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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


She takes the purse and it vanished into her skirts “The barbarian is more generous than his Roman born supporters, he might want to think hard about his allies committent to his cause, they are notoriously mean.”

Sir Hamm is close by your building, he is exercising the Earls horse, at the command of the Earl.


Owain is happy to play the foolish noble to the stable boys, mentioning that he is merely looking at the quality of the stock as he is of a mind to introduce new bloodlines into his own herds at home.

That he has picked up a tail is very interesting, as he isn’t exactly prying into exceptionally private areas. After seeing that his shadow is not going away, he will resolve to confront him.

“If you are going to follow me, could you at least do me the favour of saying where you acquired your hat?” Owain calls out good naturedly. “It really is quite spectacular, and owner bound to make a fair impression at a feast or social occasion.”


Balen waves at the other knight and jogs over.

“Sir Hamm, the horse suits you! Is the Earl still in his meeting?”


“Meeting?” Sir Hamm enquires casually “Who is the Earl meeting?”


Owain, the stableboys scurry away from you, muttering in Latin. As you call out, the strange man pretends to notice you, looks comically startled and lazily falls backwards from his perch on a wall, such that you think he must have landed on his back, but pops up moments later, leaning sarcastically against a post, ignoring you once more.

A short nobleman, who has watched the whole scene wanders over “Pay no heed to the Iberian Devil” he says “He takes a shine to some people, but is as simple as they get. He followed me around for a full week once, just like that, then without warning, he was latched onto someone else. Nothing works, you can’t get close to him, he’s like a scared cat.”


Owain looks thoughtfully at the man in the hat "Iberian you say? I hear there are some lovely horses bred there…” He then does a quick double take as if just realising that the noble has approached him.

“Oh, please forgive my manners." Owain gives a courteous bow and introduces himself "Sir Owain of Tisbury at your service."


“Gallus Olcinius Armiger, formerly of Dunholm, now of the the Kings Court at yours.”


"A pleasure to make your acquaintance Gallus. I have just arrived here, accompanying Earl Salisbury, and was taking a stroll around the court here to stretch my legs after the ride north. The arrangements of the court here are quite different from at home, and not finding anyone to speak to, I found myself lured to the stables. My herd is sadly diminished of late, and could do with some fresh blood to liven up the stock. I thought I could cast an eye over horses here, and perhaps talk to some of stable staff to see if there was an opportunity to grasp, but they seem reluctant to speak to outsiders.”

(And yes, I should probably take a tick to Deceitful)


“I assume that’s where he is. Meeting the Centurion King. I can’t believe we had to wait our turn behind Saxon representatives.”



“Well, goodness, I can put the word around, don’t be too hard on the stable boys, only last week we had Saxons in here, they’re rightfully suspicious of strangers and foreign barbarians. You know, the Saxons tried to steal several horses, the blighters don’t even ride them.”


“Wait your turn?” Hamm chuckles “Do you really think things would be so relaxed around here if Saxons were present! There were Saxons here, as you obviously know, and with a bit of luck they have been sent packing without whatever it was that they wanted, but this was long before you arrived.”


“Knowing those uncultured devils, I suspect that the Saxons were eyeing the horses as potential foodstock or as simple packhorses rather than appreciating their proper pedigree.” Owain snorts disdainful. “Where lies Dunholm from here? I know little of Malahaut besides the ride from Lindsey, and some of the land east of this city.”


Leaving the city would be foolish… We might not be able to gain entry if we venture out too far. Maybe there is another way to speak with the soldiers… Perhaps there is some temporary lodging or an area they rest after being on duty…

Merrick will walk around the palace complex, casually observing the guards, but focusing his attention on the layout so he will not have to ask how to get back to their lodgings. After a period of time, when he sees a group of guards who seem approachable, he have his squire stay where he is and will go up to the guards alone and say, “I apologize for disturbing you on duty, but I was wondering if there are any soldiers stationed nearby who fought during the siege of the city? I have a pair of squires who I think would benefit greatly from hearing first-hand accounts from those who have fought while under siege, as that is a form of warfare I have not personally experienced. If you could point me in their direction it would be greatly appreciated.”


Balen rubs his chin.

“Everyone seems to want their piece. Like crows.”

He shakes his head.

“What do the people in that sheltered palace want from us? Before we offered knights to oversee the land in exchange for giving up our own lands in Logres.”

He shakes his head again.

“Where does a knight go to forget Hamm, to wash off the work of the day and prepare for the next?”



The nobleman guffaws with laughter “Or potential mates perhaps. Dunholm is to the far North, near the coast on the River Wear. Sadly the Saxon blaggards have been squatting there since the last siege of Eburacum, a decade ago.”



“Well Sir”, the soldier is barely a teenager “that’s the funny thing, none of us here are exactly veterans of the siege, and we can’t rightly figure out where they’ve all gone, so I can’t really help you there, but if you do turn up any, let me know, it’s like the blind leading the blind at the moment!”



“If you think Malahaut is a corpse to be picked over, you couldn’t be more wrong, don’t forget, we survived a Saxon invasion once before, and came back strong enough to halt the Warlord Uther in his tracks, and forced him to give up his obsession with becoming the High King. No, the Saxons came to us under a banner of peace, not because they are crows picking the carrion, because they know they cannot defeat us in battle. Most knights will owe their allegiance to one of the three, and will go to that wing of the castle. If you don’t mind Balen, I’ve got a great deal of work before me, maybe you should remind your Earl of the history of Britain, if he has primed you to think in such terms.”


Merrick scratches his chin, “Well, after riding for so many days, I am planning on walking around for a bit to get the feeling back in them. If I run into any while walking the grounds where should I look for you to tell you if you are not currently on duty?”


Balen is quick to interject. “The error is mine Sir Hamm, I did not explain clearly. We see this place as the opposite. The corner has been turned. We look at this city with great admiration. The tide of Saxons was stopped here, it is the lynchpin. We want to help lead the charge. To reclaim the lands you yourself have lost. We could be great allies.”

He stands as the knight trots away, frustrated at politics in general.


“We tend to go to the North Wing, you won’t get in there, not without buttering up Tullus’ men, they look after us, and, well, Tullus is the only one paying us, so we are his… I think”

(1 - nil - nil to Ullin for finding out which palace wing he needs to infiltrate first :wink: )


Merrick knows he is pushing his luck and does not dare to keep the solider much longer. He nods in understanding to the soldier and says, “Thank you, if I come across any veterans soldiers, I will let you know. But one last question so you can get back to your duties, who is Tullus?”