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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


Balens form is careful, but the strike is wild and misses anyway.

“You never did say what price we fight for.”

Pm sent


(( The blood price for a landed knight is £18 ))


Bersaba does not answer her opponent. She fell for the trap of discourse during a duel once already today and will not be repeating it.

Exchange blows d20: 4 vs 16 + 5 (for presumably a combined action?)




Exchange blows

Sword 19 +2 -5 = 16

d20: 3


Damage please @Abubu


The palm of Lady Stefana’s hand instinctively makes contact with her forehead as Sir Balen looses focus on the fight…

(There is a chance you can still win Ross, he just has to roll all 1’s! :rofl:)


Probably more even than that.

5d6 damage half for rebated, vs my shield and chivalric bonus.


Tanwyn frowns. She’s surprised that her new husband did not just overwhelm Bersaba immediately. The time for talking was before blades were drawn, and now Bersaba has slipped her blade past his guard…


(But is it rebated? :wink: )


If it’s not, Sir Besaba is going to find herself in the dungeons in short order, and losing by default.


(That’s fast work to get her sword re-sharpened, and the wedding wasn’t that long)


(Sorry, was interrupted while posting that. Was meaning to put a spoiler “joking” line which did not make it in there. Besides, I would assume it would have been checked before the duel began.)

(Depending on how much time Tanwyn took to get ready, it could be feasible…)


I did think about that possibility, but I have full faith in Roderick.


Damage 5d6: 5 + 4 + 3 + 1 + 2 = 15 ÷ 2 rebated


I also thought about this possibility but decided Bersaba likes life


Knockdown rolls are before armour deductions and rebatement yes?


Yes; Balen to test DEX if his SIZ is less than 15.


Balens size IS 15.


Then he needs to test - damage equal or greater to SIZ needs a knockdown roll.