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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


Apologies I didn’t get here in time to move your post across myself! I have Tanwyns declaration, and have advised Bersaba, so you can post you decision here and roll if you’re confident it’s legal :wink:


(Tanwyn has declared exchange blows; is there any modifer to her roll?)


(( We won’t know that until we have Bersaba’s declaration! ))


Kelnyn applauds loudly.


Lady Stefana secretly hopes Tanwyn lands the killing knockout blow…


Bersaba’s attempt at parley has likely decided the match as she is in no position to avoid the incoming blow.

Dodge d20: 18 vs 9 - 5 combined action


Tanwyn rolling against Sword
d20: 9 vs 20 (15 +5)
4d6: 4 + 2 + 5 + 4 = 15 damage, halved


Tanwyn looks extremely disappointed as she steps away from Bersaba, the edge of her blade bloody.

“I would not have expected a knight to just stop fighting because they are at a disadvantage. You are not a lady untrained in combat.”

She shakes her head, angry at both Bersaba and herself. She regards the other knight as essentially yielding the bout by not trying to regather her weapon, and instead pleading for a halt rather than defending herself. However, Tanwyn wonders whether her win will be disqualified because Bersaba was unarmed.


This is Uther’s era. Maybe some of the more foolish, romantically inclined civilians mutter quietly to themselves but the knights and ladies of the court cheer a well earned victory. They started off equally, so it was fair enough, and even that is an unnatural artifice of competition.

The green duelist placard is moved from, Lady Kelnyn’s name to Sir Tanwyn’s.


Tanwyn will give Kelnyn a hard stare as she walks out the ring. It’s obvious the sisters don’t see eye to eye at the moment, but cheering on someone about to do harm to your kin? I hope that these two can resolve their issues, as this is uncomfortable to watch.


Before Lady Stefana and Sir Bersaba take the ring for the final bout, a herald makes an announcement:

“If Sir Besaba wins, then it shall be between her, Lady Kelnyn and Sir Tanwyn for victory. If Lady Stefana wins, then she shall win outright.”


Tanwyn looks stoic. The announcement confirms that her loss to Stefana has now placed her own success firmly into the hands of others. Let us see if Bersaba can gather herself and fight as well as she is able.


Roderick first aid d20: 4 vs 15
d3: 1


Bersaba returns for her final bout and looks exhausted physically and mentally. This is not how things were supposed to go. A recently knighted squire and two ladies… It’s embarrassing, but worse than that, it paints her in a bad light before her earl and her sister. She can’t even begin to start processing Kelnyn’s behavior. She appears to revel in her own blood’s wounds.

She looks into the crowd and sees the mirth of the fops of court and the pity in the eyes of the peasantry and loses it.

She slams her sword against her shield and shouts, “Let us begin Lady Stefana! If you dare face me.”


Lady Stefana thinks to herself: Well… This confirms it… I was firmly at the bottom of the list and even with two wins over both of them I cannot still overtake them… Perhaps Sir Berbasa will listen to reason…


(LOL! The timing!)


Polite applause, not whooping.


((Tanwyn was knighted two years ago. That’s still ‘recent’, but maybe not that different to Betsaba?))



(OOC Stuff)

(Sorry, today was an absolute barn-burner. This is the first chance I have had all day since I last posted and left for work. Also, I am wanting to expand a bit on Stefana’s motivations as this might be her last event… Hopefully, this is in-line with the information I was given.)

Lady Stefana looks across the way at her opponent. She picks up her shield, and her temporary squire for the day starts to hand her a spear. She puts up her hand and shakes her head, instead, she walks over to her axe and picks it up. She gives it a couple of good swings to loosen up the motion and turns towards her opponent. Everything hinges on this moment… If I lose here, I am out of the running. But if I win… Well, I have more hope at this moment than I have had all day. If after the Oratory and Cross Country events I was told I could win, I would have called them a liar… Perhaps, this is fate. The only reason why I am here is because of what Sir Balen did at Easter, on my birthday. Clearly, he has some affection towards me or he would not have said anything at all… The others are here for personal glory, I am here for the right reasons… I will win… Lady Stefana thinks to herself as she respectfully regards her opponent.

She enters the arena and approaches Sir Berbasa. Before they begin the bout, she speaks calmly to her adversary, softly, so only the two of them can hear: “You claim to have entered the contest to protect your sister from marrying the man I wish to wed. But yet your pride blinds you, and instead of withdrawing and guaranteeing you and your sister do not marry Sir Balen; you instead wish to risk it fighting me. What if you lose, what will the other knights think of you then? What if you win, just a knight beating a Lady who is not trained in combat… By fighting me, you blemish your honour, win or lose.”

“I am ready when you are…” She states as she stands at the ready…

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