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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


(LOL! You beat me to it!)


From when I said that I have both declarations, you made your attack roll, which you didn’t know was against an uncontrolled attack - but yes, as the first roll you made, this was your unopposed attack.

You rolled damage and dealt 4 after rebating and pulled blow was calculated, but for knockdown purposes, we don’t count rebating. We do count pulling your blow, I hope that makes sense - a blunt rod being whacked into you at full force is just as likely to topple you as a sharp one - given that the rules of the game don’t care whether that hit penetrates armour or does damage etc.

However a pulled blow explicitly decelerates that blow at the last moment to soften it.

Therefore, for the purposes of knockdown, the blow scored 8 damage, not 15, and I’m not sure that’s enough.

However, if it is, then the knockdown roll comes before Lady Kelnyn’s uncontrolled attack and has the ability to prevent it entirely.


(Makes total sense, and why I thought I would ask. I doubt that Lady Kelnyn is SIZ 8, so knockdown is not likely to occur.)


Lady Stefana’s second attack just in case Lady Kelnyn is greater than SIZ 8

Spear 9
d20: 6


Size 12 so no knockdown.

Damage 4d6: 1 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 7


God I love this damage roller.


No damage.


(So… Just for RP reasons… Was Kelnyn’s attack like, a sneaky attack tactic letting Stefana getting get another weapon, or did she wait for Stefana to get set?)


She totally waited. It was more related to the slight unfamiliarity of the specific spear in her hand.


(Wait, shields only cover 6 damage right? So that would be 1 point damage… And it is to first blood, so would Stefana’s first attack count the win, or does it end in a draw since both are bloody at the end of the round? Sorry, just want to be fair about this! )


You need to half that damage for rebated weapons, so it’s 4


(:man_facepalming: sorry, it has been a busy morning!)


Kelnyn lands a blow, but her lack of experience shows, and many watching knights wince as she again abandons her shield.

This time she feels the wound, as the spear pierces her upper arm.


First aid Lord Roderick!

d20: 1 vs 15

d3: 1


Irrelevant now, but I don’t remember Lady Kelnyn’s roleplay to get herself a shield!


Well she had a sword and shield in the first bout and then called for a spear. I assumed it was implied.

But yeah, she’s never actually defended with it…


Lady Stefana had seen Lady Kelnyn earlier attack in such a wild fashion. She was not surprised to see such a reckless maneuver, but she was surprised by the fact she allowed her to retrieve a new weapon and let her get set before doing so. Lady Stefana questions herself internally if she would have done the same.

In attacking so aggressively Kelnyn left her self vulnerable and in an effort to not incapacitate her competitor, Lady Stefana chooses to strike at half force knowing it would not stop her opponent from attacking her. She aims for the upper arm, somewhere which if it would scar would be easy to cover, landing the blow.

In holding back, she allows Kelnyn’s attack to continue. She makes to strike again, but the smaller more nimble target dodges it and lands a blow which is absorbed into Lady Stefana’s shield.

After the bout, Lady Stefana approaches Lady Kelnyn to see if she is OK, to thank her for allowing her to retrieve a new weapon, and to wish her luck on her final bout of the competition.

(I hope this was OK…)


The mysterious entrant stands awaiting the bout’s conclusion and for Lady Kelnyn’s wound to be tended to. She carries sword and shield, the former rebated and awaits the promised duel with the young woman. She ignores all other attempts of the other competitors to duel them first.


Kelnyn drinks a long draught of wine as her wound is treated.

“So mysterious knight? Are you ready. She sighs as she picks up her spear and shield.


I’ll allow it, but I didn’t give you a shield in your equipment and you haven’t RP’d borrowing one, so we’ll assume it has merlins mark on it, which will be reflected in Lady Ellens marking of the contestants.