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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


Hey @BioKeith!

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How did you find out about this thread I I may ask?


I’ve been posting over in the chaosium forums and someone mentioned this one.

Reading RPGs has pretty much been my go to entertainment the last couple years, as my face to face plays are down to maybe once every couple months…so I really have appreciated the story detail you guys have put together… Definitely scratching an itch.


Hi @BioKeith, sorry I haven’t replied sooner - a recent operation has left me a bit slow to post for the last few weeks!

Can I leave you in the hands of @RossM to build your character and run through a quick side adventure - I would do it myself usually, but I’m trying to rest as much as I can! It’s something I ask all new players to do before joining the main quest in order to give us an idea of your style of play and you an idea of ours and to ensure we will be a good fit - if you’ve been reading through, I imagine you already know our style well enough, but it’s a nice way to introduce ourselves to each other too!


Sounds great, thanks. Hope you’re feeling better soon.


Balen: There is a chirurgery in the church in the palace, but it serves only the nobility, the town itself has several churches, where injured townfolk might be able to seek aid, but to call them a chirurgery would be a stretch. There is however a hospital.

Owain: Without letting it be known what you are doing, you find that there seem to be three main factions housed in the villa itself, alongside the Centurian King, though you cannot access his quarters without being allowed into one of the three. Give me an awareness check, let’s find out how much information you gather about each whilst remaining discreet.

Beyond the main building, you find several envoys that you would expect in such a major city, and they are of little importance or consequence to your visit.


Balen is after injured knights, so hospital?


You’ll find knights both in the hospital and in the Palace chirurgery


Wherever house knights like himself would be sent.


Owain rolling Awareness
d20: 16 vs 14


Balen: You notice that the idea of a houseknight doesn’t seem to exist in Malahaut, knights here are rarer, so much so that they barely hold any significant land at all. Much more common are the soldiers and the young nobles who lead them. To be a knight here is to be born into much more privilege than a houseknight in Logres. Having said that, the knights who stand duty at the palace would be sent to the chirurgery attached, there are no knights inside at this moment however, as the nun who bars your entrance to the convent tells you, only two soldiers who had a brawl over a game of cards. “And unless you are in need of leeches, no men may enter this holy place, and certainly not Southrond barbarians”

Owain: You notice nothing more, you find it difficult to even tell members of each faction apart.


No sound of music detected from anywhere either I guess?


Balen smiles. “The Saxon raids must be stopping if no warriors need your assistance good sister.”


There is no music from within the palace, but some from the commoners in the streets beyond.


That is a shame, as Owain was looking for an excuse to approach one of the other villas.

Is there anything else of note around the court? Where are the horses stabled?


There is a stable block which serves the main villa, and several smaller ones attached to outbuildings - your house has it’s own, for example.


Owain will go and have a look at the horses, starting with the main stable and then going to the samller ones. The types of horses, not to mention there trappings and care, might be revealing about the parties present in the court.


In the stables where the soldiers would station their horses, there are a dozen or so rouncys, in the main stable block, you find chargers, coursers and palfreys, but numbers are hard to keep a track of, the stableboys notice your peeking and take steps to close and shutter all the windows promptly. You find yourself shadowed the rest of the day by a strange gentleman, who picks his fingernails with a long stiletto knive and is always seated in your line of sight, no matter where you go. He wears a large and impressively expensive hat that gives him a quite comical look, but also hides his face in shadow. He sits, looking at anyone but you, and if you approach, is sure to move away with an almost unnatural ability to disappear from your view, only to pop up sat, without a care in the world, minutes later some 25 yards away, cool as a cat. If you wanted to try to catch him however, you can.


Any response from the sister, spoken or otherwise?


“From what I hear” She is more than happy to speak with you “Some mercenaries from the provinces have taken on the duty of repelling the Saxons, they were here not so long ago, an envoy of Saxon nobility” she scoffs as she says this “Come to plead with us not to drive them from the land I don’t doubt.”


Balen hand tightens on his sword hilt…

“No doubt! Sister, I may be a southern barbarian, but I see the importance of such a place as this.”

He presents a purse to her, full of coins of foreign origin.

“For the alms.”

Balen goes to see the one knight he should be able to find;

Sir Hamm