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The Kickstarter thread


24 hours to go and £2500 left to go.

So close!


Thanks for the reminder!
I’m pledged at the 15 pound level since the Pound-to-CAD exchange rate is bonkers right now.


Cheers for reminding me I favourited this a while back. FreeElaine is soooo close


Yeah, I’ve heard the rule book is pretty bad, and about the mold lines/gaps. Fortunately the quality is still high overall.

Great news about the variety of scenarios. I’m sure there will be a fair amount up on Overlord.net as well. The community there seems to be pretty active, which is good.

Did you get the VS expansion? That’s my one “must buy” as I plan to play it as 1v1 most of the time.


Yup, got the versus, but I haven’t had a chance to try it out. Note that quite a few of the scenarios are 1v1 anyway!


Part time Elaine!!


Yes! Amazing news!


Oh wow, it actually happened! Fantastic!


Part time Elaine is still a win last year we were stuck with stinking Efka!

Kidding. Kidding. Big love for Efka.


Anyone played March of the Ants?? Any thoughts and comparisons to it?

I’m really keen on backing it as a 4X game with it’s unique theme and a faster duration.

Thanks to the new News-slayer Ava for giving attention to this!


I’ve been watching for this one due to the fact that 18Chesapeake is billed as a good 2-player, introduction 18xx. Just launched today (I think):


I’ve heard very good things, and a combined price of $60 for all the game content seems like a solid deal to me.


The discount is very nice, indeed. And if they compare this game to Eclipse and such, I’m backing it. I’d love to have an area-control with a deeper interaction than just “I promise I’m not gonna attack you”, and also faster time than Eclipse.


I backed this. I think the tight play time and nicer components without rules complexity are a possible tool for tempting people to try with me. Might not be, but hopefully


Oh man, I’m starting to feel the hype. Elzra just launched their (brand-new in-house) Pledge Manager and sent out surveys for Catacombs 3E Playmat edition.

I would suspect that late pledges will be available soon (once they give KS backers first crack at the addons)


I’ve been eagerly awaiting the email from Elzra. I am fully in love with the game, so I’m ready to jump at the playmats and new box, and hoping to snag some of the new content while I’m at it.


The Anachrony Fractures In Time campaign launched today, including the Infinity box that holds everything.

I’ve been interested in this game for awhile, but I always thought it was too heavy. Recent discussion have led me to believe it not quite as heavy as it BGG weight would indicate.

Besides, I love me a box that holds all of the things.

I’ll be watching the campaign. Though I’ve done the math, and it would be a bit cheaper to buy the current content at retail, and just back for the Infinity upgrade box.

Also, the Maximum Apocalypse Legendary Box launched today as well. I’ve heard pretty good, if not amazing, things about that one.


With 15 days to go and barely 1/5th of the way I’m not hopeful that Ruby Roundup is going to get funded. This would be the first KS that I’ve backed that didn’t meet it’s target.


The latest Lacerda/O’Toole collaboration debuted today. I’m pretty much automatically in on these at this point. It’s funny because I am, as a rule, not particularly into eurogames. But there seems to be a particular end of that spectrum that’s heavy with surprisingly strong thematic integration and Lacerda hits that sweet spot for me every time. And then O’Toole (and Eagle Gryphon Games’ production values, of course) come in and back that spectacular design with a really freaking premium aesthetic and… chef’s kiss.

Now, many of his previous games, I don’t really care terribly much about the particular themes he’s chosen (though I appreciate the conveyance of those themes through the mechanics, art, etc). Don’t drink wine, don’t care too much for modern art, zero attachment to (or even knowledge of) rebuilding Lisbon, etc. But being cool criminals fading into the night as the police flood the city to try to catch you? Super up my alley. And so is colonizing Mars. So I’m psyched.

Speaking of Mars…

A new Terraforming Mars expansion is being Kickstarted. I’ll be honest, it feels a little weird to see a very successful game franchise enter KS for the first time several expansions in. But hey, I’m in.


My favourite thing about these campaigns popping up at the same time is all the people asking “So how do On Mars and Terraforming Mars compare? Which should i get??”.

Oh boy…

(And I don’t mean that in a patronising way. Just funny that two games that are SO different can be drawn together)