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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


(I am waiting to see what @Abubu is going to do before I continue on. Give him a chance to catch up.)


The Earl rides over and surveys the scene. “A lot to learn” he mutters to himself, “Let’s hope some of that arrogance has been tempered”.

Yet despite his words, he is proud of all of his knights, the bravery of each of them, they faced their own demons in their own way today including the one sat by his side, unable to go and help his friends.

“Is everything in order inside?” he asks no-one in particular.


(Ryia is chivalric)

Watching Merrick dispatch a helpless opponent, even one who wounded her was jarring. There was no honor in that kill. The entire scenario haunts her, Cymric peasants willfully living with Saxon barbarians, the brutality of combat. She will remember what she learned here, but it has left its mark on her.

2d6: 5 + 5 = 10


“What are you intending to do with the bodies?” Owain asks Balen, seeing at least one of the dead Saxons slung over a horse.


Roll 2d6 please Ryia for aging effects of shock


(Balen will not be answering, as he saw little.)


Balen nods.

“I’m not leaving bodies in the middle of someone’s home and I don’t want the inhabitants facing reprisals.”

He scratches his head.

“Barring better advice we’ll leave them by the next road we cross. They’ll serve as a warning to the first Saxons to find them, and no doubt will then be sent into the afterlife by whatever ritual is appropriate.”


(@SleepyWill, This would be before seeing the Earl, but after Balen’s censure.)

Merrick replaces has dagger and walks over to Ryia, retrieving his spear from her grasp. He notices her look, something he is all to familiar with, and gives her a pat on the shoulder not saying a word. He then looks over at the others in the house, the people they were suppose to free. He looks upon their faces to see the reaction to what they witnessed.

He then quietly orders his youngest squire to climb up into the hay loft and bring down some hay to try and soak the blood from the ground. He will then have it thrown on the hearth to get rid of the evidence.


“No reprisals? I can’t imagine how the disappearance of the guards left to watch over slaves, whilst the families remain, can not cast them into suspicion and harm.”


… I feel this is a debate that would have been more useful before I was sent into the building.

We have shifted the power inside that place, what decisions those present make are up to them.

I have Roderick to protect. I hope I have helped others present learn a lesson, but for me this was a distraction, little more.


“Let the bodies lie, and let the commoners deal with them. That will at least ring truer than trying to vanish them. It is the building the needs to be intact to keep the warband operating in the area. Deaths by those that war with the Saxons will be expected more than a mystery. Anything that looks vaguely supernatural will have them skirting the area entirely.”


Balen nods, releasing the dead to the ground.


Terrified and angry!


(How many people in total? In a previous post it was stated two men and six children.)


Two men, two women and six children


…walk into a bar.

(sorry, I’m leaving now. My sincerest apologies for interrupting, I just couldn’t resist).


Merrick regards the commoners huddled together. The look of anger and fear is a surprise to him. If truly they were liberating people to be marched off to slavery, he would have expected different expressions on their faces. He ponders to himself, What if the Earl was lied to? Was he lead astray, or did he the truth of this place? He also is puzzled on how exactly and under what pretences Ryia was lead into the home. He thinks to ask but decides against it out of fear of bringing shame upon the knight. Perhaps I should have let her kill the last one? Maybe it would have helped…, he thinks to himself.

He walks past Sir Ryia and whispers as he passes by, “Keep an eye on them for a moment. I will be back presently…”

Merrick steps outside just as the Earl rides towards the house. He steps forward and he responds to the Earl’s question, “Three dead Saxons, Sir, and there are living still two men, two women, and six children inside. Sir Ryia is inside yet, and one of my squires is trying to minimize the effects of the fight inside by using some of the hay from the beds to soak up the blood. We have not spoken to the commoners on where they are from yet, as I heard your approach. What are we to do with them?”


“That depends Sir Merrick, are they slaves? In which case liberate them. Are they turncoats? In which case, put the men in cuffs and send them to Lincoln to be tried, the women to a convent and the children to an orphanage.”


Ryia lowers herself into a chair facing the commoners and asks, “Why didn’t youbtell me aboit the Saxons hiding here?”

She winces as she irritates her wound but keeps her eyes focused on the men and women before her.

Shock 2d6: 1 + 6 = 7


-1 Siz from shock

“What do you think! They would have killed us!”