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The Kickstarter thread


Throwing it in there, CMON’s internal pledge manager is GeekFunder.


Can’t speak to the problems with the existing map, we have 3 copies of Root (…long story) and the boards have been fine. As to the content of the maps, I could see an argument being made that they aren’t balanced. The base map really isn’t helpful for Riverfolk players. Winter is better when playing with them in our experience.

There is going to be a new board included with the upcoming expansion. One side is going to have a lake in the center (Riverfolk LOVE!) and the opposite is going to have mountains with tunnels that can be controlled by the factions.


I’m surpised no-one has mentioned… [https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thedragonstomb/offensive-adult-party-game-by-the-dragons-tomb?ref=user_menu](Offensive Adult Party Game)

From the phenomenom that is The Dragon’s Tomb. It’s a little like CAH, but SOOOO MUCH BETTER. It looks like this game will be a blast to play.

Check it out!


The video for that is fantastic!


All Dragon’s Tomb videos are fantastic!


Somehow in my research, I had missed this (now) invaluable resource, so thank you so much!

This will be my first campaign, and I intend to spend a lot of time learning about how to build an audience, and create something worthwhile.

I hope to be here more regularly as I finish school soon and will then be pretty much working full-time on this game.

This is more of an open-ended question for everyone here, but in the spirit of full transparency, do y’all feel starting a thread for my game is over-zealous? I’d love to share some of the art/writing I’ve been doing for it and think it could be of interest to the community here.

I intend to start a blog for the game soon, but would love to have a way to get feedback from such a dedicated community of board-game enthusiasts.

For those who may be curious, the game is called Super Human Resources and is an asymmetrical scenario based game centered around a group of super-heroes fighting a powerful mastermind player. SHR’s main inspirations are games like Descent and Imperial Assault, with a visual style inspired by 8-bit and 16-bit video games. Recruit new heroes, forge new alliances, and face new foes as the world of SHR transforms around you after every scenario.

Heroes wanted. Powers not Required.

Here is an extremely brief concept teaser I threw together for my senior reel:

(I should have a trailer with a bit more meat on it coming within the next month or so, and hope to post more photos as play-testing is currently underway).

Shameless self promotion - blogs, bands, businesses, and creative projects

Blood on the Clocktower does look cool but it rings all my Kickstarter spidey-sense bells. First time creator, entirely new kind of component design that factories won’t have done before, premium pricing coupled with “we’ve done everything we can to get the price as low as possible” which means it’s not exactly luxury material.

I know some people hate it but it does seem like the entire Storyteller book could be easily replaced with a tablet app. No need for felt and stickys. I know the tactile element is cool but it’s only the Storyteller that even gets to play with it.


Root is going to be online on 2pm GMT/3pm CET.


It’s up. I’m in.

[EDIT] And out. 19 days? This now ends awkwardly and I can’t budget for it. Sorry, Root, you lose to Mothership. No hard feelings.


Yup, me too. Even though the pricing is way higher than I expected…


I just pulled out. Will wait for the next one. Not enough incentive here. Especially with the new boards going to their site right away from the sounds of it.

That campaign is already a bloody hornet’s nest. Happy I’m out. To retail!


Yeh, I’m out. There’s no way I can justify spending that much on a game I’m not sure if I’ll like. Even if the crows are cute.

Root goes back into my “maybe if I see a good deal on it” pile …


Agree. Try Root first before going all in.

I’m going all in because I’ve played this a few times now. Easily my game of 2018, but different taste for different people!


Given what was being included in the expansion box, I don’t see a problem with the pricing at all. My main concern beyond the timing of the campaign’s end is the total lack of new options for storage. I’ll likely be done buying Root stuff until they can confirm they’re “done” with it, and I can be reasonably assured I won’t have 25 cubic feet of game to worry about.


For storage: the base and the Riverfolk expansion fits in the base. Not sure about the Underworld. It might not fit.


Definitely will not fit. I guess one MIGHT be able to make it work by removing the insert, but then god help you.


I backed Paladins of the West Kingdom. Anyone else in on this one?

Root seemed too expensive for me to back.


I’m a bit hesitant on this one. I really enjoyed Architects, but Paladins is a completely different game. But I might back it!


The Root expansion looks interesting. Glad they separated out the automata into an add on - automata almost always suck big time, and the cat automata in the first expansion is no exception (that’s my nuanced critique). Having resin clearing markers is a great idea - the board is so colourful with so many tokens and meeples that the map layout often gets more overshadowed than is particularly practical. Often found myself double-checking which clearings are where when deciding what to do - especially as the alliance or eeyrie. But isn’t resin really brittle? Bit concerned about how thin the fence/hedge/stone will be jammed into a full box.

I’m not sure fitting everything nto the box will be that big an issue as long as you’re happy with the lid not being flush with the base and store the card holders outside the box. It’ll be a squeeze but it won’t be obscenely overstuffed. It is difficult to tell exactly how much space all those cards, meeples and cardboard take up though. Time will tell!


To their credit, they seem to have formally worked with the creator of the Better Bot Project on this one. Just FYI.