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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


“Hold your point up”

“You’ve neglected your practice”

“Put your shoulder behind your thrust”

“Wait for your moment”

“Any family but that one”

“Hold your tongue”

“Only knights deserve shields”

Kelnyn remembers all the words her sister has ever spoken, the disdain and the poison in every word. Even now, she sees the look in her eyes, the belief the blow was a fluke, or luck. But it isn’t, it’s a result of everything she had ever been taught, everything precious she has retained. The whole contest has been based on achieving this one, perfect moment.

The crowd goes silent as one sister falls, and one stands, both bloodied by the combat they have faced.

Her sister retreats, seemingly without hearing the single whispered sentence, but the crowd hears it…

Dont you see sister? It was never about him? It was always about us…


(( Can I just thank the dice roller for this moment :smiley: - That’s a joke, the credit goes to the players, all of them! ))


(:stuck_out_tongue: it honestly couldn’t have gone better. Can Bersaba get first aid from her esquire or Roderick?)


Lord Roderick provides first aid.

d20: 5 vs 15

d3: 3

The Bishop also sends a note from Sir Balen, proposing that the duel be postponed until his opponent is healed.

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Same question!

Discuss: SUSD Forum: The Great Pendragon Campaign

(Her pride will not allow it, she will return for the remaining fights.)


Tanwyn is ready to face Bersaba whenever she is ready (declaration is with Will)


Bersaba returns to the ring much quieter than she began. She merely raises her sword, nodding to Tanwyn in acknowledgement.

Exchange blows d20: 1 vs 16


(Oof, you’re making me look bad Bersaba)


Damage if applicable 5d6: 5 + 2 + 6 + 3 + 5 = 21 ÷ 2 rebated


Tanwyn also Exchanges Blows
d20: 10 vs 15


Damage 4d6: 1 + 2 + 1 + 2 = 6


Negated by Bersaba’s shield.


Stop taking my rolls!


(Admittedly that one is on the extreme end of low, but Tanwyn has not managed to roll average damage yet at all.)


(I’ve pm’d round 2)


The wound recieved from Stefana makes itself known as Tanwyn steps into the attack, the pain causing her to pull out of her strike, meaning that it lands rather limply and rebounds harmlessly from Sir Bersaba’s shield. Tanwyn steps back and plants her feet, raising her own shield and looking to defend herself whilst she catches her breath and grimaces at the injury.

Full defence
d20: 9 vs 25 (15+10)


Bersaba, perhaps seeing the pain in her opponent’s eyes or still rattled from her previous fight, loses her grip on her sword and it is sent flying. Luckily, it hits the ground without drawing blood from the crowd. She turns crimson once again but says, “Perhaps a moment for us both to catch a breath?”


Tanwyn does not respond and moves into attack. This is a measure of respect for her opponent - Bersaba is too good to allow for such advantages to be causally discarded.


(PM tentatively sent, you should probably wait for Will’s go ahead just to be safe)