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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2

No, it’s not

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You could always try a recognise roll of course, to see if you have heard of his deeds, -10 for being a knight of Malahaut, but I’ll give you +2 for your friendship with Sir Hamm

Did Owain hear him speak his name?
In case he did d20: 6 vs 4 Recognise (14-10)


He did, and that’s close enough that I’ll say that you know the name, and there is something on the tip of your remembrance, a story, or a quest… something!

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A quizzical look furnishes Owain’s face as he tries to place the name…

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Balen recognise. 10 - 10 + 2 = 2

d20: 4

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Same margin of failure as Owain, but a lower overall number, so I’ll add that Balen remembers that the story on the tip of his memory was told in Lincoln when the King dazzled the Duke with Excallibur. Whether Balen was there, or heard it from returning knights, I can’t remember, but that was the source of your potential knowledge of this knight.

Balen opens the door.

“Good knight, how can I be of service?”

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The knight before you (as mentioned is partially armoured, he is not wearing his chain) bows respecfully. “Sir Balen, I have been sent to request your presence at a trial. I can say little more here, but will you accompany me to my master’s rooms, where you can be fully briefed?”

“A trial by betters or combat?”

Balen smiles. “I shall inform my Lord.”

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“A trial by peers, one of which you shall be.”

Balen nods, before relaying the request to Roderick. He changes into comfortable clothes, belts on his non bronze sword in his peacock scabbard and follows the man.

“Forgive me Sir, your name is familiar, but I cannot place you. I heard tales of a great quest from the court in Lincoln?”

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(Is it possible to take a Squire?)

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“Quest!” He tries to surpress a look of pride “I have done nothing worthy of tales, and if my name has come up, it was surely as a mere helper to a great knight known as Sir Angaz, brother to King Pellinore and the greatest hunter I have ever met.”

(Yes, absolutely!)

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Balen nods, “The greatest hunter, no one can disagree.”

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Balen grabs Lencten on the way out.

“Come here boy, a chance to learn another aspect of your future standing.”


Owain will make a polite interuption. “Sir, in case the news has yet to reach you, there are some sad tidings that you should hear. Sir Angaz was slain on his hunt by the Questing Beast itself.”


“Oh, thank you. I was figuring that might be the case; but, it is always best to know the facts, than to wander groping in the dark with assumptions,” Merrick responds honestly as he had no clue, and was not expecting an answer, as he was musing to himself more than asking, “Now, I must not keep you from your duties any longer. If I come across some veterans, I will make sure to inform you. Thank you for your time. By the way… what is your name, so if I find them I can find you?”

After the soldier responds, Merrick will continue his walk around the palace area. He keeps a keen eye out for any soldiers who look to be more experienced than the one he had just spoken with. He also looks at the concentration of soldiers on duty in comparison to the different Villas.

Merrick thinks to himself: Are all the soldiers under the payroll of ‘Tullus’? Is his villa more protected than the others?

Sir Estève nod to Owain, “Yes, the news had reached us, we have lost a hero and yet the curse lives on, and now his brother has vanished, taken over the endless hunt. His brother is not such a talent, a lovable man, but utterly useless, and about as clumsy a knight as I have ever met. Still, such as it is.”

“Opiter my Lord, I am called Opiter”, he tells you, not quite getting his Cymric titles correct.

As you walk around the numerous gardens, you see many soldiers, but they all look as green and inexperienced as Opiter, and certainly, the only wing of the central villa with any Malahaut soldiers standing on guard is that of Tullus, though it’s impossible to see the palace, surrounded as it is by the three main wings. Only one other villa has men on duty, that of Gaius, which is guarded by veterans for sure, but wearing the colours of Syagrius the Mercenary King. Lucius’ villa is completely unguarded, at least by any means that you can discern. (You may make an awareness test)

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“Well, I see that you are busy with Sir Balen at present, but perhaps we can raise a toast to Sir Angaz’s memory together at a later time?”

Owain with bid both Estève and Balen well, and go and report to Earl Roderick.

“I met one of Malahuat’s nobles called Gallus Olcinius Armiger. On speaking with him, I learnt two main things. Firstly, Saxon envoys have visited the city in the last week. I could not draw out the reason for their visit, and I suspect Gallus himself was not certain as to the purpose of their delegation. It seemed impolitic to push too hard for more information at this point. Secondly, as Sir Hamm eluded, there is a political deadlock within the court. Different factions are vying to influence the Centurion King with their perceived best way forward for Malahaut. Such is the norm for any court, but it seems like there is a large divergence in the advice being given to the King, to the extent that there is paralysis in deciding the course for the Kingdom to take. I have been invited to dinner held by a man called Gaius tonight, which apparently will be to ‘our mutual benefit’. I think it is therefore a safe assumption that Gaius heads the faction which favours alliance and friendship with Logres. Common logic therefore suggests that there is at least one other party with the King’s ear advocating against that path, and apparently managing to present a very good counter argument if no decision can be made.”

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