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The Kickstarter thread


I have a copy of love letter if you’re interested…


I wouldn’t say it’s nonsense. Graphic design is in the intent, and choosing some odd off the shelf font that doesn’t really fit with anything is a sign of lack of intent. It just looks slapped on as if it doesn’t matter. Using so many fonts of completely different styles in a single page is particularly jarring.


I already have Deception, ONUW, and Avalon. Plus, other social games like Cockroach Poker Royal and Coup. They have to offer me something revolutionary to make me pay around £90.


You’ve already said you’re planning to stop using Kickstarter, so I suppose you don’t have to worry about this, but Kickstarter-style crowdfunding and Paypal have pretty extensively parted ways. The thing is, Paypal has very explicit expectations about fulfilling preorders that Kickstarter projects are not reliably meeting, so they were leading to a lot of Paypal refunds. Paypal no longer provides purchase protection for crowdfunding and most crowdfunding platforms won’t accept Paypal.

As far as trusting pledge managers, well… as long as Kickstarter refuses to provide these sorts of management functions (and at this point I have to assume it’s an active policy decision and not just something they haven’t figured out yet), there’s going to be a market for third parties to provide them. So yeah, probably best not to use KS if that’s not something you’re comfortable with.

I would imagine you would probably have some luck with requesting a refund if you’re okay with backing out of the project entirely. You are correct that you don’t have another option if you still want your pledge, though.


I’d say the font is a symptom of a general problem with the graphic design. It would work fine if they’d managed to make all the different elements of the design hang together. Instead, it’s another element that stands out alongside the bad gradients, bad icon choices, bad shadows, poor text alignment, multiple other fonts being used for no reason, etc.


Thanks for the summary, that certainly helps and makes me even more sure about swearing off KS.

KS has some virtues, but for me they are starting to be massively outweighed by the potential problems. Mostly those potentials will generally not come to fruition for any given project, but I don’t like the way things are heading on the security and privacy front, as well as the KS exclusives and only on KS front . . .

I think mostly these issues of security and privacy are things we should all be a lot more mindful of, and if we were, then these companies would have to take note and action, but as it currently stands we are all too willing and too FOMO to guard ourselves as we probably should.

I’m not saying never again KS, but I will be thinking very carefully about it from now on.

It’s kinda strange, usually things should improve as the brand/field/app/site matures, but if anything matters seem to becoming worse.


It’s not a homage to a certain Undertale character?


Current year argument involving papyrus… this is maybe the best thing I’ve read in a solid year.


I guess I’m just not here for the snide short-hand. Skip the secret handshake stuff and just say it doesn’t look good (and why, if you feel like going for detail). The whole “ooh, a Laffaute’s spiral cut, how gauche in this the era of syncopated pleating” thing can get in a bin.


You went off on a rant over “quite lacklustre (dare I say, amateurish?) graphic design values,” which seems like a very reasonable criticism to me and hardly all that different from “it doesn’t look good” (when contrasted with “ooh, a Laffaute’s spiral cut, how gauche in this the era of syncopated pleating”).


I feel like I was pretty specific. I just don’t see what any of the better comments (including by the OP) have to do with what font is in season. It’s a very snooty and silly approach.


Just so we’re clear (things went a bit ugly) I want to ensure everyone is advised my point was finding humour in an anachronism. I begrudge no one their rights to demand papyrus in 2019.


You know what? All this time I assumed people were talking about the material papyrus, so the criticism of the of font criticism made little sense to me.





You’ve ruined my life by telling me this. Ruined it. How does this make you feel?


Same here.


Same here!

As long as it’s not comic sans


Perhaps with BotC they are aiming at games stores and so on that can recoup money by regularly running games with someone as the moderator.

It’s still a big ask. I shall look longingly at the KS, but I just can’t justify that much for a game that will likely be harder to organise sessions of than anything else I own.


I’d be happy to spend us$100 and a fair bit of my own time making the game that is right for me (with some kind of pdf pledge so that I’d have all the content).

I’m a bit more dubious about spending probably twice that, after postage and taxes, for a huge impractical thing that won’t fit well on my shelves or in my bag for game night.


That’s about where I’m at. I’ve done a fair amount of PnP and it can get expensive quickly when you start adding features, but it also allows for some really nice custom ergonomics and lets you choose which corners get cut. Which is about the perfect thing for me with this kind of game–you don’t need to use all of the characters all of the time (or even ever) so you can print out the ones you and your friends find interesting, and so on and so forth.