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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


“Well, they don’t use Jesses Sir, can you imagine, and when I said that we get around the lack of a crop by a strict diet routine, the fool said that we were cruel, and that a well trained owl will return willingly.” He snorts “As if!”


(I’m having deja vu. Is he Merlin?)

“Did he talk about his time with the monks?”


“Er, yes, a bit. He said it wasn’t as boring as it sounds and he wasn’t good at transcription. He used to sneak out at night to steal wine from the custodian for the circators, who were about as ungodly as it get by the sounds of it.”


Balen smiles broadly. “Oh well done Lencten. We will make a knight of you yet!”


Owain will head out at first light, and will head north to the river, hoping for a point to allow him to glance downriver into the city.


Also, at some point in the evening after Sir Hamm has left, Owain will ask the Earl who (if anyone) from Malahaut attended the Royal Wedding, and whether he had a chance to speak with them at all.


Balen will stick behind on Bodyguard duty.


Owain, make an awareness check for me, +10 because you specifically are looking for people moving in and out of the city. In addition, please roll 1d3 for me


Owain rolling Awareness
d20: 2 vs 24

d3: 2


Owain, you notice a party of knights leaving the city at first light. Give me a heraldry check, -10 please.


At -10 it’s a fail, guess we’re looking to see if a fumble is rolled

d20: 14 vs Heraldry -9 (1-10)


(That is a fumble then…)


Owain, you don’t recognise the banners.


Which direction is the party of knights travelling?


North, along the Kings Road, the main road from the North to the South, it stretches from Kilpatrick, through Eburacum, Lincoln, Lonazep, Londinium, Silchester, Sarum to Dorchester.


Im going to add, as your awareness roll was a critical that they are set for a long journey and they draw several empty wagons, however, they are not well equipped for raiding, and ride in finery not armour - do ask for more details if required!


Awareness was just a pass, not a critical, which I think amounts to noticing only the obvious - numbers, disposition, general appearance, whether the wagons are full or empty.


Owain will ride back to the watermill and relate his observation to the group.

“The party was headed north, dressed for court rather than conflict. The empty wagons suggest that gifts or goods have been left in the city, or that they expect to receive something. Although I did not recognise the heraldry, I doubt them to be simple merchants. It seems that either other parties are courting Malahaut’s friendship, or the King is sending out diplomats to other lands. The empty wagons suggest the former to me, but the latter cannot be ruled out. I am assuming by our presence here that envoys from Malahaut have not come south to Logres?”


Merrick scratches his chin and speaks more to himself than the others, “Perhaps that is why we were not let into the city… Someone else from another court was already present which they did not want us to encounter… or they were planning on going somewhere which they did not want us to readily know about…”

After a brief stare off into the horizon of the north, he asks in general, “What kingdoms lie to the north of Malahaut? What are their current feelings towards Logres and Uther?”


“My knowledge of the north is fairly poor. I know that the northern kingdoms of Lothian and Garloth are allied to Logres by the marriages of King Lot and King Nentres to Lady Ygraine’s daugathers Margawse and Elaine. But the direction of travel only really indicates that the travellers are not willing to come to Logres, or perhaps to not be seen by us. The mercenaries we met indciated that Salisbury was expected to arrive by the southern road.”