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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


Vs 11 dex d20: 6




Pm sent.


Bersaba frowns, her blow struck true, but somehow didn’t draw blood. It makes her uneasy but she tries to refocus her attention on the present.

Exchange blows d20: 12 vs 16
Damage 5d6: 2 + 5 + 1 + 3 + 6 = 17


That might be it!

Exchange blows d20: 5 vs 21

d20: 8


(What happened there? Regardless of dice going mad, that’s a fail…)


(Knockdown test again?)


Knockdown vs 11 d20: 1


Still fine!


Balen weathers another fierce blow.

Pm sent


Something is not right, her blows are landing but aren’t injuring her opponent. A small voice cries foul play, but she knows that isn’t the case. Gripping her sword tighter, she continues looking for openings as the crowd roars at the close calls.

Exchange d20: 17 vs 16
Damage 5d6: 2 + 3 + 1 + 3 + 2 = 11


Balen also exchanging blows

d20: 5 vs 21

Damage 5d6: 1 + 2 + 1 + 6 + 1 = 11

Halfed for rebated, halfed for pulling blows


Taking advantage of a poor stroke, Balen lands a light hit on Bersaba. It is enough to draw blood however, and so the duel ends.

Fury like a red tide climbs up Bersaba’s neck and into her face as she realizes what has happened. Before the Earl can say anything, she cries out, “I challenge you to a duel to the death Balen. I don’t know by what sorcery you managed to prevent my blows from hurting you. Or perhaps I do, after all, wouldn’t it make sense that the relative of a traitor be protected by kidnapper himself? How else did both you and Sir Hogarth come out of your judgments unscathed?”

Her blade is still unsheathed and it’s clear she’s on the edge of committing more violence.


Tanwyn steps forward into the ring between Balen and Bersaba. She takes his arm and leads him from the circle. “You fought under the eyes of God, and he has favoured the right. My husband need no longer prove himself against your words.”


Accompanied by 5 or 6 assorted knights with swords and a couple of crossbows drawn. The Earl stands “Desist Sir Bersaba, and leave with your head held high”


Sir Balen slides his bronze sword into its scabbard with a satisfying finality.

He bows to his opponent and returns to his wife.


I have Bersaba’s declaration, Balen has made his through roleplay and specific consent to continue the pvp - so the intent of Sir Tanwyn (and the other NPC’s) is noted, but that’s more than 1 turns worth of action there


Outnumbered and thoroughly shamed from the events throughout the day, she sheathes her sword, but a look of pure hatred flashes towards Tanwyn and then her new husband. It is not the look of someone who realizes they are in the wrong and backing down.

She storms off, leaving her esquire to collect her armor and soon enough, her tent is packed and the knight is nowhere to be found.

(I declared before I realized that I didn’t get my shield so the previous attack hit. Should have canceled it, sorry! Also, arbitrary 16 is kind of fun to roleplay)


“I feel that you might consider thanking me Balen. If I hadn’t enterted your contest, you may have ended up having to marry Sir Bersaba instead.” Tanwyn wears a thoughtful expression as she brushes some dirt away from Balen’s chest. She is slightly amazed that he emerged unscathed from the duel after seeing Bersaba gain the upper hand, and is searching for signs of broken cloth or wounds hidden underneath.


Year 493

Owain, Balen, Ryia and Merrick, you are on garrison duty at Castle Ebble. It is two weeks after Balen’s wedding, and on the very first day of your duty, you are summoned to meet the Earl at the Northern border of Salisbury. On arrival, you find the Earl lodged in Littleworth and dressed to travel.

“Knights” he greets you before embracing Owain, clasping Balen by the shoulder and bowing to Ryia and Merrick.

“It seems I am to ride North on orders of the King” he tells you “and you are to ride with me as your duty this year. Owain, you are to act as my bodyguard, Balen, how is married life treating you? The three of you are to take your orders from Owain and he from me. On such a fine day as today (the grey drizzle is good riding weather for making distance, but he is being somewhat sarcastic) I see no reason to delay, let us ride and talk! Sir Diggory, many thanks for your hospitality, we shall impose no longer.”

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