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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


Merrick to Stabby Stab a Saxon
STR 15+5=20
d20: 9


Merrick Dagger Damage to Saxon 2 (5d6 -1d6= 4d6)
4d6: 4 + 6 + 3 + 6 = 19


(Also, it is probably safe to assume the tick to Cruel? Unless you disagree Scribbs.)


That’s a major wound.
Does the Saxon fall unconscious?
d20: 9 vs 11


He groans as the dagger plunges deep into his side, hand slapping weakly at Merrick’s side. He mutters a litany of Saxon words. Maybe a death curse, maybe a prayer to Wotan, Merrick has no idea.

Ryia can still act this round. Regardless of her actions, the combat is essentially over.

If left alone the Saxon will try and drag himself bleeding across the floor to the other Saxon previously speared by Merrick before passing out from blood loss (aggravation in game mechanic terms).

I think at this point @SleepyWill can resume GMing when he wants to jump back in.


(Merrick has essentially killed two Saxons when they were not fighting back - I think a tick to Cruel is justified)


On Balen’s return he will deliver a coup to grace to any clinging to life, and order the squires to recover the bodies.

“No words, no traces. We return to the night.”


(A continuation of that Cruel tick…)

Merrick watches as the Saxon crawls to the other. When the Saxon passes out, he ensures both are sent to their god by his blade. He wipes his dagger clean on the Saxon and rises just in time to see Sir Balen enter. He looks down on his work, now finished, and wonders to himself: I wonder… were they friends? Kin?..

Soon the thought passes and he looks over to Sir Balen. With a raised eyebrow, and rubbing his bruised shoulder he comments, “I thought only cats played with their prey as you did! …Thanks for getting that one. I knew it was risky barging in as such, but these two seemed more pressing to engage with.”

He then rubs the cut left by the Saxon he grappled with blood slowly oozing from the cut: Just a flesh wound…, he thinks to himself.

“Someone will need to look to her. This one stabbed her pretty good,” pointing to the prone positioned Saxon, “Probably best to get some of the hay to soak up the blood from the floor and we should probably search this place for weapons…” He trails off looking over to the others in the room.

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Balen voice is a quiet growl.

“No words I said.”

He is already moving to load a corpse onto a horse.


(Does a name matter as much as your heraldry I wonder?)


(Not when everyone whose seen Balen’s Heraldry is dead.)

(I know that’s not true if all of us, but I don’t know how well sound is travelling.)


There are the two families present in the homestead. They have watched and heard everything that occurred indoors.

Balen finished the last Saxon outside. If anyone was watching the homestead, it would have been clearly seen.


fair enough


(Reminder for those who are wounded to seek first aid if they wish).


As soon as bodies are removed to horses, Balen will administer first aid, and will be the last to ride away.

(Who needs healing?)


Merrick is down 3 hp
Ryia down 9 hp ?

(Merrick would offer to Ryia, but only has First Aid 10)


Ryia took 9 damage (unless she’s chivalric, in which case it was 6).


Balen first aid vs 15

V merrick d20: 6 d3: 3
V ryia d20: 9 d3: 1


Merrick is fully healed,

Ryia is healed 1hp.


What of the families that you were told were being held as slaves? Bearing in mind Merrick’s past and close brush with slavery himself, is he just going to ride off?