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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


“Oh yes, my lady, I’ve waited for this for a long time.”

She enters the ring as her esquire begins removing her armor though he does not touch her helm. She shoos him away and removes it herself, her face finally bare for all to see. It is Sir Berbasa, and she looks upon her younger sister with a confident sneer.

“Show me how well you play at being a knight Kelnyn, for while I still breathe, I will never allow you to marry that man. Ready yourself.”

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Oh, ok. No shield then.


“Then why are we using rebated weapons?”


“I do not wish to kill you little sister,” she says, incredulously, “in fact, all of this is to protect you. I won’t let you waste your life with such a man, and if that means I must marry him myself, so be it. You may see me as some sort of villain now, but I hope in time you will understand why I must act.”


She considers throwing down her shield, to fight on fair terms with her sister, but resists the impulse. She worked too hard for too many years earning her weapons and armor. She may have to fight without one, but she will not give up the other.


(Ohhhh, snap!)


Tanwyn’s eyes gleam with amusement. This is playing out like some bard’s tale. She almost snorts with laughter when she realises Sir Balen might have to fight his new wife immediately after the contest if Sir Bersaba wins.


Kelnyn smiles.

“I can think of no better opponent. Make your move sister.”

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In her head Kelnyn is glad of this moment. Having already outclassed her sister in hunting and oratory she knows she has proven her sister does not always know best. The fact her sister decides to keep her shield shows that she is worried.


Bersaba flashes a grim smile as she moves into a defensive pose.

She will exchange blows

Sword d20: 6 vs 16

Damage if applicable 5d6: 5 + 5 + 6 + 6 + 6 = 28 ÷ 2 rebated ÷ 2 swing pulled


The barest sliver of a chance…

Exchange blows vs spear 9 d20: 9


4d6 damage halved for rebated, double for critical, so 4d6

4d6: 5 + 4 + 5 + 4 = 18


(Oh SNAP!)


That’s 12hp damage. :flushed:


(Almost certainly a knockdown test too)


The pair of you, tell us what is going on between these sisters!


(Actually, it might be an auto-knockdown. The knockdown value is the full value of 36. Is that more than twice Bersaba’s SIZ?)


Bersaba’s SIZ is 15, so yes, that’s a knockdown, though without horses there is no additional damage.


The defensive pose was merely a ploy to make Kelnyn confident. Bersaba watches her sister closely and brings her shield up to where she expects the spear to strike, but she has forgotten how the untrained think. Kelnyn could not know how to take advantage of her reach against a sword as she has never been trained. The young lady merely aimed for the biggest target, the center of her sister’s mass. She barely has any time as she reflexively brings her shield up, but the spear slides along the edge and strikes true. The only one more shocked than Bersaba as she’s thrown backwards into the dirt is Kelnyn herself as she stands over her sister in stunned silence. For a moment there is only the sound of Bersaba struggling to breathe after the strike to her lungs before the crowd explodes into cheers and laughter.

Her esquire rushes to her side and helps Bersaba stand, her face scarlet as she limps out of the arena. She says nothing and does not look at her sister as she goes.


Is she retiring from the contest entirely? Tanwyn wonders Because that will mean Stefana is the only one undefeated.
The more unchariatble part of her adds in Perhaps that is another way of ensuring her sister does not win.

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