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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


Ryia’s declared action is to speak? (Asking just to confirm)




Saxon 2 sneers at Merrick and aims to resist the pin, seeking another gap in his mail with the point of the dagger.
d20: 20 vs 14 STR.

Balen emerges into the light to see the Saxon by Ryia’s horse. Even as he runs forward, Balen cannot reach him, and can only watch as the Saxon slashes at the horse’s legs to try and hamstring the animal.

Saxon 1 d20: 19 vs 10 axe


The dagger’s point snags in a link of the mail, and snaps as the Saxon pushes his weight behind it.

With half an eye on Balen rushing forward, the Saxon fails his swing at Ryia’s horse, which rears at the smell of the blood soaked warrior. (Balen is 1 yard distant)


Merrick STR 15
d20: 4


Merrick sees the blade of the dagger snap as the Saxon tries for the same location again on his mail. He sneers at his opponent in his grasp and thinks to himself: Such folly to rely on stolen goods, you never know when they will fail you…

By the look in his eyes, it is obvious Merrick does not her Ryia’s words…


Round 12
Merrick has a Saxon 2 pinned.

Saxon 1 is a yard away from Balen.

Saxon 2 realises that he is unlikely to be able to free himself, and his dagger is now gone too. He goes limp, and calls out. “Stop! No fight!”.

Saxon 1 turns and runs away from Balen again.


Surely there’s a horse in his way?

If I’m behind him and there’s a horse in front of him I mean. (Also I’ve just run and he’s moved and attacked a horse.)

Balen charges into the Saxon. (I think that’s a move I can do unmounted?


When he evaded, he dodged and moved whilst Balen stood still and attacked. 3 yard gap.
Balen moved towards him whilst he stood still and attacked a horse. 1 yard gap.


He will simply run past the horse, which isn’t a static barrier and doesn’t pin him in place. Movement is simultaneous, so as long as he is faster than you, Balen cannot close the gap to hit him.


(Rounds to mount a horse?)


You can do it this round. After all, you dismounted and entered in two rounds. To leave and mount is two rounds, one of which you have already done.


At this point I don’t think there’s much point in sticking to combat rounds for Balen. The Saxon will keep running; presumably Balen will attempt a lance charge once mounted.

If so, roll it up, remember the +5 mounted vs foot and the +5 for the lance charge.


Balen doesn’t have time for subtlety.

Lance charge + 5 + 5 mounted + 10 inspired (I’m assuming spear still counts as the skill as I’m using it differently)

d20: 9 +20

6d6: 3 + 1 + 1 + 4 + 1 + 4 = 14 damage


One dead Saxon.


Balen wheels and returns to the longhouse, leaving his younger squire to mark the body.

(Roderick wanted us to leave no evidence anything was wrong. We may have to police the scene)


(:confused: So… is this a declaration he is not resisting/unopposing actions against him? Also, clearly spoken or broken because he really is a Saxon?)


His declaration is to speak, so he won’t be opposing anything.

Thickly accented, barely understandable words, but combined with the lack of resistance, you get the gist of what is said.

(The long-delayed partial back story of Sir Merrick... Will, let me know if there is anything which needs to be altered on this.)

Among gossips, it has been long debated at which point Sir Merrick’s cruelty manifested itself. A contingent firmly argues it was at birth, others believe it was when his father disappeared and abandoned his family, but some think when it really came to life was when he was a young squire.

Sir Merrick had served under several knights while he was a squire, most of them were of rather low renown and names are lost to recent memory. Regardless of who they were, all of them were stationed in the northern parts of Salisbury and rarely visited the court. There were many reasons for this: distance, expense, low rank; but chief among them was the fact many did not survive long. It was not a reflection of Merrick’s skills as a squire; however, more to do with poor luck. The knights he served all seemed to be sent on ambitious and dangerous missions, going after bandits or Saxon raiding parties along and sometimes across the northern borders of Salisbury. One such mission sits firmly in his mind at this very moment…

A few weeks after he finished paging, he was assigned to a newly elevated knight. A bright young man of simple means who served in a household in the North of Salisbury. They rode with a contingent of 5 knights to patrol and survey the Northern borders of the Logres and to meet with another party which was coming from the East. While on the patrol, they were ambushed by a rogue pack of Saxons who had somehow managed to surprise them in the night. All the knights were killed in combat and most of the squires survived. The leader of the Saxons looked over the squires after the combat, spoke foreign words to his companions, and one by one had the squires killed. Only Merrick and two others were spared, coincidentally, they were the youngest three of the lot.

Their hands were bound and the Saxons lead them East. It was only for a few days though, as the group of knights they were supposed to meet with discovered the destroyed camp and tracked the Saxons down. After a short fight, the Saxons lay dead and Merrick, along with the other two, were free and returned to Salisbury. It was later when he returned to Salisbury he discovered he and the others were only spared to be sold into slavery. The Saxons must have figured such young ones would not have the skill to fight and delay them, they would be more obedient; however, the older ones were deemed too dangerous and killed to prevent delays.

Merrick remembers one of the elder squires, pleading for his life, begging not to be slaughtered as tears ran down his face. Merrick also remembers the indifference on the Saxon’s face as he slit the boy’s throat and as his life spilt upon the ground. It was way back then when Merrick realized, the Saxon’s are doing what they are told, just like him. They are each other’s enemy and if they are to live, they must follow orders and kill the enemy. Saxon or not, Merrick is a soldier and will follow his orders, no matter who the enemy is and where the enemy came from…

(If I have this wrong, I will change it)

Merrick’s eyes are cold as he looks upon his foe, a distant memory which haunts him comes to mind along with a thought: I have seen this manoeuvre before… If I give him an inch, he will hang me by it! The least I could do is return in kind the wounds he inflicted on Sir Ryia and myself…

Merrick, who has the Saxon pinned, tries to keep him there as he removes his dagger to stab the Saxon.

(So +10 for pinned, -5 for combined action= +5 to STR 15 (15+5=20) to stab with no armor counting for the -1d6 damage?)


Yep, you’re essentially rolling to find out whether you crit or not.