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The Kickstarter thread


I’m quite excited for Mythsea.


I quite liked Root when I tried it, but I have a friend who owns it, and if I’m ever gaming with more than one other person (I can’t imagine 2 player Root being satisfying), he’s going to be one of the people there. So as much as I’m tempted to own it there seems to be no need.


Weird … it’s $2 more to get both new Fellowship PDFs as to pledge twice for each on separately.



On a tangentially related topic. I sometimes wish that, a decade ago, when I came to a fork in my career road, someone had told me; “Spoof, if you take the company road you will work hard, suffer rich fools daily, miss out on thousands of opportunities, and be lonely for most of the next ten years. In exchange you will be paid quite handsomely. So well, in fact, that in a few years you will be able to help make your friends dreams a reality through a new thing called ‘crowdfunding.’ Thanks to it you will be able to put your money towards something besides handing it over to a corporation, one eerily similar to the one you slave away for, in exchange for empty status symbols. There will be an actual good use for your hard earned dollary-dos. So feel free to choose that path if you wish”

But only sometimes do I wish that. Mostly during spring, when my students are on vacation and I am forced to sit in the office while listening to my boss spin tales about how lucky I am that he is willing to “take a loss” to maintain my salary at the same level it has remained for the last 9 years. Also when there are such good causes as #freeElaine!


Not a game, but I’m backing this dice tower+tray. The tray transforms into a box, and the tower breaks down to fit inside the box. Handy for my small apartment, where I’ve run out of room for pretty much anything.

It’s pricey, but I saw their work at PAX Unplugged and the craftsmanship is really impressive.



Looks like this one got funded!


And I won (co-won) the design a card contest!! :smiley:

I am unbelievably excited for this game. I know it has some quirks that really turn people off but it’s kind of an exemplary “Vic game”, especially with the game mode options the expansions bring.


Wow congratulations…post a pic of your design…if you are allowed.


It’s the card itself, not the art for it (though I’d have been all over that too). Won’t see what it’s going to look like for a while.


Ah well when it comes out show us.


Ruby Roundup just launched their Kickstarter campaign. I played it at SHUX18 and thought it was pretty enjoyable so fingers crossed it gets funded.


So, Mothership funded late last night and, quite literally down to the last minute, managed to smash through its final stretch goal. I’m not gonna lie, it was bloody amazing fun to watch go down. Some serious QoL upgrades and freaking moons are coming and I’m stoked. Now to wait for February.


Disclaimer first. I’m not an employee of Wotan Games but I have done a fair bit of demo work for them as well as various other stuff, and I regard Laurence as a friend. So I’m not claiming to be unbiased here.

I played this 2-player at Airecon last month, and had a good time. It’s definitely a light filler game and possibly goes on a bit too long, but secret win conditions help keep it interesting. I certainly wouldn’t mind having this in my collection.

But I don’t think I’d necessarily get it out very often. So is it a good value game for me at £12 (£16 with UK shipping)? Would I be paying attention if I hadn’t played it? Maybe not; after the topicality is gone it’s basically a set collection game.


It’s good, but I’m waiting for the megagame.


Well the kickstarter made me laugh. Edible cards and hipster comments for the win.


Blacklist (the company behind Street Masters) released the cover art for their next game, Altar Quest today;

It’s designed by the Sadler brothers (Street Masters, Heroes of Terrinoth, Myth: Dark Frontier) and uses the Modular Deck system from SM. They’ve been saying since the beginning the AQ was inspired by Hero Quest, and it shows with that wonderful 90’s art style.

I’m eagerly waiting this one as it my top 5 (maybe 3) KS campaigns launching this year.


And Ryan Laukat has launched his newest campaign: Roam. I have never backed one of his before, but I always adore the artwork and have been tempted to back a couple of times. Anyone have experience with Red Raven’s campaigns/games?


I’m quite fond of Eight Minute Empire.


We’ve played Above and Below a few times 2p. At its heart, it’s a euro game about developing your tableau so that it generates points. I usually start by getting beds to maximize number of actions per turn then try to get points by collecting resources. S has twice gotten the building where new characters don’t need to rest first, so she hires people, uses them, then replaces them, but also scores a bunch of points for number of characters. The adventuring / narrative element is a sideshow; we always pick the good option over the evil one, and by midgame we’re going for the more ambitious target.

Based on Paul’s review of Near and Far, the adventuring providing flavor rather than being a central piece of the game holds true for the second game in the series too.

Looks like Roam is not in this pattern, but an abstract strategy game. I will say that I found the world of Arzium, where these games are set, charming.


Hadn’t heard of Valley of the Kings before the news post but having spent some time reading up on the older editions I’ve decided to drop the cash for that one. Looks like it’s pretty well-reviewed. I’m quite amused by the subject matter there, and it also sounds like it could be a good candidate for office board game night too.