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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


(Minor note from 16000 posts ago. Sir Hamm is famously honest, Although has a specific Mistrust:Salisbury 15)


Balen stretches, lost for a minute.

“Squires help me strip and re oil my armour. I think we all need to smarten up for the Centurion King.”


Owain gets his squires to air out his suit of fine clothes, mindful of the fact that he is supposed to be talking to the nobles of Malahaut, rather than the knights and soldiers.


(Is Ryia able to discern anything from her time amongst the peasants?)


I just want to find out what the others do before I start giving out details and results of your actions!


Once his clothes are ready, Owain will take a stroll around the gardens of the court, and generally get a feel for the atmosphere of the place. His part in talking to the nobles is likely to begin in earnest after they attend court, but the interactions with anyone he comes across could be generally illuminating to the prevailing mood of the locals.


Balen will accompany Roderick as official bodyguard, until he is dismissed, and then will wait patiently in whatever room nearby includes some Knights.


So, you are attending court - there is no central hall here, not like Sarum’s great hall, each faction has their own lodgings in the palace and court is all around you at all times. The gardens are all public, except for enclosed courtyards and matters of small importance are discussed here, however it seems the real business is done behind closed doors.

You are already dismissed, your instructions were to:

None of the nearby buildings are open to you, you can wait in the gardens? If you do so, let me know what a knight of the court might observe as he walks close to you.

Ryia, you leave the palace to wander among the population. You discover that the peasants - or citizens as they refer to themselves here - are nothing like the peasants you know from back home. These people know nothing of farming or weaving or pottery, or the dozens of other skills that any of your peasants would know. They are, as a result not looking in the best of health, many of them are thin and underfed, but, not dangerously so. No-one is starving, no-one is living in unfit accommodation, despite the extensive damage to the town, plenty of houses are left empty to be torn down to provide building material for the better homes of the city. There is little cheer in the streets, but neither is there abject misery.


Balen is busy drilling his two squires in the garden, giving encouragement and coaching as they trade blows with the wooden training swords he insists they always have as part of their travelling equipment.


(OK, trying to play a bit of catch-up (well, more like making sure I am not screwing up!), but just want to make sure I got this right before I type up something which is not correct… Owain: Nobles & Dignitaries; Ryia: Servants & Commoners; Balen: Knights?; Merrick: Men-at-Arms & Soldiers?)


That sounds about right to me!


Balen, make an awareness check for me


Balen vs awareness 8 d20: 1


(Wasn’t expecting that.)


Ryia nearly walks into a woman before her attention refocuses on her surroundings.

“Sorry miss, I was distracted thinking about all of the crops. It must have been a terrible siege to go to such great lengths. Who tends to them? I haven’t noticed any farmers around.”


Merrick notices the others dispersing from their quarters and thinks to himself: The Earl wishes us to be eyes and ears for him among the court… Well, I guess I should see what I can find out for him…

He changes into his modest clothing and instructs his youngest squire to stay behind to tend to his armor. He will further instruct him to keep an eye out for anyone who visits or stops by while he is away.

Merrick, as he is leaving, notices Sir Balen drilling his squires and that gets him thinking: Perhaps I should look in on the soldiers and see what I can learn of the battle which was fought here… He sets off looking for a group of soldiers or Men-at-Arms. If there are none stationed close to the court, then he will venture farther out into the city and potential out towards the walls.


Balen notices that people are making an effort to avoid him, and those who do pass by do not look happy with what he is doing.


The woman scowls “Anyone who want to eat, we’ve all got an allotment, we have to subsist off it.”

Merrick, the only soldiers in court are on duty, and they are garrisoned in old Roman forts some miles out from Eburacum. You quickly realise that if you travel out there, your entrance to the city is likely to be difficult, however, the men on duty must have a place where they rest close by, either in the palace or close by. Let me know how you go about finding it.


Balen notices the unease, and after a short but intense duelling session, he recalls the squires.

He seeks out the towns Chiurergery.

(Spell check needed.)


As Owain moves through the gardens he keeps an eye open for which residences appear closed, which seem more open, and any indication of the people that might be housed in each. He also keeps an ear open for any sound of music or merriment.


Hi everyone… Really enjoying your playthrough and the wonderful storytelling. I’m a new user and just wondering if you happen to be open to new players at the moment. If you’re full or it’s not a good time, totally no worries.
I’ve picked up and been reading through Pendragon since a great ‘Let’s Read’ thread over at RPGNet (https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/lets-read-king-arthur-pendragon.835363/), but I haven’t been fortunate enough to find a group to play with yet. My face to face RPing has dropped greatly in frequency the last few years (having a couple young kids), so I think play by forum might be a great avenue. I just became aware of your playthrough this week and I’d love to contribute to your story.

Please PM me if you have room…