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The Kickstarter thread


This is interesting, and the full rules are available:

A less-pretty version will be available for free after release, too, so no reason to jump on until it’s ready to go but definitely worth making note of if you like mecha and RPGs. :smiley:


Just an update… Batman is getting closer…

I am very, very excited!


I found above and below kind of too cleanly cut through the middle to be satisfying. The most interesting part was the choose your own adventure part but the game was about points and you could safely avoid the choose your own adventure part which kind of undermines the whole thing. A lovely box and stuff though and nice to have a holistic fantasy universe that isn’t the normal stuff.


I think the storybook elements are significantly more prominent and structurally important in Near and Far than they were in Above & Below. They’re still by no means the thing you’ll spend the most time doing (I’d say probably a quarter of your turns, at best) but they reward critically important resources, some of which are difficult to obtain other ways and certainly more of them than you’d get from other actions, and they can have narrative chains and reward unique bonuses as well. Whereas from what I have read, you are actually better off not going Below in Above and Below.


S and I have a hard time completely avoiding going Below, if only because some turns you’ll run out of money before you run out of actions Above. The problem with going below is that it takes ~3 characters and what you get is a crapshoot, especially if you’re looking for a specific resource. I only really want to go adventuring if I need an underground space to build a particular building. I also note that I’ve lost 2-out-of-3 games…


I have Above and Below, Islebound, Near and Far and Artifacts Inc. and Red Raven runs solid Kickstarters. The art and components are lovely, gameplay is up for debate depending on the game.

I love Above and Below, it’s my favourite of the bunch.

This game looks really interesting and it’s pretty cheap so I might back it. Thanks for posting it!


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

I’m eagerly anticipating the second printing.


I was looking for a cheap/used copy of Near and Far hoping that would offset the “blah” experience I had with Above and Below. I don’t know if N&F will be more to my liking but Red Raven games are just so lovely to look at, I’m somewhat desperate to find the “Red Raven” title that will find a spot in my collection.


Have you tried Eight Minute Empire? It’s a nice little knife-fight-in-a-box type of area control game. It’s misnamed. It’s more like … 15 minute empire. But it’s quick and dirty and clever.


Laukat’s are good enough that I would say yes on them, but not good enough for me to buy them nor have the itch to grab one and play.

The only one I own is Eight Minute Empire: Legends. For a 20min game, it’s pretty good.


I’ve managed a game in under 8 minutes on the app version :sunglasses:

(The magic of not having to fiddle with anything physical and an opponent who doesn’t waste time.)


Alright, Batman Gotham City Chronicles arrived. I have unboxed. There are better unboxing videos, but I had a couple of people asking so… Bah. I suggest playing at double speed!



Still waiting for my shipping notice. I wasn’t All-In though, which appear to be being given priority from what I’ve read, so I may not get it until May (one shipment of core boxes was a month later than everything else). Time will tell.


I wasn’t all in either, so you could be lucky!


That’d be a first… :stuck_out_tongue:


Just to let you know… The rulebook is terrible.

I mean, just so boring to read - there isn’t even a page to tell you how to set up the game in simple language. I will persevere! (I don’t like the videos…)


Yeah, that’s the vibe I’ve been getting from BGG. The rulebook is great for referencing something, but not to just learn how to play.



No Pun Included head into their final 2 days funded, having reached a record target, but still £5000 short of allowing Elaine to go part time.



I ended up backing Lancer for the physical copy. Too pretty not to.

Meanwhile, Ultraviolet Grasslands is about to enter its final 24 hours and it’s been upgraded significantly over the last 60 days. This one was timed to be a birthday present for myself, we’ll see if that works out.


Well, my thoughts on Batman

The manual is hard to read, terrible for teaching the game.
The teach is long and awkward due to the many, many icons.
The materials are all of amazing quality - especially the minis. Some mould lines and gaps, but easy to fix.
Great variety of scenarios, each looking just a bit different.

All in all - I like it! But, I’m not sure my players are as passionate. Needs better player aids, and more experience.