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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


“Tell me how you came to be here,” she says, pulling off her gauntlets. “Could you get me a rag to staunch the bleeding?” She asks one of the women.


“We’re all from Wrenthorpe, a disputed territory. Seems that when there’s peace, Logres and Malahaut are arguing over who gets to collect our taxes, but as soon as Saxons attack, neither lift a finger to send men. So the Saxons killed Sir Wrenthorpe and took the rest of us here. They took all the others to the sea we think, sent them abroad, but kept us to run this place, cook and clean, build and repair. Everything that looks like hard work. Rags in that basket there.”

Disputed lands

You’ll notice some maps in the game show the Malahgaut - Logres border like this:

while others show them like this:

Even for the same time period. I have therefore decided to interpret this as these being somewhat disputed lands, though in the times of peace with Malahaut, they have generated little friction, except locally.


I think you’ll find Somerset is managed by Salisbury Will. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :frog::frog: :skull:


Merrick nods in acknowledgement of his orders and heads back inside the house.

(I will let @Abubu say at what point in the conversation Merrick re-enters.)


“If that’s the case, you can be moved into Salisbury. We can find you a new home in a manor I’m sure. I can’t guarantee you’ll be wholly safe there as we are at constant war with the Saxons, but it surely must be better than here.”

She grabs a rag and begins staunching her wound as Merrick reenters.


“Salisbury? That’s a long way away” the man stammers nervously, “how are we to get there, will you put your signet to our freedom to move? Will you give us a place in your manor?”


“Yes, you will come with us for now. I can’t say for certain if my Earl will allow you to return to Salisbury with us, but we will find you a new manor for certain. We came to rescue you after all.”


The villeins collect some things from the house and join your company, and the Earl makes ready to ride for Eburacum. He will give you a few minutes here in case there was anything anyone else wanted to do, otherwise let me know how you ride


Balen does a bit of field maintenance to his armour, checking it is still properly tightened and free from blood and grime. It’s a long ride in armour.


(What of the chest of gold the Saxons showed Ryia? I’m pretty certain that she wouldn’t have forgotten about it…)


( and do you tell the Earl about it? )


Owain will ask the Roman patrol where their route takes them next. If they are to head back towards Eboracum, he will suggest to Earl Roderick that it maybe sensible to travel with them; afterall, they know the land, and the extra soldiers might be advisable in case of any trouble.


They are patrolling the borders, they have come from the north and will sweep East along the Logres border next. They did offer to send some men with you as an escort already, if you wish to take them up on it.


After the commoners leave the house, Merrick gives the inside a quick once over to make sure the blood on the ground is adequately cleaned up, and will look for hidden weapons which could be used against Lincoln’s men…


You find several large chests filled with long handled axes, enough to arm 25 men


(I am assuming these are not weapons the Praetor’s Company would use? Just Saxons?)


It is probably more diplomatic to accept the offered escorts than to decline them. The Earl is here to speak to the Centurion King on behalf of Uther; there’s really nothing to be gained by already potentially offering offence, even to mercenaries hired by Malahaut - small things can have a nasty habit of catching up with you later.


Perhaps it wouldnt be their first choice of weapon but they would probably use them or sell them happily enough given their mercenary status


Merrick will quietly report the weapons cache to the Earl. He will suggest either giving the weapons to mercenaries or destroying them. Merrick is more inclined to destroy them to prevent them from getting back into Saxon hands; but he also understands the gesture may bring future favor upon knights of Salisbury if they give them to the sellswords.