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The Kickstarter thread


Me too!


If it were actually on papyrus, it would definitely look better and justify the price tag …


I actually thought that too - printing on papyrus sounds pretty cool, what’s the problem?!

But yeah, it looks unprofessional. That’s acceptable for a low-cost take-a-punt kickstarter but for a $100+ gamble in a crowded genre, it’s a difficult sales pitch.

As a counter example though, Neolithic’s first edition looked ropey as hell but turned out to be one of my favourite games (so much so that I kickstarted the second edition, to buy the exact same game with nicer art!), so I can accept that low production value doesn’t necessarily mean a bad product.


Glory closed today, and cleared its final stretch goal. Kind of feel awkward mentioning this, but I got a shout out on the closing update (and the one before), and I really didn’t do much beyond try to spur a little conversation over on BGG (Kickstarter chat sucks). Anyway, that was weird and cool. Probably a testament to how far even a little engagement goes in a small numbers production, I guess.

Anyway, the final QoL upgrades are substantial so I’m excited for that. Really fun, engaging campaign and for all intents and purposes, my first backed, so a nice introduction so far.


So far, I’ve only used Kickstarter for “established” companies, so I don’t really worry about things like that.

Garphill Games, Bezier Games, Eagle-Gryphon (ok, I’ve heard some issues I’ve heard about so I’m crossing my fingers), Grey Fox…so far, only one game that I’ve backed has been late (almost a year and it was Nevermore Games).

Everything else has been mostly on time (or very clear communication about why something is a little late).

I don’t think I’ll be taking any Kickstarter chances, though.


But that was my point - I have only been backing on a “trusted” platform (kickstarter) and generally with well known or established companies - but each time a different unknown 3rd party has been used as a pledge manager and I am forced to make an additional payment to them and enter additional personal information in order to complete my kickstarter transaction.

I have probably done 10-20 KS projects and quite a number of different pledge managers have been used and it seems there is a new one almost every time.


My copy of Trailhead arrived last night. I didn’t get to play it or get into the rules at all because I was busy as hell, but I did throw it into my rolling game crate and brought it for the monthly office board game night. Should be fun. I do seem to recall that the first step in setting up a game is that every player is expected to stand up, go outside, and find something (a pebble, a small stick, an acorn) to be their player token. Might have to be post it notes or something in an office.

Part of what kept me busy, though, is that my “ultimate” game table arrived last night. I wasn’t in on either of their kickstarters but ordered it separately in July. It’s all assembled (still missing the cupholders but that’s not a show stopper) and looks like it will do the job nicely. We went with the coffee table one.

That said, although the product itself is mostly p good, they’ve kind of been an example of one of the iffier kickstarters. Their communication has been excruciatingly bad, and you can see loads of comments to that effect on said KS. The shipping has been an adventure: two items arrived in early February, then the table yesterday, and now still waiting on that last piece. But on top of that, they need a rigorous round of QA for some of the little details. Everything went together and it’ll be fine, but there were a few weird little issues that should have been caught. One of the booklets was stapled upside down so that you had to flip it over now and then. One of the baggies of screws was mislabeled with a wrong number. The magnets on some of the pieces of the legs seem to have been installed backwards and the snap on decor stuff (fortunately i didn’t pay for the extra decorative ones) won’t adhere. Each of those is minor or can be worked around, but really.

And that’s part of the danger of even a successful kickstarter. Customer service and quality assurance starts being the first corners to get cut. But I have my damn table and the living room will be a bit happier for it.


Sorry, I missed that.

I hadn’t really noticed on my backed projects, but I can understand your concern


So I backed Boogie Dice like 3 years ago, and it’s finally, maybe possibly going to start shipping soon. I regretted backing it about an hour after it was too late to back out and have been waiting quite a while for this to happen. Some people have gotten a mysterious shipping notification for ezparcels that says that they have got shipping numbers, and they announced supposedly all orders should be shipped by Thursday. This madness is coming to an end. I soon expect to have two over priced dice, that will likely never work as intended, but will still be dice, and hopefully I’ll be able to roll them regardless of any electronic difficulties.

Had to get that out of my system.


I went back and forth on Trailhead…let me know how you like it when you’re able to get it to the table!


Just be careful that a firmware update doesn’t brick them, like Nike shoes. :wink:


For the record, the pledge manager for Tainted Grail is Awaken Realms’ internal pledge manager, so it’s not a third party. (Though they’ve said they’d like to offer it for other companies to use as a gesture of goodwill.) In my experience it’s generally either BackerKit, PledgeManager or CrowdOx, all of whom are reputable and widely used (though you are of course free not to be comfortable with them) or an in-house custom solution for some of the more tech-savvy companies (e.g. Sandy Petersen Games, Obsidian, etc).


Getting so hyped for the new Root Kickstarter!!!




I’m super bummed to learn the new quality upgrades only pertain to the player mats, from the sound of things. That game needs a new map desperately, so I’m far more interested to see if a neoprene option is made available than in the factions themselves.

No matter, I’m all in on it. Wonderful game. More factions mean more mayhem.


A new KS for The Maze of Games will go live on 13 or 14 March. The Maze of Games is a huge meta-puzzle. You’re trying escape a maze, and the way to make progress is to solve puzzles. I think there are 80+ puzzles in all. The last KS was back in 2013. The only clues about what’s new in the upcoming KS indicates there will be an omnibus edition and an escape room.

I have a copy of The Maze of Games, but we’ve been busy with other puzzles (like The Librarian’s Almanaq) and games to start it yet.

EDIT: Here’s the campaign:


In what way? (I don’t have the game, and I hadn’t heard anything about this yet.)


Just from a manufacturing perspective. The map that came in the box had a huge line of tacky glue all over the winter side, and has never laid flat. This has since been replaced with a new map, which also doesn’t sit flat. I’m not expecting perfection in a game board, but I’m talking peaks and valleys here.

It should be said that Leder Games was wonderful to deal with and they were totally understanding, offering up replacements immediately, no questions asked (my copy had a couple of other minor defects I needed replaced). I hadn’t even asked for the replacement map as I had only put that part forward as feedback to them (with care I was able to remove the glue and I suspected my map wasn’t unique), but they sent it anyway.


The wife and I learned the game a con last year and have been meaning to get it to the table. We watched JonGetsGames playthrough of it over the weekend and dove in ourselves. It’s super crunchy (think Vital Lacerda or David Turczi) and we enjoyed it. Thinking of what we could have done better after the fact proves that it’s a decent game. We both agreed that we weren’t able to get deeper into the game due to only being two players. It really opens up with more players doing different actions. We found there wasn’t enough of the push/pull actions happening with only us two and we were in a constant state of not having enough food/sulphur to feed our pawns. Could also chalk this up to unlucky draws from the haversack as well. I would also say that we were consistently hit hard with the progress die whittling away one specific epoch stack ending the game much faster than would be expected. All that said, we’re looking forward to bringing it back to the table again soon.

Other things of note that don’t necessarily have a bearing on the game itself. I found the packaging for the base game and the expansions to be excessively overblown. You may have seen it noted elsewhere but the expansion boxes are positively huge and what’s inside could’ve fit inside a deck protector. Even with a Meeple Realty insert, all of the expansions can fit in the base box with MUCH room to spare.

The quality of the components are top notch though. For the expansion on KS, this is clearly evident. We’re looking forward to them.


Oh, got it. I didn’t read carefully and thought you were saying there was something wrong with the board from a play perspective.

Now that you mention the manufacturing defects in your copy, I remember reading about similar problems.