thread


I get the impression that since he took over as “Director of Game Design” at CMON he’s had more of a game developer role, where he playtests and tweaks the designs of others/maybe also feeds in some original ideas himself, but doesn’t do the majority of the labour. Although, Eric Lang has always been a pretty open book about his designs (maybe a bit less so since joining CMON) and looking at twitter, it seems that Bloodborne is an exception where it legitimately was more of a 50-50 split. He says he did more of the systems design and his co-designer did most of the content design.


I ended up cancelling my pledge, but it had more to do with $$$ rather than me not wanting the game. Saving for a house cuts into the new board game budget.


I’ve been there, but it’s so worth it in the long run.


I’ve gotten close to refunding a few times. Things seemed to get needlessly complicated when he came up with that SAGs idea. I would have much rather just them moved forward with the game as it was presented and sell the SAGs thing as an add-on later if he really wanted to do it. I’m only sticking around at this point because I’ve already sold Archipelago, one of my favorite (and most problematic) games, and was anticipating having this as a kind of replacement (even though they’re not exactly the same, I know). I know there are people complaining about the new art, etc, but I think it looks really rich and vibrant, just like Archipelago.

We should be getting an update this week, hopefully a substantive one.


On a non-Living Planet note, I’m really looking forward to Bargain Quest shipping soon. They’ve run into a few hiccups but seemed to have gotten past them without too much trouble. I’ve been dying to play it ever since the review went up.


Yeah, the narrative campaign really made me anxious. Going straight to the campaign makes me feel like they possibly struggled to tighten the game so made a bunch of variants that are janky in slightly different ways. I’d much rather have one really tight game, and that’s not really Boelinger’s design style.

I have so many games now (space has become an issue), so I can’t really justify backing a game that is going to be just alright.

…and although I lose 10% in the refund, the price of the pound has bombed recently, so I will at least lose a little less in the Euro/Sterling transfer rate. :rofl:


Oh, yeah, totally. My wife and I have gotten much more picky about the games we keep around. Games that don’t ever hit the table are gone. I’m excited to eventually try living planet, but if it does play really loose and finicky it’s probably not going to stick around very long. As much as I like Archipelago, there were always a couple things that always tripped up new players. I was hoping Living Planet would kind of focus down onto the elements and gameplay that I enjoyed in Archipelago, but you’re right, I think Christophe isn’t really capable of focusing his vision.


I just happened to notice that Eagle-Gryphon announced a collaboration with Paradox entertainment to make a co-op expansion for On Mars based on Surviving Mars. That tipped me over the edge, pledge in.

(Note the expansion will be a separate campaign, this just happened to be the final straw to get me to back this one now.)


Wouldn’t it be better in that case to wait until the seperate campaign, at which stage you’ll have reviews available and can order them both together, thus saving on postage?

At least that is now my plan :wink:


I find I much prefer getting expansions down the line. Forces me to master the core rules first.

[EDIT] Should also be noted I’m tempted by TM every time I hit a shop, so this’ll kill that urge dead.


The first campaign is reduced in price, with the game sold at closer to retail price in future campaigns (which also increases year on year). In the case of Escape Plan, it is $60 more expensive as an On Mars add on compared to its own campaign. There’s no MSRP listed on the page for On Mars, but it is likely to at least be $20-30 more than in this KS.

Plus EGG offered a $5 On Mars discount to backers of Escape Plan, so may do the same again. This was only announced after the campaign concluded.


Actually, the reward tier that includes the game lists an expected MSRP of $130 for On Mars. And the backer price, for reference, is $90. (Both USD.)


Whoah, craziness! I love EGG but their prices are shooting up massively.


Pricing is likely including the Stretch goal “additional value!” into the MSRP. When I see EGG games in game shops in Canada (bear in mind I have 3 really good ones nearby), they tend to go for $115-150 CAD.


No, they’re very clear in there campaigns that the MSRP stated will not include the Kickstarter packs, which will be sold separately.

It’s even more explicit in the FAQs of Escape Plan (can’t find a similar entry for On Mars campaign)


Hmm, maybe they are just ratcheting up the prices then. Could just be a significant disparity between MSRP and actual shelf prices, but I have a hard time believing that when the gulf is this wide.

Whoa. Yep, pre-order pricing on a website I use as a baseline for local retail has Escape Plan at $150+ and the KS edition at $180+. Lisboa, for comparison (long sold out, mind) was $90+ base/$120+ for KS.


Escape Plan is a very full box with a bunch of wooden components (and the Kickstarter version has things like metal keys and fancy cubes, too). Sounds like On Mars will be similar but possibly a bit less so (depends on whether that listed MSRP is for the retail version or the KS version). Other earlier EGG Lacerda games aren’t quite as stuffed.

Incidentally, they’ve said they’ll be Kickstarting a Kanban Deluxe next year, which is exactly what I was hoping to see happen but I was a fool and assumed the recent reprint from Stronghold meant it wouldn’t be happening and bought that. :frowning:


Not exactly a Kickstarter, but still a croudfunding, and it’s running out of time, and really close to their larger goal.

This thing was brought to my attention a while ago by a member (@BriaerosAU) who’s been here for years (2016) and I thought I’d cross-post it here. I’ve chipped in, I even got my lazy son to chip in, but we can’t do any more. But I bet a bunch of small contributions can push them over the edge (less than £400 over their stretch target as of this writing.)
(EDIT: they bumped it up by £500 since I wrote that, you can’t blame someone for trying to push it.)

It seems legit and worthy, I wouldn’t have contributed otherwise (I’m really paranoid about these sort of things) but @ButterflyProjectUG checks out as far as I can tell.

This is the Link!

I won’t describe it, you are smart people, you know how to click links and read stuff, and can figure it out for yourselves.


Thanks so much for supporting this. We’ve reached our main target and are just looking now to install solar power as our stretch goal.

Very much appreciate all ye at Shut Up and Sit Down for recommending us.


I’m going to end up going this route after all. The plan was to bundle in Escape Plan, but after mathing things out, I can get EP cheaper via a Canadian retailer, without front loading both purchases. Looks like I’ll wait for the Surviving Mars expansion campaign after all.