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The Kickstarter thread


On Mars is WAY too heavy for us, but the game looks gorgeous.

I’m hoping EGG puts that kind of effort into Defenders of the Realm 2nd Edition.


People have probably long since made up their mind about Blood on the Clocktower, but the makers have posted a video of a playthrough:

I’m heading off to bed, so I haven’t watched it yet.


:neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face: Posting something you haven’t watched. :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

Actually, that’s kind of like my cat, so I’m gonna roll with that. You’re still cool.


March of the Ants is one of my favourites – been consistently introducing it to new people and having them “get” it and have fun their first go around since the first edition’s release. If I want something with some meat but playing in a sitch where a full evening on one game isn’t going to work, this is always one of my high suggestions.


Bloodborne the Board Game is live, and currently raking it in.

I’m in right now, for the EB, but I will be watching the campaign over the next 3 weeks.

I think the gameplay looks interesting, and is fairly different from evey other CMON crawler I’ve seen. I’m not 100% sold yet though; while the combat looks interesting, I wonder if it will be exciting like other games in the genre; Imperial Assault, Street Masters, Too Many Bones, etc.

The enemy attack deck seems inspired by Gloomhaven but is much simpler, as each enemy shares the same deck (I think). The cards you flip show either a Basic (more common) or Unique attack, and you reference the enemy board to see what it does.

Hopefully a playthrough will happen at some point


The bosses are a letdown, I’ll say that much. Two of the 5 “bosses” are the same encounter, and the rest are early-game. For a game that seems heavy on the campaign elements, this is a serious disappointment.


Ah, I imagine the later bosses will be SGs, with one huuuge boss as some expensive add on.


Not per the current SGs listed. Given where the story ends (per the current bosses), I’m thinking pre-planned expansions. Yaaaaaay. :sleeping:



I never got past the first boss; I learned very early on that I can’t be bothered with those games. I love the world they created, but it just feels like to much of a time commitment.

That said, I became far more interested once the Chalice Dungeon was announced. I’m not a huge fan of campaigns, so having one-off hunts is a big plus for me.


Yeah, that’s typical CMON. It’s something you see a lot less of is most campaigns, outside from smaller companies.


Then it needs to be said that Vicar Amelia is the current final boss of the boardgame (and presumably the current campaign), but in the Video Game she is where the game (and more importantly the story) gets started. They want $100 USD for this thing. Maybe the Bloodborne superfans aren’t the target audience.


Yeah, that kind of sucks if you know the story of the game.

I wonder how many expansions they have planned. Fortunately, I have 3 weeks to decide if I want to keep my pledge. As it stands, the Chalice Dungeon is looking interesting, but I wonder if I would choose to play it over other games in my collection.

Edit: I did read a big write up on Kotaku that went through the story. I wish the game had difficulty settings so I could have seen it myself, lol.


A much more cynical perspective would be that they definitely are, but it’ll end up costing another ~$200 that CMON is pretty sure they can milk out of the “true fans” for expansions and add-ons.


As a “true fan” and a capital-C Cynic, I’m with you. And speaking cynically, if expansions are the plan, then they’ve managed to adopt the video game industry’s cynical practices better than the video game.


I can easily see that being the case.

The “true” Bloodborne experience for only $300 all-in!


I’m going to keep my eyes on it at any rate, see if something meaty develops as the thing runs on. I mean, they’re at update 11 in less than 12 hours(?), for Pete’s sake. It kind of grosses me out. Still, if there’s a slow rollout for this, who knows.


Only another $200? What a fresh and rosy-eyed perspective you have.


11 updates and $900k! I expected it to be big, but not quite that big.

Though I should have known better, just look back at campaigns for Dark Souls and Horizon Zero Dawn. At least this has a rule book, and looks like a tested game.


I’m still amazed people buy board games on the basis of loving the video game. They have barely any relation, and rarely get handed to a top designer who genuinely wants to work on the franchise with an interesting idea.
It’s all top down design - ‘we have the rights to this game, what should we do to sell it?’.

It’s like how every film in the 90s (that wasn’t already based on a book) had a really bad novelisation.

But I don’t resent CMoN’s success. They’re appealing to painters and D&Ders as much as boardgamers. I’m sure a significant number of backers will take the minis and ditch the cardboard.


Yes. I love playing Crusader Kings 2, but I just avoided the board game on kickstarter like it was the plague. the bad experiences I had with IP-based games on video games still affects my purchasing behaviour