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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


Bersaba smiles as the results are announced. Her job was successfully completed. Were it not for her showing in the race, Kelnyn might have won. She does not intend on watching the ceremony and so she leaves to prepare her weapons and armor. Though, she does spare a glance towards her sister to see how she handles the loss. She knows she isn’t welcome at the present, but she hopes she can be forgiven.


Tanwyn places her hand on the proffered scabbard and pushes it gently back to Balen.

“I already have a sword Sir Balen, the one my father wore before me. To carry another would not be right. Besides, you seem to be forgetting that my husband should be carrying the very best of arms to protect his wife in the field. A new bride does not like to hear that her husband cares so little for her welfare just as they are about to exchange vows.”

Her eyes glint playfully as she gives a little pout and shakes her head in mock sorrow. “I do wonder whether perhaps it should have been you undertaking some of these trials to prove your worth to be married rather than the other way around.”


Lady Ellen visibly relaxes at the exchange, happy she had made a good choice.


Balen laughs his deep Brian Blessed laugh and smiles broadly. “I fear I would not have been the victor in such a tournament, I do need a guiding hand at times…”


“Clearly.” Tanwyn replies archly. “If I ever find that you have condoned flying hawks in such a fashion again, you’ll find your bronze sword in the nearest forge busy melting into a puddle.”


Balen looks very serious, although only for a moment.

“Would you do me the honour? To have the Bishop perform the ceremony in front of such an illustrious audience is certainly more attention than I imagined my marriage should deserve.”

(All the faintly icky stuff about handing over the £25 dowry is done off screen.)


“Those were the terms of your contest. If I was not willing, then I should not have enteted.”

She softens slightly. “I accept your proposal Sir Balen. Let us finish here, as there is other business that you have to attend to. And it would be unseemly if your wife is already causing you to be late to your other commitments.”


The ceremony concludes with the couple exchanging rings. They are simple affairs, made of polished Bronze and tied around the neck with a simple thong of leather.

(Balen has been on enough battlefields to know what happens when a ringed finger catches on a blade or a piece of armour.)


“Time to go and prepare.”
Tanwyn go on tiptoes and kiss Balen’s cheek. “I think at this point a Lady will usually give you a favour to wear for luck.”

She will take one of the flowers from her hair and pass it over to her husband, whilst whispering “Try to leave her alive husband, she’s already carrying injuries, but don’t you dare lose and besmirch our family name.”


Sir Balen nods, and moves to the allotted duelling location.


Lady Stefana makes sure to get a good spot to view the duel…:popcorn:

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As Balen limbers up for the duel he calls for a steward.

“Is my opponent prepared to face me? I have formally offered a delay in deference to her wounds. In addition, my squire has prepared funds to compensate her as requested, but she has not declared the value we fight for.”


(I took the time to design a coat of arms for Tanwyn, and a quick portrait too)

(If you are wondering, that’s an Enfield on the shield. A heraldic beast with a fox head, breast and forelegs of an eagle, and the back and hind quarters of a wolf)


Let us know when you’re ready @Abubu to duel with Sir Bersaba


Sir Balen carefully begins unstrapping and storing his armour, making sure his new, and inexperienced, squire treats it appropriately.

Meanwhile his sword is presented to the Earl, to confirm it has been correctly rebated.


I’ve given @Abubu 24 hours over and above the usual timeout period, and hopefully it’s just a weekend thing but as I don’t know when we’ll next see him, I’ll take over for Sir Bersaba until he’s back:

“If we fight with swords, so be it” Sir Bersaba says “But we are more equally matched by spears, a fairer contest do you not think, and saves you the expense of having that lump of bronze repaired after the rebatement.”


(Apologies, it was a weekend thing. I’m ready to continue)

Bersaba does not recognize Balen’s offer of delay and will continue with the duel pending his choice of weapon.


Balen stretches.

“My reinforced armour, won at the gates of Bayeux and far superior to your own, lies discarded. My weapon is rebated because you will not wait for your wound to heal and I do not want to kill you. You challenged me to this duel and yet you want to pick the terms as well. I have discarded many advantages in deference to you.”

“Fights aren’t always fair, like when you, a trained knight, fought your shieldless sister and kept your own.”

Balen raises his shield. “If I flight blindfolded and with a stick you would still push for more in the name of fairness. Make your decision.”

Pm sent.


“Sword it is then. How fortunate for me you care so much for my well being,” she spits, dryly.

Exhange blows d20: 19 vs 16


To illustrate the point Balen goes defensive.

Sword 19 +2 Bronze + 10 defensive. =31

d20: 7